How to import Google contacts to iPhone or iPad: 2 Easy ways

How to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone or iPad

Google is the default account to save your contacts to the cloud on most Android smartphones. So, you can access your contacts by logging in to your Google account. Therefore, if you’ve switched from Android to iOS, you can import and sync contacts from Gmail to iPhone. Let me show you ways to import Google Contacts to iPhone or iPad.

How to sync Google contacts to iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to SettingsContacts.
  2. Tap Accounts → Add Account.

    Tap on Add Account in Contacts Settings on iPhone
  3. Select Google.
  4. Enter your email address or phone number → tap Next.
  5. Type your password → tap Next.

    Select Gmail and Enter Gmail ID
  6. Approve your login if two-factor authentication is enabled → tap Allow.
  7. Toggle on Contacts and select Save.

    Tap on Allow and Turn on contacts, Save on iPhone

All your Gmail contacts will be synchronized with your iPhone.

You may remove them or delete the Google account you’ve added by going into the same Contacts settings. Also, if you already have set up the Google Account, you just need to turn on the Contacts toggle to synchronize your Gmail contacts.

Set Gmail contacts as the default on iPhone 

After you import contacts from Gmail to your iPhone, you must set Google contacts as default. So, the Contacts app will only display the contacts synchronized with your Google account. Also, your iPhone will further save and sync contacts in your Gmail account. 

  1. Open Settings Contacts.
  2. Tap Default Account.
  3. Choose Gmail.

    Set Gmail contacts as the default on iPhone

How to Import contacts from Gmail to iPhone using iCloud

If you don’t want to add your Gmail account to your iPhone, you can sync Google Contacts on your iPhone using iCloud.

  1. Open your Gmail account in a browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the Google Apps icon → choose Contacts.

    click on google apps icon in gmail account

    click on contacts in google account on mac
  3. Click the hamburger menu on the left → click on Export.

    click on export from left menu in google account
  4. Select vCard and hit Export.

    export contacts from google account to computer
  5. You can select and export a few contacts instead of all. To do so, select contact names, then click export.
  6. After downloading the vCard file, sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID.
  7. Now, open the Contacts app.

    click on contacts in icloud account on computer
  8. Click on the Settings icon → select Import vCard.

    click on settings and select import vcard in icloud on mac
  9. Choose the vCard file you’ve downloaded.
    It will add your Google contacts to your iCloud account. 

    select file and click on choose to import google contacts to icloud
  10. On your iPhone, go to Settings → your name.
  11. Tap iCloud → select Show All.

    Tap on your Profile, iCloud, and Show All on iPhone
  12. Toggle on Contacts.

    Toggle on Contacts on iPhone 

Now, the Google contacts saved on your iCloud will be synchronized with your iPhone.

Why is my iPhone not syncing Gmail contacts?

If your Google account is not securely connected to your iOS device via SSL, your iPhone won’t sync Google contacts. Follow the steps below if you are facing iPhone not syncing Google contacts error:

  1. Launch the Settings app → Contacts → Accounts.
  2. Choose Gmail or the Google account which is not syncing. 

    Tap Contacts, Accounts, Select Gmail on iPhone
  3. Tap Account → select Advanced → toggle on Use SSL.

    Tap Account, Advanced and Turn on Use SSL on iPhone
  4. Go back to the Account page → tap Done.

    Tap on Done in Contact Settings on iPhone

If this doesn’t do the trick, you may delete the account and sign in Gmail account again.

Never miss out on essential contacts! 

Importing and syncing your Google contacts to your iPhone can save you time and effort in managing your contacts. So you don’t have to save each contact manually. Ensure your iPhone is connected to the internet before you import contacts from Gmail to your iPhone. Also, permit Gmail to access your Contacts app.

Therefore, try it, and enjoy the benefits of having your contacts at your fingertips wherever you go! If you face any problems, let me know in the comments below. I will surely check.

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    1. Yes. In iOS 14, Apple renamed it and also moved the Accounts settings. To sync Gmail Contacts, open the Settings app and tap Contacts. Next, tap Accounts to add and enable your Google account.

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