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iGBGamesBest Golf Games For iPhone and iPad in 2024

Best Golf Games For iPhone and iPad in 2024

Have you ever tried your hands on golf? If yes, you would know how exciting it is to hit the balls into a sequence of holes. Aren’t you good at it? No problem, you can quickly learn all the trade tricks and use them to the killer effect to beat out every boss out there. If you wish to play this excellent game on different terrain with some twists, pick out the best golf games for iPhone and iPad.

1. Golf Clash

Golf Clash iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Ranked seventh in sports category and having amassed 4.5 stars out of over 1 million ratings,  Golf Clash is the most popular golf game for iOS. Having given this game a long spin and found it very adorable, I would love to put it right at the top.

The game lets you play a number of interesting courses with full of challenges. Get on with the quick-fire 1v1 real-time game mode to play with your friend. And master the shot system to score big.

If you think that you are strong enough to beat out anyone, compete against the live players online. Moreover, try your best to earn promotion in weekly leagues to grab the club card bonuses.

Price: Free

2. WGT Golf

WGT Golf iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Boasting amazing graphics and intriguing gameplay, “WGT Golf” offers lifelike golf simulation. And with a challenging multiplayer mode to boot, you will relish locking horns with your friends and other players from around the world.

It lets you choose from multiple formats like the ever-enticing 18-hole stroke play with putting, the tricky 9-hole closest-to-the-hole and the fascinating 3-hole stroke play golf game formats.

There is a nice “Topgolf Mode” where you get a chance to compete with up to six players and showcase your awesome hitting skills. Besides, you can join a private country club community and take part in club tournaments to cash in on special rewards!

Price: Free

3. Golf Rival

Golf Rival iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Known as an intense multiplayer online golf game, Golf Rival is what you need to test your caliber and showcase your talent at the big stage.

Even though this game is designed for pros, anyone would love to play it. Packed in with diverse courses, you can pick and choose the type of course that interests you a lot.

Get started at your own pace and win as many battles as you can to get chest rewards. Thanks to the captivating visual, matching sound effects and leaderboard system, this one can help you kill hours elegantly!

Price: Free

4. Mini Golf King

Mini Golf King Multiplayer iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This one is an extremely addictive golf game with plenty of twists and turns. And as a player, you get lots of opportunities to sharpen your shots and also master some unique tricks.

First thing first, this game comes with more than 35 thoughtfully crafted golf courses. Each one of them can get the most out of you as a golfer. So, never fail to sink every putt and win special rewards by dominating your rivals!

Join the weekly leagues to amass tons of chests and card bonus. Be sure to unlock chests to grab robust golf equipment and upgrade existing ones such as sand wedges, drivers, gloves, irons, balls and more.

Price: Free

5. Mini Golf Star – Retro Golf Game for iPhone

Mini Golf Star Retro Golf Game iPhone and iPad Screenshot

“Mini Golf Star” stands out of the rest on many aspects. What makes it spot on is the intriguing scoring system.

Your goal is to dominate the putt courses with the 3-star scorecard and eventually win the title of “Mini Golf World Champion.” Keep in mind, it’s not going to be a cakewalk for you as you will have to tackle many obstacles.

With the fascinating oceans, roll over golden bridges, adorable graphics and more significantly over  350 unique holes, this game can keep you glued for hours. Plus, the real cash prizes for tournament winners mean your toiling will never go waste.

Price: Free

6. Golf Zero

Golf Zero iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Great combo of golf and platforming, “Golf Zero” is fun to play. This game offers you complete freedom to jump, bounce, slide and do everything possible to put the ball in the hole.

But, watch out for the mid-air bullet time shot that can kick you out of the park!  Things like the fresh grass and the birds singing offer a pretty nice golf simulation.

Aren’t good at playing? Try out the 40 simple levels to first master the tricks of the trades. And once you’ve got the fair amount of exposure, jump into the speed run levels to play against veterans.

Price: Free

7. Super Stickman Golf 3

Super Stickman Golf 3 iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

As a golf game, “Super Stickman Golf 3”  has impressed me a lot. The highlight of this game is the 20 courses which are packed with all the ingredients to enthrall you. And with new courses being added quite frequently, chances are high that you will never find it out of shots.

It features both the turn-based and real-time multiplayer modes so that you can choose the desired format to play. Check out the 35 unique characters that can spice up the whole thing.

Get the most out of power-ups and add the spin to your ball to get ahead of the curve. As there are a plethora of lucrative achievements on offer, play the game smartly to grab as many of them as you can to become the most decorated player.

Price: Free

8. Flick Golf!

Flick Golf iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Flick Golf” is specifically designed for the folks who wish to relish golf at their own pace. With the simple yet fun-filled gameplay, it ensures you easily master all the tricks. So, even if you aren’t a pro, you will enjoy playing to the fullest.

The beautiful golf course environments and challenging weather conditions spice up the whole affair. With a lot of achievements in the offing, you will want to go on and on to earn the rewards.

Smartly use your rewards to upgrade your equipment and advance through the levels to rule the leaderboards. Keep in mind, you will have to spend $9.99 if you want to unlock all the courses.

Price: $0.99

9. Golf Star

Golf Star iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Featuring real physics-based gameplay, “Golf Star” is one of the coolest golf games for iOS.  To me, the best part of this game is the option to let players choose from 15 techniques like draw shots, fade shots, and the exciting chip shots.

You can take advantage of the various techniques to hone your skill as a player. With the diverse game modes in the offing, you get the desired liberty to showcase your unmatched scoring ability and win tons of rewards.

Compete in a league tournament or take part in the world championship. And just in case you wish to bring more fun into the play create your own tournament to play against your friends and loved ones!

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it! So, these are my all-time favorite golf games for the iPhone.

What’s your pick?

Don’t get started before telling me the names of your favorites. And the things that have made you pick ’em up. One more thing, keep me in the loop about your progress and all the rewards you win.

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