Best Cases for Powerbeats Pro in 2020

Apple has touted its Powerbeats Pro as workout companions for elite athletes. For this reason, the totally wireless earphones are built to adjust your ears. Moreover, a secure ear hook ensures that Powerbeats Pro stays in place. But even athletes need to remove the headphones when they are not working out. And this is the time they put the earphones in a charging case, which needs protection. This is where the best Powerbeats Pro cases come into the picture.

Best Powerbeats Pro Cases in 2020

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#1. Coffea Shockproof Anti-Slip Silicon Case

Coffea Powerbeats Pro Charging Case

Coffea presents a wide range of colorful cases for your Powerbeats Pro. This sleek and beautiful case is compatible with your Powerbeats Pro charging case and precisely fits on it. Made of FDA approved silicone, this case protects your prized possession against high impacts. Moreover, the material is UV resistant and imparts a shiny and natural finish. At the same time, it retains a soft and smooth touch.

What makes this case better than other silicone cases is an innovative PC wrap edge. Each Coffea case has this durable PC wrap to fit precisely over the Powerbeats Pro charging case. With accurate cutouts, you can quickly connect your charging case via lightning cable.

USP: Durable PC wrap
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#2. ROITON Protective Carrying Case

ROITON Carrying Case for Powerbeats Pro

ROITON has paid special attention to the design of this anti-lost Powerbeats Pro case. To make it the most functional accessory for your wireless headphones, ROITON has taken precision to the next level and cut out the case impeccably. You can insert and remove your charging case conveniently.

For the protection of the case, ROITON provides 360-degree protection against scratches, shocks, and routine damages. It is your rugged polycarbonate case, which is harder than other products. Use the carabiner attached to the case and keep your Powerbeats Pro always with you.

USP: 360-degree protection
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#3. Alquar Silicon Protective Case

Alquar Silicone Protective Case for Powerbeats Pro

Alquar has crafted this silicone protective case for adventure-seekers. The case is a perfect companion for people who are always on the go. If you love to indulge in outdoor activities, you can trust Alquar’s durable silicone rubber that protects your Powerbeats Pro headphones from dirt, dust, and other particles.

The brand has used a special coating inside this case so that it does not peel off easily. Without adding bulk, this case fits perfectly on the charging case. As a result, you get a portable, functional, and fashionable case for your Powerbeats Pro charging box.

USP: Special coating
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#4. KHTONE Carrying Case with Keychain

KHTONE Powerbeats Pro Carrying Case

KHTONE has used two pieces of adhesive paper inside this case to keep your charging case more stable in the silicone cover. In addition to stability, KHTONE also safeguards the case against falls and shifts. You can put and remove your headphones quickly.

A premium material secures your smart headphones against bumps, drops, and scratches. At the same time, this case does not add bulk to your charging case. You can use the carabiner to carry this case along with you wherever you go.

USP: Detailed design
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#5. LiZHi Shock Proof Protective Case

LiZHi Powerbeats Pro Protective Case

LiZHi has manufactured a Powerbeats Pro protective cover from waterproof soft skin. The soft silicone does not leave a nasty odor in your hands, even if you hold the case for a long time. Further, it comes with some protective features like scratch-proof, shock-proof, anti-skid, and durable.

To protect your Powerbeats Pro, LiZHi has crafted a durable carabiner with lock. This anti-lost carabiner can be attached to your backpack, keychain, pants, or any other accessory. The case keeps your Powerbeats Pro extremely portable.

USP: Portable design
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#6. Maksut Portable Carrying PC Hard Case

Maksut Case for Powerbeats Pro

Users will always hate a situation when they have to remove the cover before charging a Powerbeats Pro case. Considering this insight, Maksut has created a smart design of this portable carrying case. A well-designed accessory for the best Bluetooth headphones in the world, this case has an anti-lost carabiner keychain.

It goes without saying that you can charge your Powerbeats Pro without removing the case. Designers at Maksut have gone extra miles to craft a precise cover that gives a tight hug to your charging case. Available in multiple colors, you can pick any one case for your Powerbeats Pro.

USP: Perfect size
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#7. GARSING Travel Carrying Case

GARSING Carrying Case for Powerbeats Pro

You can call this product a sleeve for your Powerbeats Pro charging case. GARSING has made an innovative carrying case, which makes your travels comfortable. Compatible with Powerbeats Pro, this case comes with full protection and portability, thanks to its Lightweight Storage. Because of precision, the cover appears not so bulky in your hands; instead, it looks compact.

GARSING has used premium quality material and a soft cloth, which makes this case durable and lightweight. You would love to touch its comfortable texture. For extra protection, the brand has used a smooth zipper. Inside this sleeve, your Powerbeats Pro charging case is protected against bumps, scratches, and dents.

USP: Smooth zipper
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#8. CYZB Silicon Case with Keychain

CYZB Powerbeats Pro Protective Carrying Case

Another waterproof case for Powerbeats Pro charging case. This time it is CYZB, which has manufactured a silicone case that prevents falls and shifts. Unlike LiZHi’s waterproof case, this one looks more fashionable as CYZB has paid enough attention to details. The case gives you excellent feel, quick access to charging port, and LED visibility.

Made of high-quality silicone, this case protects your Powerbeats Pro charging case from all corners and sides. Once you install this case on your Powerbeats Pro, forget all those bumps, drops, scratches, and shocks.

USP: Unique design
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#9. PROKTH Leather Case with Strap

PROKTH Carrying Leather Case for Powerbeats Pro

The material of this case makes it unique. PROKTH has used leather material to craft a portable and shockproof bag for Powerbeats Pro charging case. With a wrist strap, this bag is your companion wherever you go. Thus, it keeps your Powerbeats Pro safe and close to you. It is an anti-fall storage bag with a wrist strap.

This delicate bag is handmade and exquisitely designed; you can proudly carry your Powerbeats Pro inside this case and reveal your fashion quotient. The unique design and excellent quality set this case apart from other products on this list.

USP: Handmade
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#10. CAGOS Protective Case

CAGOS Powerbeats Pro Carrying Case

CAGOS has used the canvas nylon material to manufacture this carrying case that provides maximum protection to your Powerbeats Pro. With its inimitable design and custom fitting, this case is arguably the best accessory for your smart wireless headphones. Use its carabiner to attach the case with a belt or large backpacks for easy carrying.

This case is made of premium hard EVA material, which is covered by premium woven nylon. This makes it water-resistant, shockproof, and crush-resistant. Safeguard your Powerbeats Pro against bumps, dents, and scratches.

USP: Woven nylon material
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A charging case for Powerbeats Pro is not necessarily a protective case. And therefore, you need a separate case for your latest Apple headphones. This list will suffice to select one of the best Powerbeats Pro cases to carry the buds in style.

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