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How to Record Your Mac Screen: 3 Ways Explained

How to Record the Screen on Mac

Sometimes screenshots are not enough to convey the whole picture! You need to record the entire screen or portions of it. For example, if you are trying to send tech support the repeated error you are facing, or maybe you want to record FaceTime video calls, or make a Mac tutorial for YouTube! The use cases are indefinite. So, without delay, let me show you three ways to record the screen on Mac.

Note: The steps below apply to all recent macOS versions, including Catalina and Big Sur. Similarly, you can follow these steps on any MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or other Macs.

How to Record Mac Screen Using Onscreen Controls

On macOS Mojave and later, pressing Command + Shift + 5 launches the screenshot and screen recording tools. This makes it effortless to record the entire screen or selected part of your Mac’s screen. Here is how.

Record the Entire Mac Screen

  1. Press together Command + Shift + command shift and 5 on mac keyboard
  2. Click on the left icon of the second partition. It will show Record Entire on record entire screen icon on mac
  3. Now click on Record. Screen recording will begin immediately. You will see an icon in the top menu on record to record entire mac screen

To stop the recording, press Command + Control + Esc. Or, click on the stop icon in the top menu bar. On MacBooks with TouchBar, tap on Stop.

click on screen recording icon to stop recording on mac

A thumbnail of the screen recording will appear in the lower bottom of the screen. Click on it to trim, share, save, delete. If you do nothing, the thumbnail will automatically disappear in a few seconds, and the screen recording file will be saved.

click on options to view more options for screen recording on mac

To chose audio for screen recording or set timer, etc. click on Options before step 3.

Record a Selected Portion of the Mac Screen

  1. Press Command + Shift + 5 together.
  2. Click on the second icon of the second partition of the toolbar. It says Record Selected on record selected portion icon on mac
  3. Drag the mouse pointer to make a selection. Place the mouse pointer in the middle of the selection tool to drag it anywhere. Place the mouse pointer on the edges to decrease or increase the size.
  4. Click on Record. macOS will record only the screen inside the selected screen area and click on record to record select portion of mac screen

To stop the screen recording, press Command + Control + Esc or click on the stop icon in the top menu bar.

press command control and escape on mac keyboard

Immediately Trim, Share, Save, and Delete the Screen Recording

After you stop the screen recording, its thumbnail appears in the bottom right of the Mac screen. Click on it to:

  • Play the screen recording: Click on the triangle play button. You may also use AirPlay or play in full screen recording on mac
  • Trim the screen recording: Click on the trim icon from the top of the window. Drag one or both ends to adjust the length. Click on Done when satisfied. The trimmed video will save on trim icon on macadjust video length and click on done to trim screen recording video on mac
  • Share the screen recording: Click on the share icon from the top right (or bottom right) of the window and choose an on share icon to share screen recording on mac
  • Delete the screen recording: Click on the trash can on trash icon to delete screen recording video on mac
  • Tap on Done to save the on done to save screen recording video on mac

Change the Screen Recording Settings on Mac

  1. Press Command + Shift + 5 to launch the screen capture command shift and 5 on mac keyboard
  2. Next, click on Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. After that, click on on options to view more options for screen recording on mac
  3. From here, you can choose where to save the screen recording. For this, select a location under Save To. Click on Other Location to select your on options and click on other location on mac
  4. Under Timer, choose a 5 second or 10-second timer. Once you click on the Record, the recording process will begin after the chosen time period.change timer to start video recording on mac
  5. Click on an input source under the Microphone to record audio with the screen recording. If none (default) is selected, no voice will be recorded.change microphone settings on mac
  6. Finally, under Options, you can choose whether you want to see the thumbnail in the lower right of the screen after stopping the recording or not. You can also set it to remember the selections you made while using this tool the last time or use the default options. Finally, you may also choose to show the mouse clicks in the screen recording.change thumbnail settings on mac

How to Record Screen on Mac with QuickTime Player

  1. Open QuickTime Player. For this, use the Launchpad, Spotlight Search, or go to Finder → Applications.
  2. Click on File from the top menu bar and choose New Screen on file and select new screen recording on mac
  3. The screen capture tools (similar to Command + Shift + 5) will open. Choose whether you want to record the full screen or just a selected portion. Finally, click on the Record to start the screen preferred option and click on record to record mac screen using quicktime player
  4. To stop press, Command + Control + Esc or click on the stop icon from the top menu on screen recording icon to stop recording on mac

Best Screen Recorders for Mac

Besides the inbuilt tools and app, you can also record Mac’s screen using third-party apps. If you want just to record the screen, the above options are perfect. However, if you need more tools like if you are a video podcaster or streamer, it makes sense to invest in third-party screen recording apps. Here are some of the options to look at.

  1. Camtasia
  2. Capto: Screen Capture & Record
  3. ScreenFlow
  4. OBS Studio

Wrapping Up…

This is how you can record the screen on your Mac. You can play them in QuickTime Player, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, VLC Media Player, etc.

  • The recordings are saved in .mov format by default. If needed, you can use one of the best video converter apps for Mac to export the file into the desired video format.
  • The file name for the screen recording is in this format – Screen Recording Date at Time.

Finally, some apps like DVD Player might prevent you from recording their window.

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