Best iPhone Xs Max Cases with Card Holder in 2020

If you are using iPhone Xs Max and has got a wallet case for your device, you need to make some more space for Apple Card. In case your wallet case is already bulging with cards and cash, you can explore this list of cardholder cases for your plus-sized iPhone Xs Max. Unlike other folio cases, these are non-folio wallet cases, which retain the thin profile of your iPhone. Check the best iPhone Xs Max cases with card holder.

#1. Spigen

Spigen iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Case

Spigen is one of the leading brands of iPhone and iPad accessories. The brand has manufactured several types of cases for Apple phones. This slim and dual-layered case completely protects your iPhone against damages. The lightweight profile allows you to put your iPhone in pockets; this case adds 0.15 inches of thickness to your iPhone.

Spigen has designed a backslider to store your credit/debit cards; note that you can put two cards and some cash in the sliding case. Ergonomic design provides easy grip over your iPhone; you can carry your device even while walking through busy urban streets during peak hours.

USP: Ergonomic design
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#2. Vena

Vena iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Wallet Case

Vena has made a card holder case with military-grade drop protection. Before shipping the case, Vena drop-tests each case from the height of four feet for 26 times. Dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU with CornerGuard safeguards your iPhone from sudden drops and bumps. You can hide your credit/debit cards under the foldable leather flap on the back.

Interestingly, the leather flap doubles as a kickstand; you can use this flap to watch movies, videos, photos, etc. You can use this innovative kickstand to read eBooks on your iPhone. A notable feature of this case is a magnetic car mount. This case comes with metal plates incorporated in the flap so that you can place your device on car mounts and access your iPhone while driving.

USP: Patented design
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#3. Encased

Encased iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Wallet Case

Encased is known for manufacturing heavy-duty iPhone cases. This card holder case is as robust as other rugged cases from the brand. Taken from Phantom series, the wallet case features compact card slot that can store up to three IDs and credit/debit cards. Your plastic money is pretty safe behind a durable and dual-layered design with shock-resistant TPU frame and tough PC shell.

For screen protection, Encased offers elevated screen lip so that you can put your iPhone face down on any flat surface. Also check those easy push buttons, which ensure effortless operation of your mobile.

USP: Dual-layered design
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#4. Smartish

Smartish iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Case

Smartish has touted its cardholder case as wallet killer. And there are strong reasons behind this claim. Smartish case can accommodate three cards and cash; your important documents are safe inside this case, which has protective air-pocket corners. Air-pocket corners work like airbags for your iPhone, so you may stay worry-free about your phone’s security.

One of the glaring features of this case is wireless charging compatibility. You can charge your iPhone wirelessly through this Nikola Tesla approved case. The second important feature is grip; look at the textured sides, which provide just the right grip. You can take your iPhone anywhere without having to worry about drops.

USP: Wireless charger compatible
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#5. Vofolen

Vofolen iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Wallet Case

Vofolen has smartly designed this wallet case, which can store two credit/debit cards. The slider gels so seamlessly into the body of this case that you hardly notice it is there. Under the slider, there is a hidden card holder. Gently push the slider and you can open the case to store your credit/debit cards.

The multi-layer structure of this case protects your iPhone against scratches. In your daily life, convenience and protection are guaranteed as sliding cover and hidden card holder design safeguards your plastic cards.

USP: Hidden card holder
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#6. Teelevo

Teelevo iPhone Xs Max Card Case

When the scope is limited, a designer has a real challenge to play with imagination. This has happened with Teelevo’s designers, who have crafted a smart card holder case for iPhone. In the area of just 6.20″ x 3.05″ x 0.30″, Teelevo has added two great features: a card holder case and a kickstand.

Given the size of iPhone Xs Max, people do like to watch visual contents and read eBooks on the device. When they buy a cardholder case, there is little chance they get a kickstand as well. Surprisingly, Teelevo has made it possible to install a kickstand to rest the device against.

USP: Kickstand
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#7. Oddss

Oddss iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Case

In a rare event, a case maker can manufacture a clear case with card holder. Oddss goes one step ahead and created a transparent card holder case that flaunts marble design. This ultra-soft and slim case made of TPU material, which can stand a lot of twists and bends. The special marble pattern sets your case apart from others and makes it the most stylish case in the list.

But is it all style and no strength? Not at all! Oddss has added enough muscles to this case to make it a perfect protector of your premium device. With flexible and soft TPU rim, you can install and remove this case easily.

USP: Marble pattern
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#8. ZVEdeng

ZVEdeng iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Wallet Case

ZVEdeng’s card holder case looks quite slim but it can store up to 12 credit/debit cards. Thanks to its flexible elastic webbing, which provides maximum card capacity. For the protection of your device, ZVEdeng offers soft TPU framework, which absorbs shock and other impacts from drops and bumps.

For ultimate screen and camera protection, ZVEdeng adopts protective raised bezel design. This case also offers maximum protection from bumps and hard-hits for the back and sides of your iPhone.

USP: Flexible elastic webbing
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#9. WeLoveCase

WeLoveCase iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Case

Get ready to experience all-round protection for your iPhone Xs Max. WeLoveCase brings a high-quality iPhone card holder case, which secures your device from all corners. WeLoveCase has integrated advanced three-level protection in this case. A hybrid product with scratch-resistant front PC frame, soft inner TPU rubber bumper, and impact-resistant PC back. All the three layers protect your device from shocks, drops, and scratches.

Check that hidden wallet compartment that can store up to two credit/debit cards. Even if it stores two cards, it adds minimum bulk to your device. For women, this case has a hidden mirror inside for their daily makeup.

USP: 360-degree protection
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#10. Dockem

Dockem iPhone Xs Max Card Holder Wallet Case

Dockem is one of the leading iPhone case makers. This cardholder case has a built-in invisible metal plate, which is given for magnetic mounting. You can place your device on the magnetic mount while you are driving your car. The canvas style synthetic leather creates an elegant and professional look.

Dockem has put two separate card slots to carry your credit/debit cards. Dockem has put the metal plate at the top of the device so that you can charge your iPhone wirelessly. For Qi charging, you can rely on the metal plate.

USP: Canvas style synthetic leather
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That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Card holder cases are the most useful iPhone accessory for any globetrotter, who travels across the world. You can keep all your important cards in the wallet case and make the most of any case you purchase. The wallet cases listed above serve the dual purpose of protection of phone and storage of credit/debit cards.

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Best iPhone Xs Max Cases with Card Holder

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Best iPhone Xs Max Cases with Card Holder
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