Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Guitarists in 2022

Best Guitar Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone is a valuable gadget not just for audiophiles but also for people involved in creating music. Whether you’re learning guitar or want to play tabs and chords for your favorite songs, these best iPhone and iPad apps designed for both pro and beginner guitarists can be enormously helpful.

You can customize these guitar simulator apps to deliver the desired result. Jam along with your favorite songs from top artists to match the speed. Make the best use of the multiple guitar playing modes to bolster your skill. Let’s dive ahead to read what’s more these apps have in store and pick a fantastic guitar simulator app for your iOS device!

1. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Ultimate Guitar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Ultimate” is the word! The app has an extensive collection of more than 1,100,000 tabs and chords with lyrics to help you learn to play solos and riffs. Even better, every tab consists of multiple instrument tracks such as bass, guitar, drums, etc. There is also loop and tempo control to let you fine-tune music in a better way.

It comes with chords, notes, guitar scores and lyrics for over 500,000 songs. You can even enjoy the playback in offline mode once you have added tabs as a favorite.

Price: Free

2. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna iPhone and iPad App Screenshots

GuitarTuna is one of the finest tuners for guitar, ukulele, bass, and other famous instruments. The app works with electric and acoustic guitars as well as other string instruments. As per your need, you can set at any tempo. It allows you to adjust the beat manually or set it at your preferred speed. More than 100 tunings like 12-string, 7-string, drop-D are readied to improve your skill.

Price: Free

3. Guitar – real games & lessons

Guitar-real games & lessons iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When learning becomes fun, you never seem to get enough of your lesson. And what this app does is make your guitar learning a great experience.

You have access to a vast number of songs with lessons. So, you can explore the entire collection and pick out the ones that sound exciting.

From classical, acoustic, to electric, it’s got 12 guitar types to entertain you. Plus, the app keeps adding new goodies from time to time. As a result, the catalog always has something cool to try.

Price: Free

4. Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs

Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are willing to master your hands right from scratch, this app could be a much better pick. You can watch videos and take the help of animated fretboard to learn how to play songs on acoustic guitar.

With a massive catalog of songs, you have the desired freedom to pick out the songs and practice. The slow motion and loop video never let the joy run away. Moreover, the guitar tuner boasts 80 tunings so that you have plenty of tools for experimentation.

Price: Free

5. Yousician – Your Music Teacher

When you have the guidance of a personal tutor, learning music becomes a lot easier. With the right tips, they help you learn faster. Well, this app tries to do just that.

But unlike many of its counterparts, Yousician is much more than just a simple guitar app. I mean you can get the most out of it to learn guitar, singing, ukulele, bass, and piano. Whether you are a newbie, advanced learner, professional or even a music teacher, you will find this app really handy.

Featuring more than 1500 exercises with hundreds of videos, the app lets you learn music with fun. Bear in mind, you will have to subscribe to the premium version of Yousician, if you want to take full advantage of all of its goodies.

Price: Free/One instrument monthly plan comes at $19.99

6. Guitar Free with Songs

The Guitar with Songs iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The specialty of this app is the authentic strumming and fretting. It has a large collection of 1200 songs which you will thoroughly enjoy tuning along. Whether you want to play rock, pop, an alternative to country, reggae or TV/movie themes, it has got everything to keep you entertained.

As new songs are added every week, you will always have something nice to play. Handy features like the 24-fret guitar with multi-touch, adjustable metronome and 4-8 string support, resizable frets and resizable string make this app a real deal.

Price: Free

7. Fret

Fret Trainer Guitar Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you have recently started learning Guitar, Fret Trainer is the app you should try. It is an educational app to learn notes and chords and then try it practically on your Guitar. The best part about the app is that it shows you notes and chords in the form of the game, which doesn’t bore you for a long time.

The app offers six different instruments and you can choose the one that you use. You’ll receive notes and chords based on your instrument. The app is free for basic use, but to unlock other instruments and advanced features, you will have to purchase it.

Price: Free with optional in-app purchase

8. Guitar Toolkit

GuitarToolkit iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Guitar Toolkit” is a powerful app with multiple useful guitar tools like tuner, arpeggios, metronome, scales, and chords. It’s compatible with all the instruments including 6, 7 and 12 string guitar as well as 4, 5, 6 string bass.

The huge library with more than 2,000,000 chords and scales may never let you run out of the option. You can upgrade the app to use important features like the option to drum pattern creation and editing, chord sheet creation and editing.

Price: $2.99

9. Steel Guitar

Steel Guitar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes “Steel Guitar” a top bet is the adorable collection of high-quality guitars, real-time effects, and amp processing. You can use the ten superior guitars, 16 instant effects, and eight amps to have better control over your tone.

To have real pedal steel sound, you have the option to use MIDI or the accelerometer to have the perfect control over the string bending pedals. There is also a left-handed mode to let you master the guitar. You can save unlimited numbers of presets and export/import them with ease.

Price: $0.99

10. TabToolkit

TabToolkit iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Tab Toolkit is brilliant for playing guitar, bass, and drums. With excellent speed control, A/B looping and helpful instrument guides, it makes learning more convenient.

It lets you choose the part you want to learn and even allows you to have complete control over each track’s audio. The tab store consists of hundreds of accurately transcribed songs with which you would love to jam along. You can also upload your favorite songs from your computer and even search online. More importantly, it supports a number of multitrack notation formats such as Guitar Pro, Power Tab.

Price: $3.99

Signing Off

Now, make the utmost use of these fantastic guitar apps to improve your skill and be a much better guitarist. These apps can be enormously helpful in providing both the fun and needed guidance to excel.

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