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Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone in 2023

There’s always something to be thankful for, which makes Thanksgiving special. Preparing for such a holiday can be exhausting, especially if you don’t have the assistance of others. But, honestly, all you need is an iPhone to have the best Thanksgiving ever. I’ve compiled a list of the best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone and iPad that will make your celebrations with family and friends extra special.

Best food apps for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without delicious meals. Plus, if you are the house chef this year and don’t know what to make, these recipe apps for Thanksgiving can come in handy.

1. Tasty – To cook the best meals for loved ones

Tasty-best thanksgiving app for iPhone in 2023

Tasty is an excellent app when it comes to finding recipes for Thanksgiving. You can set the number of guests, and the app will adjust the ingredients and recipe accordingly. The What’s in your kitchen feature helps you find recipes based on the available ingredients.

Over 10,000 recipes in this app are well-designed with step-by-step instructions with ChatGPT AI integration. Furthermore, you can connect with other creators and learn from their expertise in cooking.

Price: Free


2. Instacart: Same-day groceries

Instacart-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

You had everything set for your perfect recipe but missed one or a few ingredients. If you don’t want to go through this, you should immediately get the Instacart app. It delivers everything related to groceries, including alcohol and other household items, within 2 hours (in the United States).

There are over 1400 retailer brands available in the Instacart app, and if you have any questions, you can directly ask the sellers. Moreover, if you don’t know how to cook something, Instacart offers readymade recipes to deliver to your home.

Price: Free


Task management apps for Thanksgiving

With friends and family all over the house, it can be challenging to remember everything. Task management apps can help you release some of your burden by allowing you to organize things, leading to less stress.

3. Todoist – Organize and execute your ideas

Todoist-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

Todoist is one of the most popular task-management apps available out there. You can quickly add tasks to Todoist with its natural language processing model that recognizes elements, such as time, date, priority level, and tags.

You can further classify these elements into different projects, improving the organization. On the other hand, the Smart Schedule feature keeps your due tasks first and the others depending on their priority so that you don’t miss any.

Price: Free (Pro version available for $4.99/month | $47.99/year)


4. Flipp – Find all the best deals in one place

Flipp-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

You need to plan and buy everything before Thanksgiving, especially if you’re preparing gifts related to fashion and technology. Flipp is one of the best coupon apps to look out for the latest deals and offers from your nearby stores.

The best part about this app is that you can search your nearby stores’ inventory with a search and check what’s available for you. Lastly, you can add different loyalty/point cards to this app to track them in one place.

Price: Free


Apps to celebrate Thanksgiving

While the above apps will help you get ready for Thanksgiving, you’ll need a few other apps to decorate your home, make invitations, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

5. Pinterest: Find ideas and inspiration for anything

Pinterest-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

Pinterest is perfect for finding fantastic home decoration ideas for Thanksgiving. You can also find ideas for table setup, DIY items, and more. Moreover, you can shop for items similar to what you see in pictures, such as sunglasses, bags, and more.

Speaking about Thanksgiving, you should dress yourself to stand out from the crowd, and Pinterest is the perfect place to look for amazing outfit ideas. Once you find the ideas you like, save them on your board, mix and match things, and create your unique style.

Price: Free


6. ShareTheMeal – Best time to be kind

Sharethemeal charity donate 641x450 1

ShareTheMeal is a mobile app created by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that allows users to donate money to help feed hungry people worldwide. The app is user-friendly and easy to use, allowing users to track their donations and see their impact.

ShareTheMeal is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need. It is especially appropriate for use during Thanksgiving, as it is a time of year when we are reminded of the importance of giving thanks for our blessings and helping those less fortunate.

Price: Free


Entertainment apps

When you sit down with your loved ones, one of the best ways to spend time with them is entertainment. Here are a few entertainment apps to help you enjoy your time with friends and family.

7. Netflix – Massive library of movies and TV shows

Netflix-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

What’s better than having a movie night with your loved ones? Netflix has various TV shows and movies in every category in multiple languages. Whether you want to watch a horror, comedy, thriller, anime, or anything, Netflix has got you covered.

Moreover, Netflix is available on almost every device, including smart TVs, streaming sticks, iPhones, MacBooks, and whatnot. So select any movie you and your family/friends haven’t watched and have a good time with them.

Price: Free (subscription plans start at $6.99/month)


8. Amazon Prime Video – Watch the best TV shows and movies

Amazon Prime Video-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

If Netflix isn’t enough for you, Amazon has got you covered with its Prime Video app. It has a massive library of TV shows and movies in various languages. You’ll find a few Thanksgiving titles in Amazon Prime Video, like Rocky, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Addams Family Values, and many more.

Similar to Prime Video, it’s available on multiple platforms and devices. Again, select the movie you like for Thanksgiving, gather your family/friends, and enjoy it with them.

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start at $8.99/month)


9. Spotify – Enjoy all kinds of music

Spotify-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

If you’re not in the mood to watch movies or TV shows, at least music can bring out the grooves from your friends and family. And when you think about music, there’s no better app than Spotify. It has a massive library of music and songs, including popular and new artists.

Furthermore, you can curate or find playlists that match the mood and just hit the play button. Spotify also creates some Thanksgiving playlists that can lift the mood at your Thanksgiving party. All you need is a Spotify Premium subscription and hit that play button.

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start at $10.99/month)


Thanksgiving fun apps

These days, we rarely get to be together with our families and friends due to our busy lives. Thanks to Thanksgiving, you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Here are a few family apps that can add to your quality time.

10. Charades – Best trivia game

Charades-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

There’s no other game like Charades that brings family closer. If you haven’t played it before, it’s a simple trivia game where one of you will hold your iPhone or iPad up your head while others give you clues to guess that word. And if you can’t find the answer, just tilt your phone upwards.

This app has 55+ different decks, including animals, brands, just for kids, and more. The decks keep expanding over time. Not all the decks are free. You’ll have to purchase all the decks at once or go for a monthly/weekly subscription.

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $0.99)


11. Heads up – For some fun and frolic with friends and family

Heads Up app for iPhone

Heads Up! is a fun and fast-paced word-guessing game that is perfect for parties and gatherings. It is a modern take on the classic charades game, where players hold their mobile devices to their foreheads and try to guess the word or phrase displayed on the screen based on clues given by their teammates.

After a hearty Thanksgiving meal, Heads Up! provides a refreshing and energetic activity that can help everyone digest their food and stay entertained. The game’s quick rounds and silly antics can bring laughter and joy to the table.

Price: $1.99


12. Invitation Maker Studio – Customizable digital invites

Invitation Maker Studio-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

While there’s no need to invite close ones, you’ll need to send invitations to your relatives, friends, and new guests to your Thanksgiving feast. As we live in a digital world, it’s best to send out invitations digitally, and there’s no better app than Invitation Maker Studio for that.

You can choose from various invitation ideas, select them, and customize them for your relatives. It’ll take five minutes or less to create and send a customized digital invitation card for your loved ones. Plus, you’ll find Thanksgiving invitations specifically in this app.

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $2.99)


13. OpenTable – Book restaurants effortlessly

OpenTable-best Thanksgiving app for iPhone

If you want to enjoy a meal with your friends and family (apart from the Thanksgiving feast), what’s better than a fancy restaurant? And it can become a meetup point for your friends.

But you’ll need the OpenTable app if you don’t know where to find a good restaurant and open tables. This app helps you discover popular and excellent restaurants nearby, make reservations, and preserve them effortlessly.

Price: Free


Sports apps for Thanksgiving

While music, movies, or family games are great, some families rely on sports, particularly football, to make their holiday special. And here are some of the best apps to catch your favorite sport.

14. NFL – Catch the heat while being around warm people

NFL sports app for iPhone

The official NFL app can be a useful tool for enhancing your Thanksgiving festivities, particularly if you’re a football enthusiast.

The NFL app provides real-time updates on game scores, statistics, and news, allowing you to follow the action closely even while enjoying Thanksgiving.

By utilizing the NFL app, you can seamlessly integrate your passion for football into your Thanksgiving celebrations, staying connected to the game and enhancing the overall experience.

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start at $6.99)


15. ESPN – Live sports and scores

ESPN Live Sports & Scores app for iPhone

Go to the app for real-time notifications on score updates and breaking news related to your favorite teams. It has tons of videos, commentary, and updates from football, cricket, tennis, golf, and other games.

The wide range of sports offerings will ensure that your guests have a good time while you are working on some last-minute preparations!

Price: Free (In-app subscriptions start at $10.99/month)


Thanksgiving Day wallpapers apps

Ah, don’t forget your devices! Bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to your iPhones with these apps.

Unsplash Wallpaper app for iPhone

If you don’t have a Thanksgiving wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad, you might not feel the vibe around you. Fortunately, Unsplash hosts a vast library of photos, including Thanksgiving ones.

All you’ve got to do is search “Thanksgiving” in the search bar, browse and select a wallpaper of your choice, and apply it by customizing your iPhone’s lock screen. Moreover, you can use these wallpapers to create custom digital invitations.

Price: Free


17. Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Thanksgiving Backgrounds

Thanksgiving Wallpapers app for iPhone

This app brings you a host of tailor-made wallpaper for the occasion. Whether you are looking for a simple, colorful, or quirky background, the app has got it all.

To make things more comfortable, the app also has a slideshow feature, so you can view all available wallpapers without using your finger!

Price: Free


Have a Happy and Amazing Thanksgiving…

You can express your gratefulness to those who make you happy on this auspicious occasion of Thanksgiving. Similarly, we would like to thank you for being with us and supporting us at every step. I hope you loved this curation of the best Thanksgiving apps. If you’ve got any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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