Best iPhone XR Wireless Charging Cases in 2022

Best iPhone XR Wireless Charging Compatible Cases

When you are charging your iPhone XR wirelessly, you save yourself from connecting a lightning cable to your device. Just place your smartphone on the supported Qi wireless charger, and you are ready to go! But what if the cover that you are using isn’t onboard with this new-age charging technology? Then, you have to remove the suit from your device before going for the charge. If you find it inconvenient, go for one of the finest wireless charging compatible cases for iPhone XR.

1. Casetify

Casetify iPhone XR Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Casetify uses Qì Tech shockproof material to make this case, which can resist impact and absorb shocks. What makes Casetify cases unique is its practice of hand-inspection of each case from corner to corner.

The expressive design and protective engineering make this case slim and strong. Casetify has crafted this case from Durable PC hardshell exterior and TPU Layer to keep the profile unassuming.

USP: Hand-inspected case
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2. MoKo

MoKo iPhone XR Wireless Charging Support Case

MoKo is a prominent brand in the world of iPhone accessories. This wireless charging compatible case has a perfect design with a lanyard hole on edge to carry your phone comfortably. Check those strengthened corners and elevated edges to keep phone’s screen protected.

This case is made of a high-quality material; MoKo has used flexible and soft TPU rubber bumper edges. For more protection, MoKo has added hard PC back cover to make it stronger and simpler.

USP: Strengthened corners
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3. Elago

elago iPhone XR Wireless Charging Support Case

Lovers of minimalism do not want anything extra – whether it is a piece of art or a protective case. Elago knows this and hence, it has produced a masterpiece that has a minimal design. The ultra-thin and light design does not add bulk to your iPhone XR.

The design is so unassertive that you won’t feel your phone is covered by Elago’s protective case. Elago has used flexible polypropylene material to craft this case, which is fully functional.

USP: Minimalistic design
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4. Ringke

Ringke Onyx Wireless Charging Support Case for iPhone XR

Ringke is a popular brand, manufacturing cool accessories for iPhone and iPad. This wireless charging compatible case is slim and lightweight. Since the case is made of TPU, it is tough and flexible.

Ringke keeps precise cutouts to help you access buttons and ports quickly and comfortably. Its full-body protection covers all four corners and side edges on your iPhone XR.

USP: Advanced shock absorption security
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5. Spigen

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone XR Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Spigen is one of the leading brands of iPhone accessories. In this case, Spigen has used hybrid technology coupled with TPU bumper and durable PC back. Show off your original phone design with Spigen’s crystal clear transparency.

Raised bezels elevate your phone’s screen and camera bump. You can easily and quickly press the buttons with precise cutouts on this case.

USP: Transparent back
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6. Androgate

Androgate iPhone XR Wireless Charging Support Case

Androgate brings a classy design highlighted by the subtle matte finish, which imparts fashionable looks. This case covers maximum part of your iPhone with an elevated bezel to secure the screen and camera.

Look at the special grid pattern that leaves space for your phone to dispense heat and stops from overheating. Though the design is sleek, the case is durable as it is made of soft, flexible TPU and hard PC shell.

USP: Comprehensive protection
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7. Fly Hawk

FLY HAWK iPhone XR Wireless Charging Support Case

Many users are under the impression that wireless charging compatible cases are not made of leather. Fly Hawk has shattered this myth and produced a PU leather case that is compatible with wireless charging.

This leather case is made for all users – men, women, and teens. Perfect fit, slim and sleek, this soft case covers the edges of both sides and has elevated lips.

USP: PU leather material
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8. ComoUSA

ComoUSA Wireless Charging Support Case for iPhone XR

ComoUSA brings a thin and light case that doesn’t increase the bulk of your phone with its 1.5mm profile. This slim case has reinforced corners to protect your phone from accidental drops and shocks.

Crystal clear case allows you to show your phone’s glass back. Check its microdot pattern that stops the wet clinging and provides a clean and clear fit.

USP: Microdot pattern
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VRS Design iPhone XR Wireless Charging Compatible Case

VRS DESIGN guarantees a long life of your case, which is made of high-quality, sturdy acrylic material and TPU bumper. This case has anti-yellowing everlasting clear back, which showcases real color and design of your iPhone XR.

Tapping on buttons and controls is a comfortable experience as this case ensures responsive feedback along with precise cutouts.

USP: Anti-yellowing acrylic back
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10. Teryei

Teryei iPhone XR Wireless Charging Support Case

Teryei uses PC material with electroplating, which keeps your phone’s profile thin and light. This case fits precisely on your iPhone XR and gives a sleek design. You can prevent wear and tear your iPhone has to endure every day.

This slim case combines premium protection with excellent design, which allows you to enjoy quick access to essential ports and buttons on your iPhone.

USP: Cool and stylish
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That’s all, folks! This summarises our list of Wireless charging support iPhone XR cases.

Your choice…

Wireless charging is a smart way to power up your iPhone XR. One of the benefits of wireless charging support cases is that you don’t need to remove the case while charging the phone.

A case compatible with wireless charging allows you to watch videos and talk to your contacts. Convenience is the key, as users would love to enjoy FaceTime calls on iPhone XR when the device is being charged wirelessly.

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Which wireless charging compatible case would you like to buy for your iPhone XR? Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comment section.

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