5 Easy ways to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

How to convert heic to jpg on mac

High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) has advanced significantly after being adopted by Apple in 2017 for iOS 11. However, HEIC is not a popular format, and at times, you may feel the need to convert HEIC to JPG for universal use. Fortunately, there are several methods for converting HEIC to JPG on a Mac.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can change HEIC to JPG, and if you want to know more about HEIC files and the need to convert them, then make sure to stay tuned till the end.

How to convert HEIC to JPG using Preview app on Mac 

  1. Launch the Preview app on your Mac.
  2. Open the HEIC image you wish to convert.
  3. Now, from the top left of your screen, click File → Export

    Click Export in File on Mac
  4. In the Export As tab, you may rename the file. 
  5. Next to the Where tab, select the location.
  6. In the Format tab, choose JPEG and adjust the Quality dragger to set the compression level. 
  7. Click Save.
     Convert HEIC to JPG using Preview app on Mac 

Note: You can convert multiple HEIC images at once. Select the images, then right-click and select Open. Click Edit → Select All and follow Steps 2–7 as shown above.

Convert HEIC images to JPG using Photos app

  1. Drag and drop your HEIC images to Photos.
  2. Select the images you wish to convert and drag them to Desktop or Finder window. The image will be automatically converted to JPG.

    Convert HEIC to JPG using Photos on Mac

Turn HEIC to JPG on Mac using Automator 

  1. Launch Automator on your Mac. 
  2. Choose Quick Action → click Choose.

  3. From the left menu, double-click (or drag) Copy Finder Items.
  4. From the same menu, double-click Change Type of Images

  5. Now, in the To Type tab, choose JPEG.  
  6. Then on top of your screen, click File → select Save.

  7. Rename the action in the Save quick action as tab tap Save
    The quick-action shortcut is now ready.

  8. Now, from the Photos or Finder app, right-click on the image convert and go to Quick Actions → tap the name you saved in Save quick action as.
    (The converted image will appear on the desktop by default.)

    Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac using Automator 

Change HEIC to JPEG on Mac using third-party apps 

We used the built-in default applications Preview and Photos for the above-mentioned techniques. There are several Mac third-party applications that can easily convert HEIC to JPEG. I suggest these two apps: 

These apps are available for download on the App Store and have easy-to-navigate UI.

If you don’t want to get into the trouble of storage issues, you can always use online methods for conversion.

Convert HEIC files to JPEG on Mac online 

Do you dislike downloading or using new apps? You might always utilize free internet tools that allow you to convert HEIC to JPG. I suggest visiting the following two websites to convert HEIC photos to JPEG: 

  1. iMobie HEIC Converter 
  2. HEICtoJPEG 
  3. iLoveIMG 
  4. CloudConvert 

So these were some of the simplest methods you could use to convert your HEIC files to JPG. As promised above, now we’ll explain HEIC files and the need for their conversion.

What is an HEIC file?  

A variation of the High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) is called High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC). The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) introduced the High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) in 2015. Apple was the first big user of the media standard on iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

According to MPEG, the HEIC file format consumes half as much storage space as JPG for photos of the same quality. Now, let’s investigate why you might need to convert HEIC files to JPG.

Why do you need to convert HEIC to JPG? 

Though HEIC images have several benefits over JPGs, there are a few drawbacks as well. One of the most prominent drawbacks is that HEIC is still not universally accepted. Many programs won’t allow you to view an HEIC file or edit it, and many websites won’t accept it. That’s why you might need to convert those images to JPG.


Q. How to set iPhone to take images in JPG? 

On your iPhone, go to Settings → CameraFormatsMost Compatible. Now your iPhone is all set to take images in JPG format and videos in H.264 format. Read the following article to learn more about stopping iPhones from taking photos in HEIC.

Wrapping Up… 

These were methods for converting HEIC images to JPEG on a macOS device. In the comments, let me know if you found this article helpful. Also, don’t forget to read the below-recommended articles. 

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