Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV: Smooth Typing For A Long Time

You cannot perform all the tasks on your Apple TV by using a Siri remote. There are many things you cannot do with that Siri remote. A Bluetooth keyboard can be a better option, especially when you have to sign into apps or search for content.

Siri Remote has replaced the Apple Remote, which was meant for first three generations of Apple TV. By using a Siri Remote, I can perform all the tasks by speaking commands. However, after using this remote for some time, I realized that a wireless keyboard is an excellent option to control Apple TV.

Siri Remote may not give me desired results when I have to sign into apps or search content on my smart TV. If you are facing the same issues and are looking for a wireless keyboard for your Apple TV, check this list of some top-notch Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV.

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A keyboard gives me the extra comfort of operating my Apple TV sitting anywhere in my room. I can put my keyboard on my lap or keep it on the armrest of my chair. You can also experience this comfort by purchasing one of the best Apple TV Bluetooth keyboards from this list.

Top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

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#1. iPazzPort

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard for Apple TV

iPazzPort has designed this wireless keyboard that can be handled easily with your hands. Once you connect this keyboard with your Apple TV, you can easily type buttons to search contents and sign into apps.

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The best thing about this Bluetooth keyboard is that you can also use Siri Remote as one side is for voice search and another side is for keyboard search. This compact keyboard doesn’t occupy much space and you can use it comfortably.

USP: Mini size design
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#2. Apple

Apple Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth Apple TV

I know this one is a tad too expensive, but then you get the most prominent brand at your fingertips, literally. Wherever you are sitting in your room, you can operate your Apple TV. This wireless keyboard allows you to control your smart TV even if you are 30 feet away from the TV.

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The keys set on the board are visible and you can comfortably press them. To use this keyboard without any interruption, keep it loaded with two AA batteries.

USP: Easy on eyes
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#3. Logitech

Logitech Apple TV Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech is a leading accessory maker, manufacturing high-quality products for Apple eco-system. This wireless Bluetooth keyboard is ultra-portable and light; you can go anywhere as this keyboard fits in your pockets, purse, or briefcase.

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While you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows, you may spill your drink on the keyboard. This durable keyboard is made of fabric skin, which protects it from spills, dirt, and drops.

USP: Spill-resistant
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#4. Macally

Macally Apple TV Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Macally brings a multisync keyboard for your Apple TV. You can connect this wireless keyboard with three Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously to achieve maximum productivity at home or office. This ultra-slim keyboard has 110 keys, which include 20 shortcut keys, presets, and a number pad as well.

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With only 15mm of thickness, this keyboard is extremely handy. Use this keyboard for three hours every day and you can keep using it for three months with its built-in rechargeable battery. Its fast scissor flexors enable users to type quietly.

USP: Quiet typing
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WSTECHCO Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV 4K

WSTECHCO presents a great keyboard that weighs 197.5g and gives you a wonderful sense of touch. Made of aircraft-grade, this keyboard is designed to endure falls; in case you doze off while watching movies or TV shows. This Bluetooth keyboard quickly pairs with your Apple TV as soon as you open the folds of the keyboard.

The strong keyboard can be used for fifty hours once you charge it for two hours. This built-in lithium battery gives a standby time of 560 hours.

It is rechargeable by a built-in lithium battery, less than 2 hours for charging, standby for 560 hours, works for 50 hours.

USP: Fast pairing
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KIPIDA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV

KIPIDA’s wireless keyboard stands out in this list with its powerful battery life. Once you charge this keyboard, it can go on for 55 to 70 hours continuously. A notable feature is seven colors LED backlight keypad. This LED backlight has three-level brightness so that you can change the backlight on the keys to different colors. You would love to type in the dark or dim light.

This slim and lightweight keyboard is easy to carry. By using this keyboard, you can control your Apple TV with QWERTY layout and hotkeys.

USP: Long battery
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#7. CyberTech

CyberTech Apple TV 4K Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Low power consumption is a noteworthy feature of this Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV. Once you load this keyboard with two AAA batteries, you can use it for three months (if you are using it for two hours every day). Unlike other bulky traditional keyboards, this one has a 30% smaller size.

The compact and lightweight design give a pleasurable experience to type on this keyboard. During your travels, you can pack this keyboard in your travel bag easily; the product does not occupy much space in your bag.

USP: Low power consumption
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#8. IKOS

IKOS Apple TV 4K Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Foldable design of IKOS keyboard impresses users. When you start typing content, you feel the comfort, as each key is set independently. There is little chance of yours pressing multiple keys at the same time.

IKOS uses a unique PlayXTend battery that allows you to use the keyboard for eighty hours once you charge the battery for two hours. The smooth key press invites you to type more content.

USP: Smooth typing
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#9. Vive Comb

Vive Comb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV 4K

Vive Comb has crafted an economical and stylish Bluetooth keyboard, which does not occupy much space on your work desk. Without using any dongle, you can connect the keyboard to your Apple TV with built-in Bluetooth. Simply pair the keyboard to your smart TV and you are ready to use it.

Type fast and comfortably with Vive Comb’s scissor-switch keys that provide a quick response without missing any key. This keyboard firmly stays on the glossy surface of your desk; its rubber pads on the bottom stick to the surface.

USP: Anti-slip design
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#10. Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

Jelly Comb presents a Bluetooth keyboard with an operating distance of 10 meters (approximately 30 feet). The scissor-switch keyboard offers you smooth and low profile typing experience. You don’t need to exert much pressure on the keys; even a gentle stroke is enough to type contents.

Smart auto sleep is a noteworthy feature in this keyboard. This saves power as you can switch the keyboard On/Off. When the keyboard runs low on battery, you can recharge Li-ion battery for two hours, and then use it for the next forty hours.

USP: Low profile typing
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That’s all, mate!

What is your type?

Apple TV is mostly used for the entertainment purpose, and therefore, a Bluetooth keyboard for your smart TV has to be compact. You should be able to keep the keyboard on your leg, night-stand, or on the armrest of your chair. Which Bluetooth keyboard can give you all the comforts?

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