How to Change the Sort Order of Your iPhone Contacts

Gone are the days when feature phones would offer limited space in phone directory to save only hundred odd phone numbers. Today, on your smartphone, you can save thousands of contacts of your close and not-so-close friends and family.

However, this has posed a challenge for users to search number of persons who share common first name or last name. There can be 20 Smiths and 30 Johnsons saved in Phone app on your iPhone. And while you want to search Andrew Smith, you have to browse nearly 10 contacts, whose last name is Smith.

This happens because you tend to forget first name or last name of contacts you have saved. In either case, you need to sort order of your contacts.

How to Change the Sort Order of Your iPhone Contacts

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Tap on Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll down again and tap on Sort Order under CONTACTS section.

Tap on Sort Order in iPhone Contacts Settings

You will find two options: First, Last and Last, First. By default, your device will have First, Last selected.

Step #3. You can tap on Last, First if you want to change the Sort Order of your contacts on iPhone.

Change iPhone Contacts Sort Order

Now your contacts will be shown with the last name displayed first. Please note that Sort Order option will not work in Chinese, Korean or Japanese names as they don’t have a fixed order.

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