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iGBWallpapersDownload Apple hello iPhone wallpapers for free in 2024

Download Apple hello iPhone wallpapers for free in 2024

Ah, the satisfaction of seeing hello while booting your new Apple device for the first time is something that can’t be described in words. Won’t it be great to have it with you all the time? We have created some stunning hello wallpapers for iPhone. So what’s the wait? Take a look and download them now!

1. Pink and yellow gradient hello wallpaper

The most attractive thing about the iOS 16 wallpapers is the gradients. What if we combine that with the mesmerizing hello text too? You will get this beautiful wallpaper.

iOS 16 pink and yellow gradient


2. Beautiful Apple hello wallpaper

This wallpaper will win you over if you are a fan of gradients, especially those with blue, pink, and violet combinations.

Beautiful Apple hello wallpaper


3. Exquisite iPhone hello screen wallpaper

Your iPhone has an amazing display; hence, it deserves the best wallpapers. With this amazing wallpaper, you will have a hard time taking your eye off the screen.

Exquisite iPhone hello screen wallpaper


4. Apple hello wallpaper with a pattern

Patterns always give abstract vibes, and if you are a fan of them, then you should check out this wallpaper.

Apple hello wallpaper with pattern


5. Transparent iPhone hello wallpaper

While the bold hello is amazing, the transparent text has its beauty. You can check out this wallpaper for those who have the same opinion.

Transparent iPhone hello wallpaper


6. Transparent Apple hello text with pattern

Love transparent hello text? Do you also happen to love patterns? What if we combine both of them? That’s what the following wallpaper is.

Transparent Apple hello text with pattern


7. Funky hello wallpaper

What’s life without funkiness? Make your iPhone look cool with this wallpaper.

Funky hello wallpaper


8. Aesthetic Apple hello wallpaper

There’s no doubt that aesthetic things have their own beauty. That’s why we have included this colorful iPhone wallpaper for you.

Aesthetic Apple hello wallpaper


9. Modern hello wallpaper for iPhone

We live in a modern world, and it’s great to give a modern touch. With this wallpaper, you are one step closer to making your iPhone look modern.

Modern hello wallpaper for iPhone


10. Rose iPhone wallpaper with Apple hello

There is no doubt that a rose is a beautiful flower, and using it as wallpaper will only increase the beauty of your iPhone. Here, we have combined its color with the mesmerizing hello text.

Rose iPhone wallpaper with Apple hello


Hello, beautiful iPhone

With these wallpapers, it’s sure that they will make your iPhone look more beautiful. What kind of wallpapers do you want next? Let me know in the comments below.

Here are some more wallpapers for you:

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