Best English Grammar Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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I belong to the school of thought that believes in building a strong foundation before dreaming of creating a castle in the air. One must know basic grammar to be able to speak and write correctly. Luckily, learning grammar had never been more straightforward before! Take a peek at the best iPhone and iPad apps to learn English grammar a bit easier. Are you looking for an English grammar app for your child? Well, we have also chosen the apps that can teach basic grammar to your kid in a fun way. Knockdown questions, crack quizzes and play while enhancing your skill.

1. LearnEnglish Grammar

LearnEnglish Grammar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“LearnEnglish” offers a more practical way of learning English grammar. The app is designed for learners of all levels. So, whether you are a beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced level, you will find this app very helpful.

Each level has more than 600 grammar activities, divided into about 25 grammar topics like Simple past, Past continuous, Question tags, Prepositions, Conditionals and Future perfect to assist you in boosting your English systematically. The grammar questions feature as many as 10 activity types like fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choices, and matching.

You get 1000s of neatly crafted questions to solve. Moreover, LearnEnglish comes in multiple languages like English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Price: Free

2. Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Take part in the quiz to test your common vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. It consists of three categories– Words, Grammar, Spelling. Don’t worry; it has three difficulties levels-easy, medium and hard. Hence, you can start with the easy one and go ahead with the next one once you have got the better grip.

The app features ten topics including food & restaurants, travel, idioms, and hobbies. You can earn badges as you progress and also be able to share your score. Even better, it allows you to go head-to-head against other users on a global leaderboard as well.

Price: Free

3. English with Lingualeo

English with Lingualeo Grammar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Lingualeo features a more structured learning experience. It comprises 100 vocabulary sets with pictures, transcriptions, and audio to help you power up your vocabulary. There are 300 TED lectures with interactive subtitles.

You can explore 250,000 texts, articles, and excerpts from books. There are 25 English grammar courses with easy examples to help you remove doubts.
Besides, Lingualeo is compatible with multiple lingoes like English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Price: Free

4. Grammaropolis

Grammaropolis iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Grammaropolis has hit the bullseye by combining visual elements in the teaching. The app is mainly focused for kids and that is clearly visible because of the bright colors and cartoon characters.

The app has done a beautiful job to learn grammar in easy and straightforward way. At no point it bores the kid. On top of that, there are different quizzes and assessment to understand mistakes and rectify them. The app is free with limited features, but you can make in-app purchase to unlock other features.

Price: Free with optional in-app purchase

5. SentenceBuilder

SentenceBuilder Grammar iPad App Screenshot

Should you wish to bring some fun into learning English grammar, consider giving SentenceBuilder a chance. The app is primed to assist elementary aged children in learning how to write grammatically correct sentences.

It pays special attention to connector words that play a major role in the English language. There are 100 fascinating pictures to build sentences around. You have three levels to choose from. Even better, it boasts 60 encouragement animations and audio clips to keep your temp in top gear!

(Note: This app is available only for iPad.)

Price: $5.99

6. Learn English grammar tenses

Learn English grammar tenses iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Have difficulty in tenses? You should choose this app to get rid of the confusion regarding tenses. The app consists of 129 exercises with 1330 questions. And each exercise is designed to help you get rid of doubt.

Apart from tense, the app also teaches passive voice, if clauses and indirect speech. To unlock all the lesions, you need to upgrade to the pro version ($4.99) of the app. English, Czech, Russian

Price: Free

7. English Grammar Book

English Grammar Book iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get a good grip on grammar by using this simple yet complete app. It includes almost all the chapters such as articles, adjectives, parts of speech and more.

You can read the chapters and solve exercises to remove the doubts. The practice section displays the correct answers so that you can figure out what was the reason behind the mistakes.

It also lets you keep track of your progress and analyze the results. Hence, you are able to find out how well you are performing and what are the areas which still require more attention.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Which one of the above apps have you selected to master English grammar? It would be my pleasure to know your pick in the comments below.

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