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If you are having a stressed work day or just have to kill your time some how, these games will come in handy. These iPhone/iPad games have been designed to provide you complete stress-relief through game therapy with the help of some swipes and slides.

Rejuvenate and rediscover peace with help of these games.

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Best iPhone and iPad Games to Kill Stress

Best iPhone/iPad Games to Kill Stress

#1. Beat the Boss

Beat the Boss iPhone and iPad Game IconBeat the Boss is a hilarious game where you can torture and beat up your boss. If you are stressed or if you do not have a good boss, then you should try this game. It comes with eight different characters with equally weird expressions. You are given weapon choice to beat up your boss. As you go to next levels, more weapons would be opened for you. This game comes with six varied backgrounds. You can buy extra coins form the in-app purchase options.

Price: Free
Download Beat the Boss

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#2. Office Jerk

Office Jerk iPhone and iPad Game IconPlay out your anger at smart-employees on this office jerk character. Vent your stress with 45 plus different items to haul at him. You have to continuously hit this jerk with whatever you have. You can unlock his varied expressions, find new environments and get daily bonus as you progress in this game. You can buy various deals from in-app purchase options.

Price: Free
Download Office Jerk

#3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja iPhone and iPad Game IconA simple game of cutting fruits can leave you addicted. Fruit Ninja comes in three modes: classic, zen and arcade. You have to keep cutting fruits to gain more points and after three misses, it will be over. The amazing graphics and sound keeps you entertained and definitely relieves your stress.

Price: $0.99
Download Fruit Ninja

#4. Magic Fingers

Magic Fingers iPhone and iPad Game IconIf you do not want to exercise your brain a lot, Magic Fingers is the perfect solution. This game allows you to create various patterns with 50 + particles in amazing colors. This game has high-resolution display pictures and three different backgrounds to choose from. For making more than one layer and store it, you can use record mode. This game will keep you and your children entertained for hours.

Price: $1.99
Download Magic Fingers

#5. Bubble Game

Bubble Game iPhone and iPad Game IconBubble game is fun, fast and easy way to kill your stress. You need to start the app and start bursting the bubbles. The game allows you to relax, as you are bursting bubbles. You can play this game while waiting, in a boring meeting or just to pass time.

Price: Free
Download Bubble Game

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If you have played a better game to beat the stress on your iPhone or iPad, feel free to rant about it in the comments section below.

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