Best iPhone and iPad Games to Play With One Hand in 2021

Best One-handed Games for iPhone and iPad

Times when you are relaxing on your couch or trying to kill the fatigue of the long travel; a fun-loving and easy-to-play game can bring in plenty of joy to your moments. That’s when you’d like to explore this list of the best iPhone games that can be played with one hand. From puzzle to the arcade, we’ve chosen a variety of games in this collection. With soothing music and ever intriguing gameplay, they never seem to let the fun go away. Plus, they also offer a lot of cool achievements so that your toiling always feels worth. Take a peek!

#1. Candy Crush Saga

‎Candy Crush Saga One-Handed iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

To me, Candy Crush Saga” is the most loved one-handed game for iOS. This match 3 puzzle game is pretty simple to play but once you get into the groove, it becomes very addictive.

The game offers you many ways to play. For instance, you can test your skill in “order mode,” get into “timed levels” or target tons of scores.

Make the most of great boosters like color bombs and tasty candies to crack challenging levels. With thousands of levels in the offing and new ones added quite frequently, your gaming will be a joyful experience.

Price: Free

#2. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 iPhone and iPad One-Handed Game Screenshot

If you enjoy endless running, “Temple Run 2” can light up your gaming time. Ranked at number three in adventure category, this game boasts stunning graphics and the intriguing concept.

As a player, you have to try your best to escape the cursed idol. Smartly pass through the dangerous cliffs, mines, and forests while also ensuring you don’t miss out on the coolest achievements.

Get the most out of powerups to encounter new obstacles fiercely. The longer you run, the more points you will collect. So, keep jumping, running, turning and making awesome slides!

Price: Free

#3. Two Dots

Two Dots One-Handed iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Should you wish to get into a fun-loving puzzle adventure, “Two Dots” would be a fantastic pick. The rule of the game is pretty easy as you just have to connect dots. But then again, there are plenty of twists and turns to offer plenty of food to your mind.

With the relaxing game music and neat design, the game will soon become your favorite board game. As there is no time limit, you can play it at the desired pace.

Price: Free

#4. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run One-Handed iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Along with Temple 2, “Super Mario Run” is my best one-handed endless running game for iOS. It offers a great chance to showcase stunning jumps, mid-air spins, and wall jumps.

Your jumping ride has to tackle a number of hurdles while traveling through ghost houses, caverns, castles, and plains. You need to complete 24 fun-filled courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

In the Toad Rally, you get a chance to showcase your Mario’s stunning moves and compete with not just your friends but also other players from around the world. Moreover, you can collect tons of coins and toads to build your own kingdom! To put your hands on all the six worlds, you will have to spend $9.99.

Price: Free

#5. I Love Hue

I Love Hue iPhone and iPad One-Handed Game Screenshot

Times when you feel stressed or wish to get rid of anxiety, “I Love Hue” would become the need of the hour. This color-based gameplay comes with over 600 levels. The puzzle games are more about perception and less about logic.

It can teach you the subtle difference between similar colors. With the relaxing soundtrack, it ensures you play the game with complete peace of mind. You can check out the top performances of your rivals and try your best to beat them.

Price: Free

#6. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga iPhone and iPad One-Handed Game Screenshot

When you talk about one of the finest match 3 puzzle games, you should never keep “Farm Heroes Saga” away from the discussion. The villains are trying to destroy the farmlands and you get a great chance to showcase your heroics to save them.

Join hands with the farm heroes to collect as many Cropsies as you can. There is a variety of Cropsies and you need to try your best to pick them all.

Play levels smartly to win tons of magic beans and beat your friends to be the best player. Don’t fail to get the most out of special power-ups and Farm Club animals to decimate all the hurdles coming your way!

Price: Free

#7. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride One-Handed iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If flying Jetpacks excites you a lot, “Jetpack Joyride” should be your hot pick. To get going, customize your avatar by choosing from several stylish outfits. Then, equip yourself with advanced gadgets so that you will stay ahead of the race.

Once you are ready for the battle, use the deadly missile to destroy your enemies. Finish off the difficult missions to bolster your rank as a player. And earn a lot of achievements to power up both your arsenal and your status.

If you ever need some urgent boost, go for the coin booster pack (in-app purchase: $2.99).

Price: Free

#8. Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure iPhone and iPad One-Handed Game Screenshot

Do you have a liking for physics-based gameplay? If yes, “Alto’s Adventure” is designed to bring tons of joy to you.

Relish the real-world snowboarding, exploring alpine hills, neighboring villages, ancient woodlands and more. The excellent lighting, rainbows, shooting stars and weather effects ensure your adventure remains a thrilling experience.

The game has packed in over 180 challenging goals, and each one of them can push to your limits. So, invite your friends and give your best to be the ultimate champ!

Price: $4.99

#9. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings One-Handed iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This arcade game is about the sweet dream of flying. And your naughty little kid would love to play it time and time again.

You can choose to play as the mama bird or don the role of one of the four children. There are a couple of game modes like “Day Trip” and “Flight School.”

With the several challenging levels, it never lets you breathe easily. Plus, your kid will be able to upgrade the nest by completing tasks.

Price: Free

#10. Monument Valley

Monument Valley iPhone and iPad One-Handed Game Screenshot

Time for some serious play! Monument Valley is for the folks who have a special fondness for a complex puzzle game. You have to manipulate complicated architecture while guiding silent princess, “Ida” through hidden paths, mysterious monuments, optical illusions and more.

To keep the fun element alive, audio will react accordingly as you try to manipulate the world. Thanks to the iCloud synchronization, you will be able to sync your game across your connected devices.

Lastly, you will have to spend some extra bucks to get the eight new chapters of adventure and illusion.

Price: $3.99

That’s pretty much it! Glad to spill the beans about my top picks.

Over to You…

Now, you need to share your feedback about your favorites and the games that have won your vote. Be sure to let us know the features that you want to see in every one-handed game.

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