The iPhone can be a powerful gadget. Yeah, we’re talking about more than just a smartphone that connects you to people, websites, social networks etc. It’s a power house that can control the smart TV you’ve got.

iPhone as a remote control for your TV? Oh yeah. A lot of people use the iPhone as a remote for their television through Wi-Fi. You can use your smartphone to control your smart TV from anywhere in the Wi-Fi range. And with Apple TV, you can actually view all the content right from your iPhone and set the ball rolling.

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Best iPhone Remote Control Apps for TV

iPhone Remote Apps for Smart TVs:

1. Remote (Apple TV)

Remote iPhone App IconWe covered Apple’s Remote app already but the Remote app is much more powerful if you use iTunes to play music or videos via Apple TV. Setting up the remote app is simple and you can learn more about it here. Once you’ve set up the whole thing, you control the library through your iTunes and that in turn controls the playback on your Apple TV.

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Download Remote

2. Samsung SmartView

Samsung SmartView iPhone App IconOne particularly interesting thing about this app is that it not only lets you control your Samsung TV from your iPhone but it streams the video directly on your iPhone. So if you’re grabbing a snack from the kitchen for a second, and you don’t want to miss this particular scene, done and done!! All other features are pretty fundamental and good.

Download Samsung SmartView

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3. Panasonic TV Remote 2

VIERA Remote iPhone App IconA ton of Panasonic television sets can be controlled using this app. The interface is a little futuristic in style and theme but it’s very intuitive and powerful with a ton of features built in. The┬áPanasonic TV Remote 2 remote isn’t all that popular amidst Panasonic users but I think a little tweaking and tinkering gets things working.

Panasonic TV Remote 2

4. LG TV Remove

LG TV Remote iPhone App IconIf you own an LG smart television, you’ll love this app. This app brings a cool interface that’s simple to use, powerful and very familiar because it’s got all the bells and whistles of a traditional TV remote. Pretty neat app bundled in for a comfortable usage.

Download LG TV Remove

5. Media Remote (Sony)

Media Remote for iPhone App IconThis is for Sony users. Interestingly, Media Remote app from Sony is actually way more powerful than just being a TV remote. You can control a lot of BRAVIA and Blu-ray systems using this app. That explains why it’s a ‘Media Remote’. The interface is functional and basic and informative too.

Download Media Remote

6. Philips MyRemote

Philips MyRemote iPhone App IconThis one doesn’t have a lot of good reviews about it but if you own a Philips Smart LED TV, give this app a try. Philips MyRemote works with a lot of Philips devices and the interface is simplified and clean: but does the app work as advertized? Does it work flawlessly? These are some questions that don’t get good answers often. Still, no harm trying.

Download Philips MyRemote

7. Google TV Remote

Google TV Remote iPhone App IconOh, do you remember that Google introduced the Google TV a little earlier last year? No? That’s okay. For those that jumped on the offer, Google TV Remote should be a great app to stop losing the original remote that came along.

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Download Google TV Remote