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When you have got your iPhone or iPad, the first thing on your mind is syncing Gmail contacts on this new iDevice. And this has to be there on your priority list as your Gmail contacts are important to communicate with every day.

According to iPhone experts, it is recommended that while syncing Gmail contacts on your iPhone, use CardDav – an internet open standard. CardDav allows you to edit, remove and add your contacts from your device and you can keep your contacts in sync everywhere you use them. For users who use Google’s business mail, they can use Google Sync.

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How to Sync Gmail Contacts on iPhone and iPad

How to Sync Your Gmail Contacts on iPhone or iPad

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Settings on iPhoneStep #2: Tap on Add Account →  Select Google.Tap on Account then Google on iPhoneStep #3: Fill in necessary details in the field:

  • User Name: Type in your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.
  • Password: Enter your Google Account or Google Apps password.

Step #4. Tap on Sign-in.Enter Your Gmail ID in iPhoneNote: If you have enabled 2 Step Verification, you will receive verification code which you need to enter in order to sign-in.

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Step #5. The next window will ask you; iOS would like to, View and manage your mail contacts, View your email address, View your basic profile info, Manage your calendars, Manage your contacts, Tap on Accept.Tap on Accept iOS TermsStep #6: Tap on Save at the top of your screen.Toggle on Contact for Gmail and Tap on SaveWhile following the above steps, please ensure that “Contacts” option is toggled ON.

Once you complete the steps, open the Contacts app on your device, syncing will start automatically.

Set Gmail as Default Account on your iPhone and iPad

For any user, who has set up iCloud and want to sync contacts from another account (or already have contacts on the device), they need to select a Default Account.

Set Default Account:

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Settings on iPhoneStep #2: Scroll down to the Contacts section.

You can see the Default Account option if you are syncing more than one account.

Step #3: Tap on Default Account.Tap on Default Account in iPhone Mail SettingsStep #4: Tap on Google contacts account.Set Gmail as Default Mail on iPhoneYour account will be labeled with the description you gave it in the Description field.

How to Sync Gmail Contact to iPhone using CardDAV Account

Step #1: Follow step #1 and #2 as above.

Step #2: Tap on Add Account → Select Other from the list.Tap on Add Other Account on iPhone Mail SettingsStep #3: Tap on Add CardDAV Account seen under the Contacts section. You can see four different options: Server, User Name, Password and Description.

Add CardDAV Account to iPhone

Fill in necessary details:

  • Server: google.com
  • User Name: Your complete Gmail ID (i.e. example@gmail.com)
  • Password: Your Gmail ID Password
  • Description: e.g. My Personal Gmail/Personal Contacts etc.

Step #6: Tap on Next and you are done.

While following above steps, ensure that the “Contacts” option is toggled ON.

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Let us know in comments if it works for you.

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  • Guy Turner

    I’ve tried everything. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter.
    I am definitely entering the correct password, but I STILL get the password prompt appearing, every time I edit contact details.
    I enter the same password as my Gmail account, but it says it’s incorrect.
    I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled my Gmail account, checked my login works from a laptop, but my iPhone still tells me my password is wrong!!??!!??
    I’m tired of this. Surely there’s someone who knows how to fix it?