How to Add WhatsApp Widget to iPhone LockScreen

Add WhatsApp Widget to iPhone LockScreen

WhatsApp has Today View widget support that shows recent chats and status. It lets you see WhatsApp contacts from the iPhone lock screen and provides faster access to them. After you add the widget, you can view it by swiping right of the Lock screen or Home screen (when the phone is unlocked). Let me show you how.

How to Add WhatsApp Widget to iPhone Lockscreen

In iOS 13 Today View, you can see multiple pieces of information from favorite apps in one place. Here is how to add the WhatsApp widget to this screen.

  1. Swipe left to right on the Home screen
  2. Tap on Edit from the end.swipe right on iphone home screen and tap on edit
  3. Tap on the green plus icon next to WhatsApp
  4. Tap on Done.add whatsapp widget to iphone lock screen

You have successfully added this popular messaging app’s widget to Today View. It shows recent chats. Could you tap on the tiny > icon to expand it?

Quickly Add WhatsApp Widget from App Itself

If your iPhone supports 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, you can quickly add WhatsApp widgets from the app itself.

  1. Touch and hold the WhatsApp icon to reveal its menu
  2. Tap on Add Widget.
    quickly view and add widgets from apps

How to Access WhatsApp Contacts from iPhone Lockscreen

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode. Enter your iPhone settings app tap on touch id and passcode and enter passcode on iphone
  3. From under ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED, make sure the toggle for Today View is enabled.enable today view in touch id and passcode on iphone
  4. Now lock your iPhone. Next, wake the screen and swipe left to right on the Lock screen. You will see the WhatsApp widget in Today View.swipe left to right on iphone lock screen to view whatsapp widget

Tip: If you have turned off the WhatsApp message notification for the lock screen but have the widget, you can swipe right and know who messaged you without unlocking the device. You can see their name (or mobile number), profile picture, and the number of messages they sent.

How to Rearrange and Delete WhatsApp Widget in Today View

After you add the WhatsApp widget, it will be at the bottom of the list. If you like and use it frequently, it can get uneasy about scrolling down each time. Therefore, you may want to rearrange the order and move it to the top of your preferred position. Additionally, it is also easy to remove it in case you no longer need it. Let me show you the steps for both.

  1. Swipe right of the Home screen and tap on Edit from the end.swipe right on iphone home screen and tap on edit
  2. To rearrange the widgets’ order: Touch on the hamburger icon (three lines icon) next to WhatsApp and drag it up or down, as desired.rearrange whatsapp in today view on iphone
  3. To delete a widget: Tap on the red minus button. Next, tap on Remove.
  4. Finally, tap on Done.delete whatsapp widget from widget list on iphone

Signing off…

This is how to enable the WhatsApp widget on the iPhone. You may also see it by long-pressing the WhatsApp icon. (But it makes little sense as by a simple tap you can get inside the app and see everything in detail.)

Apple introduced widgets in iOS 8, and since then, some of them have proved to be very helpful. For example, widgets for Batteries, Up Next, Weather, and Reminders serve a great purpose. On that note, here is our list of the best third-party iPhone widget apps that you should not miss.

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