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Best smart home self-cleaning robotmop from yeedi mop station pro

After testing the yeedi mop station pro, I recommend it to people who like their house to be cleaned daily but don’t have the time for it. The 3-in-1 robot can vacuum, sweep, and mop your home efficiently.


  • Solid build quality
  • Efficient mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming
  • Self-cleaning mopping pads
  • Carpet detection sensors
  • Minimal human interference needed
  • Constant notifications when using the app


  • Lacks LIDAR mapping
  • Automation could be more seamless
  • Gets tangled easily

Price: $799.99

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I cannot stress enough how important personal hygiene and hygienic surroundings are for one’s health. But we live in an era where we’re always running low on time and wish we had someone to do our chores for us.

Cleaning is a chore that consumes a lot of our time daily. If you’re like me and wish someone cleaned your house for you, yeedi mop station pro is what you’ve been looking for all along.

Yeedi mop station pro review: As easy and clean as it gets

The yeedi mop station pro is a self-cleaning robot vacuum that can easily vacuum and mop your house. And automatically cleans itself (mopping pads) after 10 mins for a speck-free and hygienic experience.

The only place human interference is required is to fill the clean water bucket, empty the dirty water bucket and empty the dirt collection unit. I tested the yeedi mop station pro for a week, and I’m mighty impressed.

What do we get in the box?

The yeedi mop station pro packaging is well done, and the box is big. It contains the

  • Robot vacuum (which I’ll refer to as robotmop throughout the article henceforth),
  • The docking station (which houses the clean and dirty water tanks),
  • Four washable mopping pads,
  • An edge brush,
  • Mopping component,
  • Sweeping component,
  • A cleaning tool,
  • Power cable and some paperwork (Instruction manual, quick start guide, and warranty papers).

Initial setup: Fast and Seamless 

While I usually skip this step, I highly advise it this time. A thorough read of the instruction manual and quick start guide will take around 15 – 20 minutes. And trust me, everything from there was a breeze.

Attaching the edge brush, filling up the clean water tank, placing the docking station 0.5 meters away from any other object, and finally powering up the Mop Station were done in a couple of minutes. However, what came next took a considerable chunk of my time.


To operate the robotmop, you will need to install the yeedi app. It uses Visual SLAM technology and camera sensors to map the house.

I tested the yeedi mop station pro at one side of our office, approximately 620 Sq.ft including cupboards, tables, etc. The mapping process took around 1-1.5 hours.


While it does take a considerable amount of time mapping the house, it does a commendable good job.

Virtual boundary

Once the robot maps the room, it automatically creates a map that draws virtual boundaries around the room.

Interestingly, while mapping, I blocked half of the office with chairs and other stuff to create a make-do physical wall, which worked as intended.

renaming and virtual boundary

However, when I was testing the robotmop the next day, it crossed the room boundary (as seen in the screenshot below), and I had to stand in front of the robotmop so that it went back.

crossing boundary 

We can derive from this that if the robotmop finds a place outside the mapped rooms, it will try to navigate and clean the area.  

Although, you can prevent this from happening by adding virtual boundaries and instructing the robotmop to avoid areas with rugs, kids’ areas, etc. 

Build quality

All the yeedi mop station pro components have solid build quality, feel premium to the touch, and boast a great fit and finish.

While mapping, the robotmop dashed into the walls, legs of chairs and tables, and everything else around. Yet, the product has no dents or scratches despite having a white finish. All credit goes to the anti-collision bumper, which absorbs all the shock.

I must appreciate the good quality polycarbonate users, as it doesn’t feel cheap nor scratches easily. Although I suggest, you don’t put the robotmop or water buckets (especially if filled) through a drop test.

Do you want a clean home when you arrive from the office? 

Just head to the yeedi app, and you can command the yeedi mop station pro to sweep and mop your house in a few taps. Thanks to automation, you can also create schedules for the robot vacuum to clean your house. 

Check out yeedi mop station pro now!

How well does the yeedi mop station pro clean: The 3-in-1 action

How well does the yeedi mop station pro clean

Yes, the product has great build quality, accurately maps the house, and so on. But what about its cleaning abilities? Does it sweep and mop as well as you and I do, or does it better than us? Can it replace a human? (Is the concept of robots replacing human jobs coming true?) Well, let’s find out.

Sweeping/Vacuuming abilities 

Per the manual’s instructions, I switched the pre-installed mopping component with the sweeping component during the first run.

During the mapping process, the robotmop swept/vacuumed the rooms, and to my surprise, it collected a lot of dirt from the floor. Thanks to a smartly placed edge brush and the main brush underneath the vacuum.

It might seem like I’m acting overly surprised for a product doing what it was made for, but what astonishes me is that it collected so much dirt from an office cleaned daily.


Another ability of the robotmop is mopping. The mopping pads carry out 180 rotations per minute at a 10N force. The force of 10N scrubs the floor with enough pressure to remove stains. Again, it does an exceptional job.

Interestingly, you can set the intensity of the water flow to control how wet or dry you want the robotmop to mop your floor. Allowing you to customize your cleaning experience per floor, season, and stains.

What makes yeedi mop station pro a special robotmop

  • Four vacuum power levels; even at the lower power level, the robotmop pulled in a good amount of dirt. 
  • Auto switches modes (sweeping/vacuum/mopping mode) when you switch between the sweeping/mopping components. 
  • Carpet detection sensors increase the suction power to the max in vacuum mode and maneuver away in mopping mode upon detection.  

    Carpet detection sensors from yeedi
  • Four anti-drop sensors prevent it from falling off the stairs, ledges, etc. 
  • Self-cleaning mopping pads; robotmop automatically goes back to the docking station to clean itself every 10 minutes. The clean pads ensure seamless and thorough cleaning while limiting the need for human interaction. 
  • Updates on yeedi app; you’ll be informed about everything, whether starting a scheduled cleaning session, entangled rags, low water, or batter level.  

In terms of your duties, you have to keep the yeedi mop station pro charged. Plus, refill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water tank.

Notably, when the water in the clean water tank is empty, the robotmop stops in the process of cleaning. Although, I don’t think that should happen, and the robotmop could at least continue vacuuming.

P.S. It would help if you regularly emptied the dirty water tank; failing to do so will lead to horrifyingly stinky water, especially if left unattended for a week (don’t ask me how I know this).

I should also mention the yeedi mop station pro’s average obstacle avoidance. At speed it moves, I doubt it would harm kids or pets or substantially damage things. But it does dash into things.

Battery capacity and run time 

The yeedi mop station pro robotmop boasts a 5200mAh battery. And the company claims a run time of 180 minutes on a single charge. Although, I suppose that’ll vary according to the vacuum’s power level.

  Battery capacity and run time

In my testing, the robotmop’s battery dropped to around 50% in a 90-minute run. Look at the screenshot below (The app displays 63 minutes, but I had it running from 9 am). So, the battery will last for around 150-180 minutes.

Once the battery completely drains, the robotmop will return to the docking station, recharge itself, and resume cleaning once charged.

Is the yeedi mop station pro the right robotic vacuum for you?

The yeedi mop station pro is a pretty efficient and smart robot. It does a phenomenal job of cleaning and can help clean up if you accidentally spill some juice, soup, etc.

An added bonus is the self-cleaning mopping pads. So, can it replace a human? Well, not quite yet. You’ll have to be vigilant, avoid small toys/objects or rags, and pre-fill/empty the clean/dirty water tanks.

Plus, I’d be happier if it had a LIDAR SLAM sensor instead of the Visual SLAM sensor. As of writing this article, the yeedi mop station pro costs $799 and is a value-for-money product at the price point. While it’s not exactly cheap and has a few drawbacks, it performs the task its intended for efficiently.

Now you can make an informed decision as the utility of the yeedi mop station pro is in front of you.

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