How to Change Words to All Caps on iPhone or iPad

Here we walk you through how to change words to all caps on your iPhone or iPad. This quick tip helps you to change all letters.
How to Change Words to All Caps on iPhone and iPad

There are many features in your iPhone/iPad that are not given in user manual and even not known to all, but you come to know about the hidden feature while day to day interaction with your iDevice.

Probably you may be well aware of every feature that iOS offers, however, there are a lot more things which may be undiscovered so far. We have found the simple yet useful tip that is worthy and time-saving while texting or making any note.

While texting someone, you may wish to write all the letters in CAPS, but it becomes quite noisy when you have to press shift key twice to enable CAPS Lock and have to disable it when you wish to type small case.

We have found out an easy solution to get the entire letter typed in a single tap. There is a trick available in an iOS device that will help you to change the words either in capital or in small with a single tap. You do not need to type to make it all letters in CAPS.

How to Change Words to All Caps on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. While texting someone or while making notes: Highlight the word that you want to change into all caps.

Step #2. To highlight: either double tap on the target word or tap and hold on the word.

Tap Particular Word in iPhone Message App

Step #3. Then double-tap on the Shift Key to enable the CAPS Lock key.

Step #4. You will see the word in CAPS letter along with multiple other alternate options in Quick Type bar.

Type Word in Caps on iPhone

Note: you make sure that the Quick Type bar option is visible; If not; make it visible only then you can get this facility.

To make it visible go to SettingsGeneralKeyboard and enable Predictive button.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone or iPad
Turn on Predictive Keyboard on iPhone

i.e. if you type “home” in the message body then follow the steps given above to change uppercase “HOME.” Just tap on a word (shown in Quick Type bar) and word will get replaced from small case to upper case. Or, if you want to change all the letters in the small case then make a single tap on Shift Lock key to disable it; you will get the word written in a small case in Quick Type bar; just tap on it and it will replace all the letters of the words in a small case.

Apart from this, you can make another important use of the Quick Type bar. While typing message or note if you type any wrong words mistakenly then the Quick Type bar will give option suggesting you the right word. To make the change, just tap on the right word shown in the Quick Type bar.

Remember, it will show you only those words that are available in the iOS dictionary.

Watch out this video to know how to write all in capital letters on the iPhone/iPad:

YouTube video

That’s all, mate!

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