How to Customize File and Folder Icons on Mac

How to Customize File and Folder Icons on Mac

macOS provides a lot of customization options and one of them is to change apps and folder icons. There isn’t any desperate need to do so, but it’s good to keep things the way we like. It also serves the purpose of confusing people, in case you have colleagues or friends using your Mac without your permission. Here we’ve explained detailed guide on how you can change app and folder icons on Mac with ease.

How to Change App and Folder Icons in macOS

As far as this guide is concerned, we will use the Desktop folder as an example but don’t worry as the process remains the same for any other folder, app, or even website bookmark.

Step #1. Very first thing you’ll need to do is select any image of your choice and copy it to the clipboard by double clicking the picture to open it in Preview. Now click on Edit Select All. Next, press Command + C to copy the image to clipboard.

Click on Select All under the Edit option on Mac

Step #2. To locate the Desktop folder, ensure you are in Finder and press Shift + Command + H. Alternatively, you may also click on Go from top bar and then click on Home.

Locate Desktop folder to Change App and Folder Icons on Mac

Step #3. Right click on the Desktop folder icon/name and select “Get Info“.

Select Get Info by Right click on Desktop folder icon on Mac

Step #4. On the info panel of the folder, click on the folder icon located at the upper-left corner.

Click on the folder icon to Change App and Folder Icons in macOS

Step #5. All you need to do now is to paste the image we copied in the first step by pressing Command + V.

Change App and Folder Icons in macOS
Create custom icons for files or folders on Mac

You can repeat the same process for any folder. To restore the original image follow Step #3, Step #4 and now press Command + X to cut the image and it will automatically restore the original default image.

For changing app icon on Mac, you’ll need to access Application folder by looking for it in Finder and then select any App for which you wish to customize the icon. Thereafter, follow on from Step #3.

Note: For changing the icon of an in-built app (like Safari), you will need to enter your Mac’s password.

Wrapping up…

There are many websites which let you download icons and icon packs for Mac; search for them. If you are changing website shortcut icon, one good idea is to download the website’s logo and use that.

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