How to change folder color on mac

How to Change Folder Colors on Mac

To personalize your Mac, you may like to change the color of folders from the default blue to a shade of your choice. This customization will also help you quickly differentiate an important folder and know about it even without looking at its name. The idea behind modifying folder color in macOS is the same as changing apps and folder icons. So without further delay, let’ get started.

Change folder color on mac

You can do this for an existing folder as well as a new folder. In this guide, I am using a new folder.

Step #1. Right-click in Finder or Desktop and click New Folder.

Right Click on Mac Desktop and Click on New Folder

Step #2. Right-click on this folder and click Get Info.

Right Click on Folder and Then Click on Get Info

Step #3. Click on the blue folder icon from the top left. You will see a dark outline around it.

Click on Blue Folder icon on Mac

Step #4. Press Command(⌘)+C or click Edit from Menu Bar and then select Copy.

Click on Edit and Then Click on Copy

Step #5. Now open Preview from Launchpad. Or, open FinderApplicationsPreview.

Open Preview from Launch Pad on Mac

Step #6. Click on File from the top. Next click New from Clipboard.

Click on File in Preview App and Then Click on New from Clipboard

Step #7. Click on the pencil icon (mark up icon).

Click on Mark Up in Preview App on Mac

Step #8. Click on the prism icon.

Click on Adjust Color in Mac Preview App

Step #9. Now, use the sliders to change the color. Possibilities are limitless. You will see significant color changes when you drag the slider named Saturation, Tint, and Sepia. Play with every slider you see to achieve your desired color.

Adjust Slider to Change Folder Color

Step #10. Once done, close the Adjust Color pop-up.

Close Adjust Color Pop-up in Mac Preview

Step #11. Click Edit from the top and choose Select All. You will see the dotted lines. If not, click on the big colored folder icon and then Select All.

Click on Edit and Then Click on Select All in Preview App on Mac

Step #12. Next, click EditCopy.

Click on Edit and Then Click on Copy in Mac Preview App

Step #13. Go back to Get Info window and click on the folder icon from the top.

Click on Blue Folder icon on Mac

Step #14. Press Command(⌘)+V or click Edit from Menu Bar and then select Paste.

Click on Edit and Then Click on Paste in Mac Finder

Step #15. Done! You may now close all open Windows-like Get Info and Preview.

Change Color of Folder in macOS Catalina

The macOS folder color has been successfully changed.

That’s all, mate!

Now, you may go ahead and repeat this process for existing folders. Chances are little, but even if something goes wrong, the contents of the folder won’t be deleted. So, feel free to be creative.

You may want to take a peek at:

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  1. Hi, this is great information for me as colour coding increases both the speed and organisation of my workflow. I am however completely baffled by the sliders, limitless possibilities I’m sure, but seemingly random? How to make a red folder, I can get pink and purple in a pastel shade no problem. And impressive how many shades of brown I have stumbled upon, I would love to see this many shades of well any other colour really WTF this is the worst colour picking tool I have ever suffered is there a colour wheel or even normal preset colours ?

    1. Hi Tobias,
      Please use the link below to see an image. This is the screenshot of my Mac. See the sliders and do the same on your Mac to get the red color folder icon. I hope it helps. You may also download red color folder icons from the internet. But using my screenshot is better. 😉


  2. Great. Except that this does not work. Why do people continue to post solutions that are no solution at all. In Preview, “New from Clipboard” is greyed out. It doesn’t matter how I copy the icon in the info window, nothing copies, no image goes to the clipboard. This used to work but it’s apple and they are constantly defeating ANYTHING that alters the way they intend for you to experience their creations…kind of like God(s). Oh that’s right, they believe we worship them. Why does everything only half work anymore?

  3. I am sorry to hear that; I just tried the tutorial again, and it works flawlessly. As for your “New from Clipboard” greyed out issue, try this out – go to Activity Monitor app → search for pboard → click on the pboard process → Quit → Force Quit → Exit Activity monitor. Copy any image and try New from Clipboard again; it should work properly now.

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