How to Set a Video as a Screensaver on Mac

Screensaver reminds us that your Mac screen has been idle for the last few seconds or minutes. Earlier, users could use photos or pictures as screensavers. But now, you can use videos as Mac screensavers. Read on to know more...

Gone are the days when people used to set photos or pictures as a screen saver on their Mac. Now you can use a video as Mac screen saver.

Earlier, Mac users could fetch photos from the Photo Library to set them as the screen saver. Then Apple surprised Mac users by allowing them to get Apple TV aerial views screen saver. And now, the latest thing is you can set up a video as your Mac screensaver.

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How to Use a Video as a Mac Screen Saver

To make this happen, you need to visit this website and download SaveHollywood on your Mac.

Download SaveHollywood tool on Mac

Step #1. When SaveHollywood.dmg is downloaded on your Mac, open the file.

Open SaveHollywood dmg file on Mac

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Step #2. A dialog box opens with SaveHollywood file and a Read Me document. Double-click SaveHollywood file.

Double click SaveHollywood file on Mac

Step #3. You will be prompted to install the file on your Mac. You will also be asked if you want to install just for you or all users. Select either option and click on Install.

Install SaveHollywood file on Mac

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Now it is time to use your favorite video as Mac screen saver.

Usually, screen saver settings get opened during the installation of SaveHollywood; if this doesn’t happen, you can launch screen saver settings by clicking on Apple icon → System PreferencesDisplay (Desktop) & Screen Saver.

Step #4. Now click on Screen Saver section. A side menu appears with some screensaver options. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find SaveHollywood; click on it.

Click on Screen Saver tab and Select Installed SaveHollywood file on Mac Display and Screen Saver

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Step #5. “No videos” screen will be shown; under this black screen, now click on Screen Saver Options…

Click on Screen Saver Options on Mac

Step #6. A new dialog box appears with some options to select movies, size, frame, background, audio, volume, displays, etc.

Click on “+” sign from the top.

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Click on Plus button to Add Video as Mac Screen Saver

Step #7. Another window opens to select video; note that you can add more than one video.

Select the Video and Click Add on Mac

Step #8. As mentioned above, you can adjust the settings for your video as per your choice.

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Finally, click on OK button and start using a video as Mac screen saver.

Click OK and Start Using a video as Mac screen saver

The video will begin to play on the Desktop & Screen Saver window. From the same window, you can select minutes the screensaver videos start after.

Select Minutes the Screen Saver videos start after on Mac

Following this, when your Mac screen remains idle for specific minutes, the screen saver video will begin to play. Just press the space bar to get rid of the video being played as Mac screen saver.

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

SaveHollywood is an easy way to set up videos as Mac screen saver. To my mind, this tool is quite useful for users, who doze off in front of their Mac.

A video with high sound will work as a wake-up alarm. Fun apart, SaveHollywood is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated by some fantastic videos in office. At home, you can use videos of your family.

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