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Best Apple Pencil (1st Gen) charging adapters in 2024

Artists widely use Apple Pencil, annotate PDFs, edit texts, and many more tasks on the iPad. It can easily handle multitasking and quick responses. Overall, it’s worth giving a try to Apple Pencil if you haven’t to date! Managing lots of tasks for more extended hours or even a couple of days can drain your Apple Pencil’s battery. To charge this on the go, you need an Apple Pencil charging adapters, and that’s where we have got it covered!

1. TechMatte

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

TechMatte is the most trusted brand when it comes to charging adapters for Apple Pencil. With 3-foot long charging cable to charge your Apple Pencil along with a male connector for your USB A port and a female connector, this charging adapter would be my 1st preference in today’s list!

The flexible connection ensures that your Apple Pencil can be charged from any of the USB A ports of the laptop, power banks, or wall charger. The only disadvantage is that this cable cannot be used as a lightning cable extender.

USP: Male and Female Connector Both
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2. Aniasom

ANIASOM Apple Pencil Charging Adapter Cable

If you are looking for a replacement of charging adapter and lightning connector both in a single USB cable for your Apple Pencil, Aniasom is a perfect pick for you. It’s just 6-inch long, and 0.16 inch thick and that makes it easy to carry on the go!

Aniasom comes with a female connector for Apple Pencil inside the cable when you charge with your iPhone or iPad Pro. It also acts as a data cable so that you can sync your data as well. Your Apple Pencil can be charged using this cable with a wall charger, power bank, computer, laptop, or even a car charger.

USP: Lightning Connector with Charging Adapter
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3. Trioffer

TRIOFFER Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

Trioffer is the most affordable Apple Pencil charging adapter I have come across in this list. The adapter comes with a female adapter along with a USB A port which can be charged with power banks, laptops, and wall chargers as well. In fact, you don’t even need a separate adapter. Simply insert the Apple Pencil in the female adapter and connect it to the USB port.

The 3 feet male to female cable is more than enough to charge your Apple Pencil with ease. It comes with an 18-month warranty and excellent customer service after the sale.

USP: 18 Months warranty on an affordable product!
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4. Kinnara

Kinnara Apple Pencil Metal Head USB Charging Adapter

The best thing I love about Kinnara charging adapter is the exterior design and material used in it. It comes with a nylon braided cable along with aluminum heads which only gives the cable more stability and strength.

Kinnara cable is only designed for charging but not as a lightning cable extender. The adapter comes with a male to the female cord as well and is 3 feet long, which is enough to keep your Apple Pencil in a safe place while charging.

USP: Nylon Braided Cable + Aluminum Heads
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5. CoBak

CoBak Apple Pencil Charging Adapter Cable

Just like Kinnara, this CoBak charging adapter for Apple Pencil is made of Nylon threaded body. This makes the cable solid and durable along with copper wires inside that generate less heat! It’s a perfect example of how a product should be manufactured keeping users interest.

The CoBak extension cable comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in black, blue, white, pure white and black & white colors.

USP: Strong and Durable
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6. MoKo

moko charging adapter cable for apple pencil

This charging cable is 1 meter long, long enough to make it convenient for you to charge your Apple Pencil. It is small and easy to accommodate in your bag and desk. Carry it everywhere to keep your pencil powered up for capturing any creative insights.

You can charge your Apple pencil on your laptop, wall charger, car charger, power bank any other USB port. Further, the stylish design is made of high quality PVC and ABS, with a strengthened cable and joint that will not break easily.

USP: Works with Multiple Devices
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7. RonXer

RonXer Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

RonXer’s Apple Pencil charging adapter is safe and secure to use as it’s made of high-quality copper inside. It’s easy to charge your iPencil with power bank, wall charger, laptop, and car charger too. It’s 3 feet long and comes with a high-quality PVC shell and charges Apple Pencil on a faster note.

The cable is designed to charge your Apple iPad Pro Pencil and comes with an 18-month warranty and finest customer service as well.

USP: Male to Female Connector
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8. Dongqin

Dongqin Apple Pencil Lightning Charging Adapter

With not so much popular in this list, Dongqin stands last on this list. It has the basic features of what an Apple Pencil charging adapter must have overall. The cable comes with a lightning connector which supports most of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod as well.

It’s compatible with the devices that are charged using USB and doesn’t require data syncing. The cable is 3.3 feet long, which is long enough to keep your iPencil safe. You can quickly charge your Apple Pencil with the wall charger, computer, power bank, and car charger.

USP: Lightning Cable Compatibility
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Final Verdict!

So these are some of the best Apple Pencil charging adapters I have come across today. My pick would be Aniasom and Aprilday. Which one would you pick if you need a charging adapter for your Apple Pencil right now? Let us know in the comment section now!

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