Best Card Holder Cases for iPhone X/Xs in 2020

When Apple launched its iPhone X in 2017, it changed the dynamics of smartphone design. Unlike popular belief, Apple brought something new as the device is 5.8-inch long. The tech giant retained this size in its 2018 iPhone Xs. This helps case makers in a significant way as they didn’t have to change the size of cases and screen protectors. Similarly, you can use the same Card Holder case for your iPhone X and Xs.

Apple has finally released its credit card, and this has called for a need for a credit card case for iPhone X and Xs. Thankfully, Apple Card comes in the same size as other cards are available. Our list has the best iPhone X/Xs card holder cases to store your plastic money. Apart from being credit card holder cases, they can make your life more comfortable with other excellent features.

Best iPhone X/Xs Card Holder Cases in 2020

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#1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone X Xs Card Holder Case

Spigen is one of the leading iPhone case makers that makes its presence felt everywhere. This brand has manufactured nearly all essential accessories for all iPhones, and this card holder case is one of them. This dual-layered credit card holder case is perfect for your iPhone X and Xs. You can keep your iPhone in your pocket as the case has a slim design, which does not add bulk to your device.

You can store two credit/debit cards in the case; apart from this, you can keep some cash as well. Mil-grade certified material with air cushion technology protects your device from all corners and sides.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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#2. Vena

Vena iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Wallet Case

Vena has integrated two essential features in its card holder case. You can use Apple Pay and also charge your iPhone wirelessly. People prefer to charge their iPhone X/Xs wirelessly, but there are fewer cases, which are compatible with wireless charging. Vena has patented its design for this wallet case so that you can be a proud owner of this credit card case.

The brand has used certified military-grade material, which is drop-tested before shipping. Equipped with CornerGuard Technology, Vena’s card holder case ensures full protection of your iPhone. You can securely store your credit/debit cards in the hidden back case, which can be used as a multi-angle magnetic lock stand.

USP: Wireless charging compatible
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#3. Teelevo

Teelevo iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Case

Designers at Teelevo have gone the extra mile to make your life more comfortable with a card holder case that boasts a kickstand. Even as your cards are inside the back case, you can pull out the kickstand case to rest your iPhone. Next, you can watch movies, videos, or photos of your loved ones; for book lovers, they can read eBooks on their devices.

For your convenience, this card can store up to three cards; however, this depends on the thickness of your cards. Protection is always your priority and therefore, Teelevo has used dual-layer design to guard your device against drops and shocks.

USP: Kickstand
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SAMONPOW iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Case

Heavy-duty cases rarely look elegant. But SAMONPOW has achieved this feat effortlessly. This compact credit card case precisely fits on your iPhone X and Xs. To add muscles to the case, SAMONPOW has used two layers: a hybrid armor hard PC cover and impact resistant shockproof soft rubber bumper.

On the back, there is a convenient card slot to store two cards. You can easily slide the back case to push or pull your Apple Card. To access other features of your iPhone, you can trust the precise cut-outs and design of this case. Enjoy quick access to buttons, ports, and controls on your device.

USP: Heavy-duty protection
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#5. Dockem

Dockem iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Leather Wallet Case

There are users, who don’t like to put their iPhones in pockets or bags; they want to hold the device in hands. For such users, Dockem’s leather wallet case is the best accessory. Dockem has used canvas style synthetic leather, which creates an appearance of canvas; the material boasts UltraGrip canvas providing you a secure feel in your hands. So when you are walking through crowded urban streets, you can hold your premium iPhone firmly in hands.

You can carry two credit/debit cards as the back case has two slots. For better performance, you can insert only one card in a slot. Do not pack more than one card in any slot.

USP: Snap-on installation 
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#6. Bigphilo

Bigphilo iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Case

Bigphilo has used skin-friendly cloth and premium PU leather to craft this card holder case for your iPhone. The material and craftsmanship have created a unique case, which stands out in a pile of other cases. This combination of fabric and leather protects your iPhone against scratches.

This lightweight and slim case has raised a camera bump to protect the camera lens and beveled edges to safeguard your phone against scratches. Available in three different color-combination, Bigphilo’s card holder case is your latest fashion statement.

USP: Skin-friendly fabric
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#7. Smartish

Smartish iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Wallet Case

Smartish offers enough space to store three credit/debit cards in the wallet case. Apart from your Apple Card, you may like to keep other credit cards with you. Smartish has designed this wallet killer case, which can easily replace your traditional wallet. Instead of keeping that bulging leather wallet, you can rely on this card holder case to store some cash also.

For the protection of your device, Smartish credit card case high-grip textured sides, air pocket corners, and a free screen protector film. All these three hardware features can guard your iPhone from all corners and sides. A notable feature of this case is wireless charging compatibility.

USP: Wireless charging compatible
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#8. Oddss

Oddss iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Wallet Case

Oddss has manufactured the most stylish case that displays marble design on several colors. You can choose from an impressive range of more than 25 wallet cases. Every pattern is different from others, and this makes your case as unique as you are. For your phone’s protection, Oddss adds shock-absorption TPU bumper cushion, which guards the phone against bumps and hits.

You can store one credit card or your ID; given the size of the card, you can squeeze two cards in a single slot. However, if you force the cards into the slot, it will be hard for you to remove them. Hence, it is advisable to insert only one card in the slot.

USP: Marble pattern
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#9. ZVEdeng

ZVEdeng iPhone X, Xs Card Holder Case

Simplify your daily life. ZVEdeng’s case with card holder is simple to use; instead of using your heavy purse or wallet. You can keep this credit card case to store six cards. Moreover, you can also store some cash in the card slot. A single case gives you the power of virtual and physical money.

The back carbon fiber wallet has flexible elastic webbing, which makes it a perfect card carrier. You can easily push your card in and take out without any hassle. ZVEdeng provides a cut near the hinge; this gives you extra comfort to push your card out of the slot.

USP: Elastic webbing
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#10. DesignSkin

DesignSkin iPhone X Xs Card Holder Case

DesignSkin presents a completely fresh idea of using a credit card case. Unlike other cases, this one has a vertical slider, which slides from the bottom. You can push it from the charging portend to discreetly and securely carry your cards. Beneath the case, you can place two cards and hide them under the slider.

This case is made of elastic TPU and plastic PC to protect your iPhone against scratches and accidental drops. A fashionable case that helps you express your style dominantly; moreover, it is a natural extension of how you convey your individuality and style.

USP: Extremely heavy-duty case
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Your offline shopping requires you to make payments with credit or debit cards. To carry multiple cards, along with Apple Card, you need to have a separate card holder. To avoid this extra baggage, an iPhone X/Xs card holder case is a fitting solution.

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