Best iPhone Xs Ring Holder Cases in 2019: Snug-Fit Design With Enhanced Grip

The ability to provide a non-slip grip and also ramp up viewing experience make the following top 10 ring cases for iPhone Xs in 2019. Find out if they can fit into your specific demand!

A ring holder case came to my notice last year when I was looking for a grippy case for iPhone X. Impressed with the anti-slip design and the ability to offer more flexible viewing experience, I’ve reviewed the top iPhone Xs ring cases and found them quite useful for multiple reasons.

From what I have experienced, a ringer holder case can be ideal for the folks who want not just anti-slip grip but also multiple viewing angles to boost the video time. Most of these case come with embedded magnets to be able to work with magnetic car mounts. Hence, they can also ramp up your hands-free experience on the drive. Jump right in to find out what’s more the following cases have to offer!

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Top 10 iPhone Xs Ring Holder Cases in 2019

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#1. Orzero

Orzero iPhone Xs Ring Holder Case

Exhibiting a slim design, “Orzero” makes an impressive impact at the very first glance. Made of hard PC and soft TPU, the case has the resistance to endure drops. With the ring holder on offer, you can position your iPhone Xs in the preferred orientation to enjoy movies more comfortably.

Check out the rubberized sides that offer a secure grip. Therefore, your palm won’t feel slippery while holding the cover. Due to the embedded magnets, it also works with magnetic car mounts.

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Lastly, Orzero comes in some attractive colors so that your desire for a colorful suit has the perfect tryst.

USP: Ergonomic design
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#2. Ownest

Ownest iPhone X-Xs Ring Holder Case

Don’t let ring cases hide the beauty of the iPhone XS. Go with the case from Ownest, it has a clear back along with a 360-degree rotating ring. It is slim and yet strong enough to protect your precious from normal falls and bumps.

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The case is also compatible with a magnetic car mount. Lastly, there are perfect cuts on the case for access to all ports and functions.

USP: Clear case with a ring on the back
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DONWELL iPhone Xs Ring Case

I put “DONWELL” at par with the very best as far as design and functionality are concerned. It looks compact and makes a good-looking match with the iPhone.

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Thanks to the durable construction, you can trust it to provide a reliable safeguard to your smartphone. You can use the ring to enjoy media both in landscape and portrait mode.

With the tactile feedback, the buttons are easy to press. Furthermore, DONWELL is available in some eye-catching color variants including red, navy blue and more.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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#4. Dairnim

Dairnim Ring Case for iPhone Xs

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When you think of picking out an adorable ring holder cover for your iPhone Xs, you should keep this offering from “Dairnim” in mind. What I have found appreciable in this case is the slim yet durable construction. That means your smartphone continues to flaunt its elegance without sacrificing defense.

Like using your iPhone hands-free on the drive? This case features built-in magnets on the back that enables it to work magnetic car mounts. That aside, the ring works immaculately in revving up your video time. And with the carbon fiber sides, you get the much better hold.

USP: Support for magnetic car mounts
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#5. YYHappy

YYHappy iPhone Xs Ring Holder Case

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Time to let your iPhone Xs shine in all its glory! Sporting a clear design, “YYHappy” makes sure your smartphone is able to glow in style without any interference.

The case features shock-absorbing back and rubberized frame to provide the needed safeguard to the iPhone. The high-quality material means it will be able to retain its clarity for long.

With the magnetic plate, you can enjoy enhanced hands-free experience by placing your iPhone on the magnetic car mount. Besides, you can choose YYHappy in four color variants like black, blue, red and transparent.

USP: Raised edges at the four corner
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ICONFLANG iPhone Xs Ring Holder Case

ICONFLANG’s ring holder case precisely fits on your iPhone Xs; it would be better to say that the case gives a tight hug to your device. A finger ring is to prevent your precious device from falling and slipping. Moreover, you can easily use your iPhone with one hand and control.

The ring holder can also be used as kickstand to watch movies hands-free. Don’t miss that built-in metal plate that could work with your car’s magnetic mount. This case is made of shock-absorbing TPU materials and PC back. Your phone is protected against scratches and stains, and remain stainless for a long time.

USP: Dual-layer protection
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#7. Vofolen

Vofolen iPhone X-Xs Ring Holder Case

This ring holder case form Vofolen is a clear case, but with little design on the back. You can adjust the ring in multiple directions to suit your viewing comfort. Your comfort will never be restricted due to limitations of the ring. Besides that, soft TPU bumper protects your iPhone XS perfectly.

There’s also a metal plate on the back which can be used to mount your iPhone XS on a car mount. Lastly, it is available only in black color.

USP: Elegant and stylish looks
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#8. Yiketec

Yiketec Ring Case for iPhone Xs

For offering your smartphone the needed license to continue to be the Apple of everyone’s eyes, “Yiketec” is up to the task. The case has a slender and semi-transparent design.

To stop accidental drops from hurting the iPhone, the manufacturer has used hard PC and soft TPU material. The dual-layered structure can provide a reliable shield to the Xs from both falls and abrasion. Besides, 0.4mm raised lip never lets the OLED screen slide on the flat surface.

USP: Additional protection for the screen
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DAUPIN iPhone Xs Ring Holder Case

Should you think of presenting your smartphone a more flexible case, “DAUPIN” would be one of the better options. It’s readied with the soft TPU material. Being extremely elastic, it snaps around the smartphone like a glove.

Another notable advantage of the flexible material is that you won’t find it tough to install and remove the cover. With the smooth-textured surface, your palm will have the needed cushion to hold the device a bit more conveniently. That aside, DAUPIN also comes in some dark color variants like hot red, rose gold and more.

USP: Flexible design
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SPHLEAN Ring Case for iPhone Xs

Times when you want to boost your style statement or let the iPhone show off its famed design, you would like to a case like “SPHLEAN.” The slim construction coupled with transparent design makes it a cool ring holder case for iPhone Xs.

The best thing about this case is the exceptionally flexible material. Therefore, you can install and remove SPHLEAN from your device in a flash.

Though not a protective suit, it can fight out scratches with ease. The buttons are smooth, and cutouts seem to be picture perfect to ensure your time with the smartphone remains a pleasing experience.

USP: Adorable clear design
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That’s all, friends!

Your favorite?

Which one of the above ring cases have you selected for your iPhone Xs? I would really like to know your pick and things that have compelled you to give it a serious look.

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