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iGBAccessoriesPITAKA Apple Gift Guide: Best Black Friday deals in 2023!

PITAKA Apple Gift Guide: Best Black Friday deals in 2023!

It’s raining deals on the PITAKA Black Friday Sale. From trendy iPhone 15 cases to powerful wireless charging hubs to sturdy car mounts- the manufacturer has put its premium collection out for sale at jaw-dropping prices. The vast product range offered at never-seen-before prices will save you from scratching your head when thinking about gifts for your loved ones this approaching festive season. Sounds fun!  

The PITAKA Black Friday deals went live on the maker’s website November 1 and will continue until November 30. Likewise, you can also grab discounted prices on Amazon’s Black Friday sale. The Amazon sale started on November 20 and will be available until November 27. Curious to know what’s on display? Well, then, stay with us till the end of this article. We have got your back, fellas! 

1. PITAKA MagEZ iPhone 15 series case and Watch Band Combo

PITAKA iPhone 15 case and Watch Band Combo

Key features:

  • Superior material build
  • Lightweight and durable
  • MagSafe-compatible iPhone 15 cases
  • Superfine 1K carbon fiber watch bands

Everybody loves receiving gifts. But they love it more when gifts come as a combo deal. Keeping this in mind, PITAKA has created an exciting Black Friday gift hamper that combines a stunning duo of an iPhone 15 case and an Apple Watch band. Coming from PITAKA, the iPhone case and Apple Watch Band adorn a top-quality material build that vouches to keep your devices safe, handy, and stylish.  

Crafted using strong aramid fiber, the PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and Case Pro 4 give end-to-end safety to your iPhone 15. Both cases are super thin and lightweight, so you get a steady grip on your device without feeling an extra bulk. In addition, the PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and Case Pro 4 are MagSafe compatible, giving you instant charging anywhere and anytime.

Like cases, PITAKA specializes in Apple Watch bands as well. The use of durable 1K carbon fiber beautifies your wrists without compromising on the quality. Equipped with a secure magnetic clasp, these bands let you adjust the length at your convenience.

The brand is offering three individual combo deal options to choose from, namely: 

 iPhone 15 Case Apple Watch Band Discount/
Option 1 PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 PITAKA Carbon Fiber Watch Band (Rhapsody) $47 
Option 2 PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro 4 PITAKA Carbon Fiber Watch Band $50 
Option 3 PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 PITAKA Poetry of Things ChromaCarbon Band $50 

Apart from the iPhone 15 series, PITAKA is offering some fantastic budget-friendly deals for iPhone 14 owners during its black Friday sale. You can save up to $70 with the iPhone 14 case and Apple Watch band combo and up to $48 with the Apple Watch Band and Air Case deal. Sounds impressive. Tap the link to save those extra bucks.   

Check out on: PITAKA | Amazon

2. PITAKA MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2

PITAKA MagEZ Car mount Pro 2 

Key Features: 

  • Simple yet smart design 
  • Strong MagSafe compatibility 
  • 17mm universal swivel ball 
  • Built-in NFC chips 

Christmas and New Year are knocking at your doorsteps, and so is that long-awaited holiday trip with your loved ones. So, why not buy the most ideal travel companion for your car trips- PITAKA MagEZ car mount Pro 2.0. Featuring a lightweight build, the charging pad blesses you with fast-charging support of up to 15W for your iPhone.  

The device boasts a stack of premium MagSafe magnets that hold your iPhone firmly on bumpy roads without compromising on the charging speed and stability. In addition, the 17mm universal swivel ball makes PITAKA MagEZ car mount Pro MagSafe 2.0 ideal for multiple automobile brands and variants. It’s safe, fully portable, and fits in your pocket, especially with the Black Friday discounts.   

Regarding design, the car mount has a vacuum-plated PC and aramid fiber weave that gives a clean finish and improves durability. Furthermore, the in-built NFC chips help you launch preset apps with a simple tap of your NFC-enabled iPhone on the mount. There are three NFC shortcuts for a smooth experience.  

Check out on: PITAKA

3. PITAKA MagEZ Slider2 

PITAKA MagEZ Slider2

Key Features: 

  • 3-in-1 wireless charger  
  • Detachable power bank and USB-C dongle 
  • Slim and sleek design for easy portability 
  • LED indicators to view charging status 

Why go for one when PITAKA is blessing you with three. Meet MagEZ Slider 2! The robust 3-in-1 wireless charger gives a simultaneous power boost to your entire Apple ecosystem- iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. You can rely on the detachable 4000mAh power bank to get 7.5W of charging output while on the go.  

Another essential component of the MagEZ Slider 2 is the USB-C power dongle for Apple Watch. Like a power bank, you can plug and unplug the dongle at your convenience and instantly enjoy a 5W power output for your smartwatch. A similar 5W battery output is available for AirPods as well. Also, don’t forget to check our detailed guide on PITAKA MagEZ Slider 2 here.  

The charging hub features a sleek, curved design that fits even in the tiny space of your cluttered desk. Moreover, you can use the attached switch to move from portrait to landscape modes and vice versa. With 360-degree spin, you can experience the best viewing angles while charging your devices.  

MagEZ Slider 2 is a treasure trove, and with the PITAKA Black Friday sale, you can make it yours at a surprisingly low price. Tap the link NOW! 

Check out on: PITAKA

4. PITAKA MagEZ Folio2


Key Features: 

  • Magnetic snap and pull design 
  • Auto sleep and wake feature 
  • Sleek and lightweight 
  • 4 unique standing positions 

Wrap your iPad in the goodness of style and safety with the PITAKA Folio 2 case. The case adorns a 2.3mm-thick frame made using composite fiberglass board that keeps it sleek and durable. Moreover, its 240g lightweight body is lighter than 95% of iPad cases that work as stands. It gives unprecedented safety to the front and back of your iPad from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear. 

For usability, the PITAKA Folio 2 case for iPad Pro supports four distinct angular placements. You can try and test the different triangular folds to place your iPhone at 57°, 62°, 34°, and 53°. Each angle will serve a particular use purpose, making you do more with your iPad. Plus, the auto wake and sleep feature saves your device battery and gives a hassle-free experience.  

The smart magnetic design offers easy installation and removal with a simple snap or pull. In addition, the attached magnetic strap holds your Apple Pencil firmly without meddling with the work experience. If you don’t use an Apple Pencil, you can easily fold and hide the magnetic strap.   

Check out on: PITAKA | Amazon

5. PITAKA MagEZ iPad case & charging

PITAKA MagEZ iPad case and charging stand 

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight and strong build 
  • Flexible to move in use in different layouts 
  • Powerful magnetic Snap-On design 

PITAKA is making this Black Friday super special for iPad owners with a juicy deal on its popular MagEZ Stand and MagEZ iPad case series. The product range includes four items- MagEZ Stand (without wireless charging), MagEZ Charging Stand, MagEZ Case 4, and MagEZ Case Pro.  

All four accessories boost your productivity by offering fast charging at your convenience. With a robust magnetic array, the stand and cover are ideal for your iPad. The charging stand holds your iPad firmly so you can easily continue with your work without a halt. Plus, you can use your device in lateral or vertical orientations.   

You can even charge your iPhone and AirPods using the wireless charging base attached to the PITAKA stands. The base delivers 7.5W output for iPhones and 5W output for earbuds. This function is available for charging and non-charging models.

During the Black Friday sale, you get exciting discounts on PITAKA Stand, PITAKA iPad cases, and PITAKA iPad Pro cases. You can avail up to 25% off on MagEZ Case Pro, up to 15% on MagEZ Stand, and up to 25% off on MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6. 

Here is the detailed Black Friday buying guide for MagEZ Stand and Case for iPad: 

 Original Price PITAKA Black Friday Price 
MagEZ Stand  $99.00 $84.15 
MagEZ Charging Stand  $99.00 $84.15 
MagEZ Case 2 $79.99 $63.99 
MagEZ Case Pro $89.99 $71.99 
MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Mini 6 $79.00 $63.20 

Check out on: PITAKA

Grab them before they are gone! 

I am sure you must have created your gift itinerary filled with PITAKA products by now. As it should be because missing out on these excellent, cost-friendly PITAKA Black Friday deals will be a sin you would never like to commit. With its diverse collection, the manufacturer is here to spoil you rotten.

If you found this list helpful, please share your experience in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Till then, keep reading.   

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