How to Create Poll in Facebook Messenger Group Chat on iPhone

Creating polls or showing your opinion in a poll created by others is fun. They tell you what people are thinking about a particular question. Facebook Messenger allows you to create polls very easily inside the app. You may use this to ask what your friends think about a place when you are planning a group outing. You may also use polls to learn what your family and connected people feel about a new iPhone. These were just two common made-up examples. You can use it for anything you desire. Now let us get right in and see how to make a poll on Facebook Messenger group chat.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Messenger app on your iPhone and open the Messenger Group, where you want to create a poll.

Launch Messenger app on your iPhoneStep #2. Tap on the four dots icon on the left bottom part of phone screen (near the camera icon).

Tap on Four Dots Icon in Facebook Messenger Group on iPhoneStep #3. Tap on Polls.

Tap on Polls to Create in Facebook Messenger Group Chat on iPhoneStep #4. Type the question and then add options.

Type Question and add more options to Create Poll in Facebook Messenger GroupWhen you begin to type the first option, the Messenger app will show you “+” symbol to add more options to your poll. Add options and tap Create Poll button.


Your poll is live now. People can tap on it and choose the option they like. You will be notified when people in the group vote or even change their answer.

Create Poll on Facebook Messenger on the iPhoneWhat are you waiting for? Create a poll now and see what your friends think about the new Disney Plus.

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