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Have you ever wondered what is “Other” on iPhone/iPad storage as shown in iTunes? If you've noticed, the “Other” data (shown in the below image) often occupies a helluva lot of space. It drives me nuts to see that this data can be much more than everything else – including music, at times. Eventually, it piles up to a level where there just isn't enough space for an app.

Well, one good thing is I'm not alone. It's a problem a lot of users face. And if you're not familiar with things like cache, cookies, album art and stuff that's common between Mac/PCs and iPhones, you're going to keep wondering what this huge amount of mysterious data is! There's nothing mysterious about it.

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How to Remove Other from iPhone and iPad

How to Check Documents and Data of Each App on iPhone and iPad

Each app stores its documents and data on your device. Wondering what that data is? Well, they are browsing history, cookies, logs, caches of photos and videos as well as database files stored by apps. You can easily check out how much data each app has stored on your device before cleaning it up.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iDevice

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Step #2. Tap on iPhone/iPad Storage.

Tap on iPhone Storage in Settings

Step #3. Now, scroll down to the list of the apps.

Check App Storage on iPhone

Check out how much storage each app has consumed on your device. To have the better view, tap on any app. I'm going to tap WhatsApp as I use it a lot. You'll notice that the app itself is actually quite small. In the image, you see that the app is just 98.6 MB whereas the data stored is whopping 10.32 GB. This 10.32 GB is what goes into your Other data.

Check Document and Data on iPhone

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
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If an app like WhatsApp can store over 10 GB of data, think of all the album art your Music stores, think of the cache data from Safari/Chrome, think of cookies, text messages, Facebook data, etc. It's huge. And this huge thing is what clogs up space in the form of “Other” data.

This is not strange or something unique. Things like these happen, and you'll just need to ensure they don't pile up to become problematic for your device.

How to Remove “Other” from iPhone and iPad

The easiest way to wipe out the documents and data of any app is to delete and then reinstall it. If you don't want to remove all the data, make sure to take a backup of the app before going for the kill.

To delete an app, just touch and hold on it. When it starts wiggling, tap on the X button and then tap on Delete in the popup to confirm.

Delete Apps from iPhone

iOS 11 or later allows you to offload unused apps without deleting their documents and data. The associated data of an app remains either on your device or in the iCloud. Hence, when you re-download the app, you can recover the data.

Offload Apps on iPhone

Follow this quick guide to offload apps on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Clean Up iPhone and Optimize Performance

There are several ways you can smartly manage the storage of your device and optimize its performance. Head over to this complete guide to never let your smartphone get cluttered for space.

Wrapping up

It's become a lot easier now to manage the data of any app. There are several apps like Twitter that allows you to clear its data without deleting the app. Hence, you can clean up the apps from time to time to ensure their data doesn't go overboard.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
  • Ann Carter

    Worked like a charm for my iPhone 5s! Brilliant. Thank you very much!

  • Me

    Worked beautifully for my iPhone 4. Wiped 13GB of other off the phone! A couple of apps did get ‘stuck’ but I found that I just needed to re-download them via the App Store on the phone rather than my desktop iTunes.

  • shailey

    I tried this and it actually worked on my iPhone 6s plus, it significantly reduced the ‘others’ file from 8 to almost 9 gb to about 500+ mb, yet I’m having trouble syncing back my apps to the phone. It’s taking forever and loads of my apps are stuck at being dimmed and labeled ‘waiting…’ which is kinda annoying and i don’t know what to do now

  • Andru123

    I think Apple intentionally does that to force ppl buy more expensive devices. It is the huge problem experienced by everyone, and no official reaction from Apple whatsoever. Pretty clear.

    I got Other from 7GB to 0 once I removed a bunch of apps (NOT via iTunes, on the phone directly). Once I connected it to iTunes, it immediately started “synchronizing” and Other went up to 1.5 GB. Backing up/restoring did not help

    Dont connect iTunes, my advice. Piece of crap software.

  • Shaney B

    I had 54 G of blessed “other ” on my 64 G iPhone 6 …Rediced it to 2 by doing this…. BACK UP PHONE … THEN GO TO SETTINGS/ GENERAL/RESET/ERASE ALL DATA AND SETTINGS…..in a while you will have the opportunity TO RESTORE FROM YOUR JUST MADE BACK UP – NOT AS A NEW PHONE.. Hope this helps *** You will need access to the internet for this entire process though so if you’re using your phone for connection ensure you have an alternate internet connection capability ***

    • Bob Chow

      Did anyone try this?

      • Guest

        It worked for me, but I also had to reduce the number of photos I was storing on the device. When I didn’t reduce the number of photos, it would have too much data on the device, and then revert to the last complete backup. That backup included the HUGE 5GB “other data” category. I was able to get rid of almost all of it. After I got it fixed, I made another backup to get rid of all of that ‘other data” on my computer, and added back some of my old photos. So I think you have to give some extra room for the device and your computer to work back and forth.

      • Matt B

        Yes. It totally did. Now lets see for how long…

  • msid9999

    All this did was erase my apps. It didn’t remove the “other”.

    • Sophia

      Why not use Safewiper iOS Data Eraser app? I personally use it to completely delete all data from my iPhone, and clean up junk files.

      • Innreously

        I know the Safewiper app, I’ve been using Safewiper iOS Data Eraser app to clean up junk files from my iPhone 6, it also can erase all private data and “already data” from the device, very powerful ! I like it!

        • Rob M.

          Is the app called Safewiper in the App Store? I did a search and it’s not there.

  • nodnarB

    PhoneClean is a piece of junk, if your app requires me to pay for it, don’t let me download it and scan my stuff before pulling the rug out from under me you duplicitous. -1 of 5 stars

  • templeofdoom

    I did all this and my other increased. Went yoyoing from 3.5 to about 2 then up to 4.5 where it sits now. Got documents and data down to about 100MB, so my other is something far more strange than just old messages and idle cache.

  • jumbledmumbles

    Didn’t work for me. I have an iPhone 5s :(. Wiped it and restoring it still leaves me with 3GB of Other in my storage

  • Muhammed Ashhal

    Unfortunately, wiping my iPhone 6 Plus and restoring never changed the “other” storage. I still have nearly 14 GB of “other” storage.

  • Jessica Saxon

    Yay it worked for me!!!! Thank you!

  • Peny Pujiati

    it worked! my ‘other’ was 2,83gb then after backing up and restoring it just only 515mb (I can live with that). Thank You!

  • jrbman

    This worked great for me! My 16 GB ipad went from 1.2 GB free to 5.5 GB after backing up and restoring. Judging from the comments it doesn’t work for everyone but it’s worth trying.

  • larrymcj

    Unfortunately, wiping my iPhone 6 and restoring never changed the “other” storage a bit. I still have nearly 9 GB of “other” storage.

  • italianbigmouth

    7I wiped as suggested, backep up, wiped, back back, still iPad (128 gb) has 77 gigabytes in the OTHER … big failure! Any suggestions? THANKS, God bless.

  • Marion Goetze

    Did all that….didn’t work.

  • ygy

    from 3.10 GB to 636 MB on a 32 GB iPhone 4

  • HenryatZagan

    MISSING: Prevent iTunes from auto. syncing after the above.

  • Stephen

    This worked great. I had over 15 gigs of other data on a 32 gig iPhone 4S, and it went down to 2 gigs. I can live with that.

  • Ayla E

    Went from 5.72 GB of Other to 1.95 GB. 1.95 still pretty bad on my 16 GB phone that I can hardly get 9 GB of space on, but it’s a significant improvement.

  • chris1776

    My iPad Air 2 has 59.47 GB of Other and my iPhone 6 plus has 38.39 GB of Other. Very annoying. Going to try this.

  • DangerousDann Driver

    That ‘Other’ on my ipad has had me grumpy for quite a while. Tonight I solved the problem and just had to share. Most of the ‘Other’ is associated to movie watching! By changing the setting for movies, from play were left off. To Play from the beginning. The ipad doesn’t store such a big cookie. Turn the pad on and off again and the Other is all but Gone. Let me know if this works for you.

    • amy

      tried this out and surprisingly enough, it works! weird that a seemingly innocuous setting would take up so much “other” space but i went from 2.5 gb of other to 2 gb – not a lot, but still siginificant! thanks for the tip.

  • mike

    worked amazing a thank you

  • Ram S

    Erasing all contents and restoring from backup… What an efficient way to clear cache,.. Guess, what I could do this in my Android phone with a simple ‘clear cache’ button on many apps or physically open the folders myself and delete them… Way to go iPhone… thanks but no thanks…

  • Kavya Bhargava

    Does this restore whatsapp and photos on the iphone too? Or do the conversations and the photos clicked get lost?

    • Nada K.

      Photos in the albums or clicked by the camera remain on the phone. However, Im not sure of the whatsapp conversations.
      I’d love to have someone answer that.

      • DangerousDann Driver

        A trick I found on another site, was to change the date back as far as you can on your device. for some reason this brings back the photos not properly deleted. Delete properly and reset your clock and for some reason, its all good.

  • Kiwiix

    It works it’s great ! My 8go iphone 5C was full with over 2go of other datas. After the reset, there’s only 600mo of other couldn’t be happier :)

  • Anahi

    So I did this and everything was deleted like apps and music… But NOT the Other! I did it exactly how it says here so I have no clue what went wrong :(

    • Kiwiix

      I had the same problem, you have to keep your iphone plug to itunes until it restores all your music and apps and it can takes a while !

  • daltjb

    Worked great

    Went from 4.) gb to 632 mb be patient when restoring apps come back but takes a few minutes

  • Molly

    Whoooo hooo! This took me from 44 GB of Other to 257 MB. Thank You!!!!

  • robin

    Worked perfectly on iPhone 5s. Backed up with iTunes, wiped, restored, everything back as it was except the 25GB of “Other” (that had suddenly appeared for no good reason) is now less than 2GB! Thanks!

  • MMike

    Geez, Thanks! This basically doubled my “Other” section on my phone. Really appericiate it.

  • Nemecky

    YES…down from 1.5GB to 640MB

  • VicW

    Worked perfectly, freed up 3.5GB after restore and I didn’t loose a thing! Thanks guys, it’s really cool advice.

  • Lauren

    Worked perfectly! yayyyyyy! thank you

  • Kristen Wayne

    I was hesitant but after over 2 weeks trying tons of things I did this…thought nothing would happen since thats been the trend…but nope.. backed up, erased all data on my phone, restored and went from 33 GB to 1GB of OTHER space.

  • christine

    I just did this. I began with around 5.5 GB of documents and data. After restoring from my backup, I have 7.49 GB. And though I have more available space now, I still need to reinstall my apps and my music. Bleh! Any other tips from you other folks?

  • RextheRunt

    Thanks so much – recovered 6Gb on my 16Gb ipad!

  • Ian

    Worked perfectly, freed up about 2GB. Note, if you have encrypted your backup, make sure you know the password before you erase anything, that will be needed to restore your iphone. Thanks for the tip.

  • Andy Pollen

    This worked perfectly! I freed up 36GB of space and didn’t lose a thing. Thanks!

  • Worked cleaned up some space, But I lost all apps, able to recover from iCloud backup one by one

  • Amy

    Worked. Went from 3GB to 881MB. Thanks!

  • Ankit Jha

    i am down to 1.05GB from 1.84GB. I dont think I lost anything :)

  • Donovan

    I just did this with extreme trepidation but my “Other” was over 21 GB and I could not sync my phone to get new purchases on it. But that sucked. Trying to go through and clean out your pics manually and trim your music is also not fun. One thing you can do that will help before doing a wipe is deleting all your text threads. But I did this wipe after backing up my phone first and then restoring, (takes about an hour to restore and you will have no use of your phone during that time, FYI). It freed up a LOT of space, my Other went down to 257 MB. Makes me think there was a glitch on iTunes thinking that space was full of something, but I’m not sure. Anyways, this worked! I have a 64 GB 5 and it should *not* have been full. Thanks for the tips.

  • DianaLive

    Awesome! This worked perfectly! I followed step by step. Now have 5.50 GB free on my iphone 5s and down to 1.02 GB on Other. Before I did this my phone had no free space because of the Other Data. So far doesn’t look like I lost anything. I still have all my apps and music once I restored from back up.

  • Sam

    This didn’t really help, I gained more than I lost. Are there any other suggestions besides iCloud beacause I only have 6 GB for iCloud and a 16 GB phone and yea.

  • Courtney

    Can you restore from backup without using your computer? I need to update my iPad but, of course, don’t have enough space. I have just backed it up to iCloud but I’m don’t want to erase it if I can’t restore from the cloud. My primary computer (that is connected to my apple account and has all of my music on it) is currently crashed. (Thanks for nothing avg) . I have another computer, but it isn’t linked to my apple account and I don’t have any music on it. So, just need to know if I will be able to recover info without ever connecting to iTunes.

    • In this case, you can only get back whatever you have on iCloud.

  • bryontreece

    I just did this & I STILL have 1.87 GB of “Other” on my iPhone! All it essentially did was wipe out all of my music. Why can’t I get rid of this “Other” data???

  • cchick45

    This worked great! I went from 3GB to 700 MB in “other” as well as applications! Apparently even though I deleted apps, they were still in the cache! I now have over 7GB available. Thank you!

  • Valentina

    at first all of my “other” disappeared, and now there is 3 more GB than I had before! Help?!

  • Chelsea

    this worked PERFECTLY :) gave 1.10 extra GBs of space which is so helpful when you only have an 8GB phone. thank youuuuu

  • Josh P

    Wow! Followed step by step and took “other” from 2.67gb to 688mb. Thanks!

  • daniels

    This really worked perfectly on a Iphone 4s. only 200mb was left, after doing as per article, 4gb available again!!

  • Max

    Just synced my phone and noticed that there was 42gb of “Other” data. I feel like this has to be impossible. Any way to get rid of this junk without a restore?

    • Grant Durtschi

      I have 27 GB of other and can’t seem to figure out where it is. It doesn’t show up on any app. I think it is an error in trying to sync my phone, but not sure how to do it as the restore would be from the back up that still shows the Other information.

    • davefromaus

      Had this happen to me. Just followed above steps and all good. Had 35GB of “other” that suddenly appeared

  • santosh sinha

    On WhatsApp, photos and videos take up maximum space and on iOS 8, the phone stores them on «photos and camera” app as well as backup data for WhatsApp. To free up space on WhatsApp on ios8, simply swipe right from any chat you wish to check. iPhone gives you the videos and photos associated with that particular chat ( individual or group) stored In the phone. Delete your way to glory !

  • TechLoser

    worked great for me and I’m not too savvy with all this–got 2.0 G back! (might not sound like much but I’ve got a 4 with only 6 G total, so it’s a lot for me!

  • Jean

    I mean if this is a common problem, must be an app to clean this junk, does anyone knows an app a good one?

  • cherupkaa

    I set up my iPhone 6 as new phone and even before installing whatever applications I had 1GB of “other” data shown both on iTunes and on the Phone. This is not the OS as the phone’s capacity is 11.8 GB (out of 16 GB), which is presumably IOS. Where does this data come from? I have no emails, no music and photos.

    • This seems to be a known issue with the new devices afaik. No clue as to what is causing it though. Could be default data stores in all the new apps (like Health, iWork suite etc.)

  • SBasu

    Great.. recovered 4.8GB space..thanks..

  • Ross

    I highly recommend backing up and restoring. It wiped out 7 GB of “other” on my iPhone 5S. Thanks so much!!

  • Agent Tasmani

    Backup just threw it all back on. Wasted an hour and a half.

  • Agent Tasmania

    Oh thank all the gods of your choice. Worked superbly, eliminated about 6GB of garbage.

  • Mermaid

    There’s a better way that doesn’t require erasing all of your data.
    1) There’s an app called “ifun box.” You can look into the apps and manually delete the cache by searching in the app then “documents.” Anything in the cache folder can be deleted.
    2) Delete and re-install the app is another option.
    Some software will tell you that they can delete the junk on your phone, but most do a poor job at it. Restoring is only a good idea after you’ve run out of so much space. I would backup my photos to my computer, drop box, google drive, or other services before I restore because iTunes does not always restore your photos! It does for me if I restore from iCloud, but it will not restore any music that didn’t get purchased from iTunes. You’ll have to manually re-add that.

  • Zarife

    This cleared away 7.1GB of other for me THANK YOU SO MUCH I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING

  • Lemma

    Thankyou. Got 22gb back. Loved it.

  • Paul S.

    Thanks! It worked great for me. 5.6 GB down to 768 MB. iPhone 5 with IOS 8.02

  • Tyler Adam

    I did this and now my phone won’t restore. awesome. any suggestions?

    • Should be an issue with backups then. I know it’s a pain but can you try
      to set up your device as new and start afresh? Alternatively, you can
      try this: remove data selectively from your iPhone (like delete apps that
      you no longer use, delete data from apps like WhatsApp) and then backup.
      Then, restore your device as new. And then use the backup to get back
      the data.

  • Jenmholt

    Not happy!!! I followed the directions step by step and ended up with OVER TWICE the amount of “other” amount of usage than I started with!!!!

    • Avata

      Simply try PC tool called Backuptrans iPod/iPhone/iPad Space Free UP and see what is the result.

  • Vaihan

    thanks a lot now hav more than 3GB, earliyer hav only 500 Mb….

  • will

    i did all this and at first it deleted all the data, however when i connected to iTunes later, it all came back!

    • Jenmholt

      Same thing happened to me too

  • Ikda

    Thanks. I went from having about 850 MB left to 8.26GB. Didn’t lose a single thing.

  • Jason

    Seems to work perfectly for me. Thanks for the help

  • Angel Singz

    My doc & data is still a lot… it just went from 3.36GB to 3.30GB but holy cow my “other” went down TREMENDOUSLY i went from 2.46 GB to 4.92! I have sooooo much space now! Excellent just excellent! Thank You!!!!

  • jonk

    I tried this and it deleted most of my apps. Tread carefully with the advice or do not try at all.

    • That’s why the first step is this:

      Step 1: Take a backup of all data, preferably via
      iTunes instead of iCloud but if you’re happy with iCloud, you’re most
      welcome to backup on iCloud.

      • jonk

        I did use iTunes.

        • Rebecca

          You may not have had a copy of the app on your PC (if you downloaded the app straight onto the iPad).
          Try transferring purchases as well as backing up before performing a reset.

  • seancairne

    This made my other BIGGER! It went from 11 GB to 12GB.

  • sana

    even after deleteing all the apps i still have 7.5gb of other in my fone???

  • Gordon Marcus


    Here is a video about this with PhoneClean, you can watch and follow it.

    • copeland lee

      Great for this video. it can help you Remove Junk Files & Clear Private Data on iPhone. including App Caches/Cookies/Temp files/Crash Logs, Photo Caches, Safari Cookies/Caches/History, and so on.

  • oplix

    also icleaner pro for jailbroken works great

  • Desmond

    Does this method clear out the data and photos in whatsapp?

    • Yes it does. What you can do is use iCloud backup within Whatsapp to
      backup the media (photos only) in Whatsapp. (check this->

  • Edgar Chávez

    Mine went from 2GB to 6GB What the hell? I’m devasteded, how is that possible? :(

    • Did you try following the steps from the post? :)

      • Edgar Chávez

        Yes, step by step.

  • Gisela

    If I delete my WhatsApp will I lose the groups I’ve joined? Thank you! Great article, btw ;)

    • The groups won’t be deleted but you will be out of the groups. but when you re-install Whatsapp and let it restore a backup, you will be joined automatically into the groups you were in.

      • Gisela

        Perfect! Thanks :)

  • Emily McFadden

    3.5GB down to 600MB, thank you!

  • Bobby Charlston

    iCleaner is MUCH better and MUCH faster. But of course, that only works for those of us who dared to Jailbreak our device ;)

  • Terry Bong

    This is bullshit.
    All my photos and videos were deleted.

    This article is misleading, it says only cache and internet stored data is deleted.
    Now all my photos and videos are gone.

    • Did you back-up your iPhone? We specifically mentioned about it in the article.

      • Etan G

        its possible that you lost your music and videos because you don’t sync your music automatically but rather do it manually. Videos in VLC or even in Videos (and Music for that matter) are not saved in the backup – they are just re-synced from your iTunes. If you’ve put your media on your device manually then it won’t re-sync. I like to do it manually. But i created a playlist, in iTunes, for music, called “For iDevice” so when i have to restore from backup for any reason i can just manually drag that playlist onto the music library of my iDevice and all is good.

        Movies i generally don’t store on my iDevice, and I only use VLC. In that situation i just take a screen shot of the movies i have in VLC and just drag them back on when the restore is complete. So def make note of that.

  • Todd Millikan

    Thank you!!! After reading many confusing posts, I decided to give this a try as it seemed the simplest! “Other” went from almost 5gb down to 622mb. Simple! :)

  • Carmel

    this saved me 7.68GB of space…they need to think about doing something about this when they bring out the iphone 6

  • Corey Lando

    You, my friend, are my hero. 2.5 GB dropped to just under 1 GB. Thank you for saving my life ;)

  • Tossnara

    “Other” data is real data including your system files and cached content that you put on your device by using the built-in apps. It’s just that as you use the phone, it will grow. This includes:

    Messages and attachments
    Safari bookmarks and cache
    Email messages and attachments
    Calendar entries
    Genius data
    Music catalog and cover art
    Operating system settings
    Game Center status

    I tried PhoneClean, iLike and CleanmyiPhone to clean up my iPhone, all of them are very useful to me

  • Jeff Kumm

    Thanks for that tip it worked like a charm I went from having 1.48 gb to 400 mb

  • Edward Williams

    Of all the things I’ve tried this is the ONE that worked. I went from 1.88 to 1.20. Not a lot, but more than every before. Thanks.