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iGBApplePowerBeats Pro Tips And Tricks : You Should Know About

PowerBeats Pro Tips And Tricks : You Should Know About

Powerbeats Pro is the latest sensation in the Bluetooth earbuds segment from the Beats brand. The impressive features of Powerbeats Pro make it a beast as compared to all other earbuds! It’s far better than Apple’s AirPods! If you’ve already got your hands on Powerbeats Pro, it’s essential to know some secret tips and tricks that can enhance your overall experience while using this beast! Right from the necessary tweaks to some hidden tricks, we’ve covered it all in this post. So let’s get started!

Powerbeats Pro with Tips and Tricks

  1. Rename Your Powerbeats Pro
  2. Activate Siri without Saying “Hey, Siri”
  3. Skip Unwanted Music Tracks
  4. Check your Powerbeats Pro Firmware
  5. Disable Automatic Ear Detection
  6. Check Battery Status While Using Powerbeats Pro
  7. Check Battery Percentage While They are in Charging
  8. Check Powerbeats Pro’s Battery Percentage on Apple Watch
  9. Get a Perfect Size of Tip for Earbuds
  10. Save Battery by Using Just One Earbud

Before you start following this guide, the first thing is to connect your Powerbeats Pro to your iPhone. It’s just a matter of seconds to get started. Open the charging case and unlock your iPhone. An animation will pop up and you can see a connect option at the bottom; tap on Connect and it will now pair your wireless earbuds to your iPhone.

There are a few issues in connecting AirPods but Powerbeats Pro is pretty easy to connect. The process of connecting these earbuds to iPhone is similar to connecting one iPhone to another when you transfer the data from your iPhone. Let us now have a look at some useful tips and tricks for Powerbeats Pro so that you can customize it at its best!

Tip #1. Rename Your Powerbeats Pro

These wireless earbuds, once connected to your iPhone, show Powerbeats Pro as their name. Imagine there are many iPhone users around, and a few of them own Powerbeats Pro earbuds; this makes it difficult to claim the earbuds’ ownership. To ensure that you connect the right one, you need to rename it. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Bluetooth.

Step #2. From the list of connected Bluetooth devices, tap on Powerbeats Pro.

Step #3. Now tap on the Name and rename it. 

Once you rename it, you can now see the name that you’ve given to your Bluetooth earbuds.

Tip #2. Activate Siri without Saying “Hey, Siri”

Powerbeats Pro is compatible with Siri, thanks to the built-in Apple H1 chip. Often, we use “Hey, Siri” and proceed with the commands; but that might not be the best option when you’re in a public place or a library. To activate Siri without saying “Hey, Siri,” you need to press the Pause/Play button on the earbuds for 3 seconds. That would trigger Siri, and you can follow your commands.

Tip #3. Skip Unwanted Music Tracks 

It isn’t necessary to use your iPhone to skip the songs that you don’t like. On your Powerbeats Pro, you need to double press the button with the Beats logo and easily skip the track you want to. These actions work on non-Apple devices as well.

Tip #4. You Need Not Update Your Powerbeats Pro Firmware

Users are often confused about how to update Powerbeats Pro to the latest firmware. Let me tell you that you cannot do it manually. It will be automatically done when you update iPhone iOS.

To know whether your earbuds are on the latest firmware, head over to iPhone Settings → General → About → Powerbeats Pro.

You’ll now see the complete details of your Powerbeats Pro.

Tip #5. Disable Automatic Ear Detection

Powerbeats Pro can detect when the earbuds are put into your ears, and that enables the auto-play function. And when you take out the earbuds, it enables auto-pause. If this doesn’t impress you, turn off automatic ear detection on the Powerbeats Pro. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Bluetooth.

Step #2. Tap on “i” which is next to Powerbeats Pro name and toggle off Automatic Ear Detection option.

Once done, you need to manually play the songs once you put earbuds into your ears and the same goes when you remove them.

Tip #6.  While Using Powerbeats Pro Check Battery Status

Listening to music continuously during a long journey or hectic working hours, you often forget to check the battery status on your Powerbeats Pro. To check the battery percentage while you’re using Powerbeats Pro, here’s what you need to do.

Step #1. Open Control Center and tap on Playing via icon (blue pointing arrow) in the Now Playing control panel.

Step #2. Now check your battery percentage of your Powerbeats Pro from the list of audio devices.

With this, it’s easy to track the remaining power if you’ve been using it for more extended periods.

Tip #7. Check Battery Percentage While They are in Charging

It’s vital to know for how long you’ve been charging your wireless earbuds. To know the battery percentage of your Powerbeats Pro while charging up, open the charging case and ensure that your iPhone or iPad is close to it. It will pop up a window showing you the current battery percentage in your Powerbeats Pro.

Tip #8. Check Powerbeats Pro’s Battery Percentage on Apple Watch

If you’re using multiple devices with your Powerbeats Pro, you can even check the battery percentage on your Apple Watch too. To know how much battery is left in your Powerbeats Pro through Apple Watch, head over to the Apple Watch’s Control Center and tap on the Battery button. It will display the Apple Watch battery and the percentage of Powerbeats Pro.

Tip #9. Get a Perfect Size of Tip for Earbuds

Do you know that Powerbeats Pro comes with three additional tips for the earbuds? Along with the USB cable, instruction booklet, there are three tips for earbuds used as per user comfort. The ear hook bends in all directions, and with these adjustable tips for earbuds, it makes it even easy to get a perfect fit!

Tip #10. Save Battery by Using Just One Earbud

When you’re on a long trip and want to get the most out of your Powerbeats Pro, you need a lot more battery to ensure that it lasts longer. If you’ve disabled automatic ear detection, press the pause button on one of the earbuds and put it back into the charging case.

The earbud which you’re using right now can be used for a long time while the one in the charging case gets charged. Similarly, when the other one runs out of battery, you can replace it and use the fully charged earbud. This way, you can ensure that the earbuds last long and be the best companion on long trips.

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