How to play with friends in Game Center on iPhone or iPad


Game Center is an Apple service that allows users to play and challenge others in games on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But have you ever wondered where your Game Center went with the new iOS 16 update? Let me tell you that it is still available on your iPhone – but as a service rather than an app. In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to use Game Center to play with friends.

What is Game Center?

Game Center was formerly a standalone app for iPhones that allowed users to engage in multiplayer games online.

The app was initially released with iOS 4.1 and was popular amongst passionate gamers like me. However, since the release of iOS 10, the firm has removed the app and transformed Game Center into a service. Now, let’s understand how you can set up Game Center on your iPhone.

How to set up Game Center on iPhone or iPad

Before we move forward, let’s ensure that the Game Center service is activated on your iPhone.

To enable the service, go to Settings Game Center → toggle on Game Center Continue to sign in using your current Apple ID

Change your nickname

  1. Open SettingsGame Center
  2. Tap your Nickname → Make changes → hit return.

    Change your nickname

    Edit Avatar

    1. Launch Settings Game Center. 
    2. Go to Edit Avatar
    3. Select a default picture or Memoji
      You can also create a new Memoji by tapping the plus icon.

      Edit Avatar in Game Center

    You have the freedom to edit the default picture. Additionally, you got an option to edit or create Memoji

    Check if an app supports Game Center

    1. On your iPhone, launch a game app.
    2. The Game Center banner will appear if the app supports the same.

    Follow the steps mentioned below to add or remove friends from Game Center. The steps for both are relatively simple.

    How to add and remove friends from Game Center on iPhone or iPad

    Add Friend

    1. Launch SettingsGame Center.
    2. Tap your avatar to go to your profile → select Friends.

      Add friends from Game Center
    3. Tap Add friends.
    4. Enter the contact of your friend → hit send (up arrow) to send an invitation to join.

      Tap Add Friends

    There are three ways how your friend can accept your request. They are as follows: 

    • Messages app: Tap the link
    • Supported Game: Go to Game Center profile picturefriend friend request.
    • App Store: Navigate to the profile pictureGame Center Friend Requests.

    Additionally, you have another simple way to add a friend to your Game Center. Launch your Contact app → friend’s contact card → Add Friend in Game Center.

    You can also invite a friend directly from the game app.

    Remove a friend or Report

    1. Head to SettingsGame Center → your Profile

      Remove a friend or Report
    2. Tap Friendsfriend’s namethree dots
    3. Choose Remove Friend/Report User.

      Tap Friends, friend’s name

      How to challenge a friend in Game Center on iPhone or iPad

      To use this feature, the contact must be added to your friend list in Game Center.

      1. Launch game.
      2. Tap the Achievement icon.
      3. Go to Leaderboard → tap your High scoreChallenge.

      Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Achievements tab → tap an achievement Challenge.

      Game Center not sending Add Friend Request from iPhone? 

      If you can’t send a friend request, the first thing you should check is to make sure you have a strong internet connection. If the problem persists, you may always force quit all open apps, including the Settings app, or restart your iPhone or iPad.

      Finally, if nothing else works, sign out and then sign back in at the bottom of the Game Center screen.

      How to disable game invites for nearby players

      1. Launch SettingsGame Center
      2. Toggle off Nearby players.

        Disable game invites for nearby players

      Restrict or disable Game Center on iPhone or iPad 

      1. Launch SettingsScreen Time
      2. Tap Content & Privacy Restriction.

        Restrict Game Center on iPhone
      3. Toggle on Content Restrictions.
      4. Scroll down to Game Center and adjust restrictions.

        Toggle on Content Restrictions and scroll down to Game Center and adjust restrictions

      Sometimes, Game Center can be irritating for ardent lovers of mobile gaming. So, there’s an additional option to disable the service.

      Winding Down…

      The new, revamped Game Center has a lot going for it, right? If you’re a frequent player, you must have noticed the shifts and twists in the platform. I personally have mixed feelings about the new adjustments. If you’re facing any other troubles with Apple, just let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to provide you with a solution!

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