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Best Screen Sharing Apps for Mac in 2024

Screen sharing is a great way to collaborate with colleagues, clients, friends, and family. And thanks to some of the best screen sharing Mac apps, you can do a whole lot of things. You can help them fix a problem, teach/learn something new, open, move, and close files and apps, create projects, and much much more. So, let’s go ahead and find the best screen sharing apps that make collaboration easy.

  1. Mac to Mac Screen Sharing
  2. Teamviewer
  3. Skype
  4. Screenleap
  5. Screens 5
  6. USE Together
  7. Slack
  8. Zoom
  9. GoToMeeting
  10. Jump Desktop
  11. CrankWheel

1. Mac to Mac Screen Sharing

Mac to Mac Screensharing App

You might not need a third-party app when you want to screen share between two Macs. Thanks to built-in screen-sharing, you can share a screen over the local network or the internet.

To avail of the feature, your Screen Sharing setting should be enabled. You can also set screen sharing preferences, set viewing options, send files, and even share contents of the Clipboard.

2. Teamviewer

TeamViewer App for Mac

A viral screen-sharing app for Mac and Windows, and rightly so. TeamViewer offers a full remote access suite that packs various enterprise features.

The app lets you connect and control another computer, its keyboard, and mouse. Making it an excellent asset for support and training business.

Moreover, you can also record screen sharing sessions and refer them back when in need. However, it might be slightly complicated for casual users and basic screen sharing needs.

Price: Free
Download TeamViewer

3. Skype

Skype Screensharing App for Mac

While Skype is a widely popular video-calling app, it is also a reliable screen sharing solution. Though it’s not as feature-full as others in the list.

For instance, it only shows your screen to others; they can’t control it. Moreover, it does not support PowerPoint integration or screen sharing from mobile apps

In saying so, it manages to a pretty decent job for basic screen sharing needs. Another added advantage is that the feature is free to use.

Price: Free
Download Skype

4. Screenleap

Screenleap Mac Screensharing App

Screenleap offers an effective screen sharing service without being too complicated or heavy-duty. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to install a full-fledged application on their computer.

With just a Chrome extension, you can quickly share your screen with anyone over the internet. Screenleap lends you a permanent URL that can be used to join the session when you’re sharing.

This makes the app great for recurring meetings, and quick access sharing, such as webinar-style sessions and sales demos.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $15/Month)
Download Screenleap

5. Screens 5: VNC Remote Desktop

Screen 4 Screensharing App for Mac

Screen 4 amalgamates the goodness of screen sharing and remote desktop apps. You can connect and control your Mac, Windows, Linux PC, or Raspberry Pi from anywhere in the world.

From accessing a forgotten file, performing software updates remotely to configuring a remote computer, Screen 4 can manage it all.

And that’s not all; the app also sports multiple display support, clipboard sharing, drag, and drop file sharing, Touchbar and Hot Corners support, amongst many more features.

Price: $29.99

6. USE Together

USE Together Mac Screensharing App

As the name suggests, the app allows multiple users to simultaneously work over the host’s screen while on a voice call.

All participants have their own mouse cursors that they can use to control the screen. Basically, you can interact with the display and apps as if all are at the same desk.

Whether you want to work together on code, write, design, or just play something together, all is possible. This feature is particularly helpful for activities like pair programming and designing.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $10/Month)
Download USE Together

7. Slack

Slack Screensharing App for Mac

An efficient team management app that lets you manage your teammate’s screen as well. The sharing includes features such as host switching, collaborative annotation, and participants can use their cursor on the host’s screen.

For the last part, the host needs to allow access by clicking on the cursor icon. Moreover, the sessions are private, between members of the channel.

Each session is recorded and saved like other communication logs. So, if you are already using Slack, you don’t need another screen sharing tool.

Price: Free (Standard plan – $8 Per Month)
Download Slack

8. Zoom

Zoom Mac Screensharing App

Zoom is a feature-full video-calling app. And along with changing the background at your will, it also allows screen sharing between participants.

The app auto-adjusts the video quality depending on bandwidth. It is this feature that makes screen sharing on zoom quite seamless even under bad network conditions.

This is great for webinars as well; wherein multiple hosts can access the same presentation screen to annotate. Users can host screen sharing from a laptop or mobile apps.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $14.99/Month)
Download Zoom

9. GoToMeeting

GotoMeeting Mac Screensharing App

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn offers a wide range of solutions that help you in remote working. From one-click video meetings, webinar support, cloud recording, many drawing tools, and of course, screen sharing.

But what makes GoToMeeting stand apart is its stable mobile screen sharing. Oh, yes! The iPhone, iPad, and Android app support screen sharing, document sharing, and whiteboard collaboration.

So, in a way, the app converts your smartphone and tablets into a remote for your Mac.

Price: $12/user/month
Download Goto Meeting

10. Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop Screensharing App for Mac

The name says it all; you can seamlessly switch between computers. We particularly enjoy the productivity features.

For instance, even when you connect a Mac with Windows PC, you can still use Mac/Windows keyboard shortcuts. You can also configure your own shortcuts.

Jump Desktop also supports collaborative screen sharing, i.e., each user gets their own mouse cursor.

Price: $14.99
Download Jump Desktop


11. CrankWheel

Crankwheel Screensharing App for Mac

CrankWheel uses screen sharing as a way of lead generation. Instead of co-browsing, your exact screen is broadcasted for the client’s perusal.

It is basically designed for the sales teams to connect and convert hard-to-reach prospects. A plus point is that your client can view your screen via any browser, whether from desktop or mobile.

Moreover, it offers an easy-to-use interface, so the sales rep can concentrate on the pitch rather than setting the app.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from 75$/Month)
Download Crankwheel

After All, Sharing Is Caring!

The right or shall I say that the best screen sharing Mac app for you will depend entirely on need, usage, participants, and of course, budget. What is your favorite screen-sharing app?

If you want something basic, Skype or Zoom might suffice. Though, if you want something extremely collaborative, then Teamviewer, USE Together or Jump Desktop are also great.

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