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How to Clear WhatsApp Data Storage on iPhone

If you send and receive a lot of media on WhatsApp, it can quickly make your phone’s memory full. So it’s good to periodically delete WhatsApp data storage on your iPhone to remove everything you don’t need. All the photos and videos that you receive take up space on your camera roll. The same files get stored in the WhatsApp Media section, which creates duplicate content. Here’s how to deal with this and free up space on your iPhone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Data Storage on iPhone

This first thing you can do is stop WhatsApp from saving multimedia content to your Photos app.

Secondly, you may also stop the media auto-download of photos and videos. This ensures that the vast number of rich content that you receive in WhatsApp groups is not automatically downloaded to occupy iPhone storage.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on Settings from the bottom right
  2. Tap on Data and Storage Usage.Open WhatsApp Tap on Settings and Then Tap on Data and Storage Usage
  3. Next, tap on Storage Usage.
  4. Choose conversation that takes considerable space → Tap on Manage.Tap on Storage Usage Tap on Conversation and Then Tap on Manage on iPhone
  5. Select Photos, GIFS, Videos, Voice Messages, Documents, Stickers accordingly
  6. Tap on Clear → Confirm by tapping Clear.Tap on Clear to Reduce WhatsApp Storage Space on iPhone

You can repeat this process for multiple groups and individual chats to free up more space occupied by WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to Delete All WhatsApp Chats at Once on iPhone

Following this method, you will lose all text, and media of all the chats. You may never be able to recover them unless you have a WhatsApp backup.

Here’s how to quickly clear all chats and storage taken by WhatsApp:

  1. Tap Settings inside WhatsApp and tap on Chats.
  2. Tap Clear All Chats or Delete All Chats.Tap on Chats in WhatsApp Settings and Tap on Clear All Chats
  3. Enter your phone number
    Clear All Chats to Clear Storage Space on iPhone
  4. Tap Clear All Chats.

Now, you may ask what is the difference between Clear All Chats and Delete All Chats in WhatsApp. Clear All Chats removes all messages and media, but the name of the person stays in the list under Chats. If you Delete All Chats, then your Chats tab has nothing listed there.

You may try it by going to Chats, swiping right to left on a chat and then select Clear Chat. All messages will be deleted, but the person’s name will stay there. Now do the same with a second contact and choose Delete Chat. You will see that even the name from the chat list is gone.

Remove WhatsApp Photos and Videos from iPhone’s Photos App

When you install and start using WhatsApp, it asks your permission to access the Photos app. After that, by default, it downloads and saves all incoming media to your iPhone Photos app.

Here’s how to delete pictures and videos saved from WhatsApp to iPhone Photos app:

  1. Open Photos app and tap on Album.
  2. Tap on the album named WhatsApp → Tap on See All from the upper right if you don’t see it
  3. Tap on Select from the upper right.Open Photos App Tap on WhatsApp Album and Tap on Select
  4. Select the photos and videos or tap Select All → Tap the delete icon from the bottom right
  5. Tap DeleteDelete (number) Photos.Delete WhatsApp Photos from Photos App on iPhone
  6. Now tap <Albums from upper right to go back
  7. Scroll down and tap Recently DeletedSelect.Go Back to Albums and Tap on Recently Deleted and Tap on Select
  8. Now, Tap on Delete AllDelete (number) Photos.Delete WhatsApp Pictures from Photos App on iPhone

That’s all, folks.

This is how you can delete media and reclaim the space taken by WhatsApp on your iPhone.

You can also individually remove media from specific chats.  Just go to a person’s or group’s WhatsApp profile by tapping on their name from the chat screen. Then tap Media, Links, and Docs to select and remove the things occupying your iPhone storage.

Hopefully, this is going to help you save some space on your iPhone now!

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