Apple is tied to music in an inextricable way thanks to a founder who valued music quite a lot more than other founders of his day. Softwares like Garage Band and Logic Pro and iTunes, gadgets like the iPod and iPod touch and a music ecosystem built around it prove this point easily.

The iPhone and the iPad are valuable gadgets not just for audiophiles but also for people involved in creating music: in this case, guitarists. Whether you’re learning guitar or want to play tabs and chords for your favorite songs, there are a gazillion apps that will let you do that.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Guitarists

Here’s a collection of some of the finest iPhone/iPad guitar apps.

#1. Guitar Toolkit

GuitarToolkit iPhone and iPad App IconThe guitar toolkit offers tuner and interactive & extensive chord chart and other features such as Best-of-breed tuner, huge chord / scale / arpeggio library, flexible metronome that set you on right track. What’s more, the app has huge library that includes more than 2,000,000 chords, scales and arpeggios and many more features.

Price: $9.99
Download Guitar Toolkit

#2. Tab Toolkit

TabToolkit iPhone and iPad App IconTab Toolkit allows you to download and upload tab files and convert them into any key to suit your band mates. It also offers standard and tab notation, MIDI multitrack playback for full scores, instrument guides (for learning fretboard placement) and more.

It is brilliant. It supports better learning, richer music and is superbly compatible.

Price: $3.99
Download Tab Toolkit

#3. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD iPhone and iPad App Icon‘Ultimate’ is the word! The app gives you more than 400000 tabs from where you can choose and learn. It can play music from the site’s 150,000-plus Tab Pro offerings with loop and tempo control, and it offers a tuner, metronome and chord library.

It comes with a huge catalog of chords, notes and guitar scores, has popular songs from latest release and selected tabs come with playback and extra features. You can even enjoy the playback in offline mode once you have added tabs as favorites.

Price: Free
Download Ultimate-Guitar Tabs

#4. Jam Play Mobile

Video Guitar Lessons iPhone and iPad App IconThis app brings you hundreds of guitar lessons for beginning and experienced players. It provides access to instructional videos and backing tracks, as well as utilities like chord and scale libraries, a metronome and a tuner. The chord library features thousands of chord voices with audio playback, while the scale library provides scales in all 12 keys, also with audio playback.

Price: Free
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#5. Steel Guitar

Steel Guitar iPhone and iPad App IconThis fun app lets you simulate the guitar-experience with its easy-to-operate emulations of lap, eight-string, Nashville and Texas-style steel guitars, as well as a number of distortion and effects options.

It comprises of the four instruments that defined a good deal of Rock, Blues and Country. In it, you can select among the Lap Steel, Eight-String Console or either of the traditional Nashville or Texas setups. You can use it as a plain slide guitar (turn on the six-string “Lap” mode, and turn off the accelerometer), or use the full ten-string monster along with configurable “pedals” (actually, the axes of the accelerometer).

Price: Free
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