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Fluent Forever Language Learning iPhone App

The world is filled with different cultures, speaking different languages. And with technology evolving so fast, the world is getting smaller day by day. Our business and communication is not limited to a particular geography. Also, we travel to different countries where people speak entirely different languages. Of course, there are workaround methods like using Google Translate, but it removes the feel when communicating with a person.

In present times, learning multiple languages is not just a hobby anymore. It is a necessity. But the problem is that learning a new language is not easy, and also time-consuming. The most important thing is that it is boring and also tests your patience. The Fluent Forever is one of the best language learning iOS apps that seems to have solved all these problems quite nicely.

They have made learning a new language fun, quick, and interactive. Frankly, I can only speak English. So I tried this app for a while to learn Spanish. I’ll admit I am still learning and not a fluent speaker, but the app is holding way above my expectations. Let me take you to a detailed review of Fluent Forever based on my findings. If you are looking to learn a new language quickly, this post is for you.

Fluent Forever Language Learning App for iPhone

Learning Approach

When it comes to learning a new language, most of the online tutorials or videos lack the essential part; engagement. The language itself is stressful because we don’t understand a single word, and most of the books and tutorials start with the grammar. Now I’ll be frank here, I hated learning grammar, even for my native language. Learning grammar as the first step for a new language instantly makes me hate it.

The Fluent Forever uses an entirely different approach, and this is inspired by the personal experience of the CEO and founder of the app, Gabriel Wyner. He is a best-selling author, passionate polyglot, and former opera singer. He is fluent in different languages like Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, and Japanese.

During his learning phase, he discovered three strategies to learn any language quickly and also, without feeling bored or stressed. Those three strategies include – learn pronunciation first, don’t translate, and use spaced repetition systems.

And the most critical part, the app doesn’t teach grammar the way we were taught in the schools. Now let’s check about other features of the app.

Taking the first step

Once you have decided to learn a new language, the first step is of utmost importance. Because that first step will determine your fate in learning that language. The Fluent Forever app understands this very well, and thus, when you launch the app, it asks you whether you know the new language – new, intermediate, or advanced level.

Fluent Forever Language Learning iOS App

Based on your selection, the learning process starts. If you are new, it will start with commonly used words and their pronunciations. As said earlier, the first strategy to learn a new language is to determine the pronunciation first. To keep it engaging, the app has daily goals that you can track and adjust your pace accordingly.

It also has videos to make it easier to understand how the words sound. This is helpful because if you don’t know how a language sound, there’s no point in learning the language. After all this, there are also two pronunciation lessons that you need to pass. That also gives you an idea of how is your progress.

Once you have mastered that, the app will take you to the next step.

Intermediate training

At the second step, things get a little tough. This part also includes pronunciations along with multiple base vocab and grammar flashcards. If the word grammar has made you a little nervous, let me tell you it’s not the typical grammar tables with different rules.

Fluent Forever Language Learning iPhone and iPad AppFluent Forever Language Learning iPhone and iPad App

These flashcards are interactive and fun to learn. In fact, it teaches grammar in such a way that you will never feel stressed. In simple terms, it naturally teaches grammar without letting you feel as if you are learning.

All the three stages of learning include videos and a plethora of examples to make you understand things easily and quickly. The core focus of the app is to make you use the language in the real world, with real people.

The Expert Zone

After you are done with the primary and intermediate training, it’s time to complete the last step. The advanced section starts with low difficulty and then gradually moving towards the hard part. This is the last and final step, where all your learning is tested.

Based on your progress in the earlier two stages, this advanced section will focus more on sentences and grammar. It will have much more lengthy and complicated sentences and slightly strict grammar.

Audio, Video, and Images

All the three sections mentioned above are interactive and easy to understand. Different flashcards have different audio to understand the pronunciation, images to understand the meaning of words, and videos to better understand the grammar.

Fluent Forever Language Learning iOS App Video Tutorials

It is scientifically proven that the human brain can learn at a much better pace with visual and audio interaction, and the Fluent Forever app has that in plenty.

Price: 14-days free trial
Subscription: 1 Language for 1 month – $9.99

That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

Knowing multiple languages has an advantage. Even though the English language can get your work done in most parts of the world, but if you can fluently communicate in the native language, you’ll connect with people in a much better way. That’s why I said earlier, learning multiple languages is no more a hobby; it’s a necessity.

Do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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