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In about a few days from now, it's Thanksgiving Day. Besides the turkeys, there are other interesting things to do, but one of the most favorite things is to lie down on the couch and spend some time with the iPhone. Not that we actively recommend being with your iPhone – festivals are meant to be celebrations with people, not smartphones – but then, after all, that’s done, a rest with the iPhone isn't really all that bad.

And not so surprisingly, in many households, iPhone apps help the ladies choose and prepare the recipe for the occasion. So let's get started without further ado:

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Best Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

Best Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

#1. Pocket Charts! Happy Thanksgiving! Match Game

Thanksgiving-Match-iPhone-AppThanksgiving Match is for kids. It's when you are busy in the kitchen and/or entertaining guests, and you want to keep your children busy. It's basically a matching game themed on Thanksgiving. Simple, easy and entertaining, the game can keep kids busy for a long time.

Price: Free
Download Pocket Charts

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#2. Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Thanksgiving Coloring Book iPhone App IconThanksgiving Coloring Book is a simple and elegant app for the kids. The Thanksgiving Coloring Book brings hours of fun and entertainment to the kids with interesting color options, cool graphics and saves options to help kids show off their coloring. It is one of the simplest and most beautiful apps for kids.

Price: Free
Download Thanksgiving Coloring Book

#3. Novant Thanksgiving Day Parade

Novant Thanksgiving Day Parade iPhone App IconCharlotte's Thanksgiving Parade has been a tradition since 1947. Many people join this parade in the morning of Thanksgiving Day. The app on iOS includes reserved ticket sales, live streaming, special notifications, and information about each of fantastic parade performers. The app is completely free to download.

Price: Free
Download Novant Thanksgiving Day Parade

#4. Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving Holiday Decoration Ideas iPhone App IconIf you are confused on how to decorate on Thanksgiving Day, then there's an app for it on App Store. The app will give you number of decoration ideas and help you plan your holidays with ease. There are more than 20K pictures in its database, which means you’ll definitely end up with the best of your choice.

Price: Free
Download Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Decoration Ideas

#5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving iPhone App IconThe app is basically a digital library of a classic TV special – Peanuts. Join Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang and enjoy this old classic in holidays. The app is not free, but if you are a fan of classics, it is completely worth it.

Price: $5.99
Download A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

#6. How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything iPhone App IconThis app is the perfect guide for folks who wish not just to learn a variety of recipes but also master them. With 2, 000 recipes and 400 how-to interpretations, “How to Cook Everything” provides all the needed tips to prepare your special dish with consummate ease. The handy guide with regards to the equipment and technique required, ingredient information, as well as meal-planning ideas is very helpful for users.

Price: $9.99
Download How to Cook Everything

#7. BigOven

BigOven iPhone and iPad App Icon“Big Oven” is an excellent tool for those who want to explore thousands different recipes. Boasting of massive 350,000 recipes as well as a grocery list, this app can be an exciting gift for your friend who loves cooking a lot.

It features menu planner which lets you plan your meal well in advance. Get innovative ideas about how to make a super yummy dish and share them with your friends.

Price: Free
Download Big Oven

#8. OpenTable

OpenTable iPhone and iPad App IconWith OpenTable, discovering, reserving and managing restaurant reservations is incredibly easy. You can quickly have access to a range of different hotels and restaurants from around the world. The best of all, the app also provides you rewards whenever you dine out with your friends and save money.

Price: Free
Download OpenTable

#9. ESPN

ESPN iPhone and iPad App IconIs your friend a sports lover? You wouldn't find a better app than ESPN to gift him to stay updated with all the sports. The latest news from football, cricket and other games, tons of videos and real-time updates, this app, keeps you at the pace of the games.

Price: Free
Download ESPN

#10. Close Up Pics Quiz

Close Up Pics Quiz iPhone and iPad App IconWhat about gifting your friend a photo trivia word game? “Close Up Pics Quiz” can be a terrific option. Though the concept of the game is pretty simple, you will love playing it with your kid or friend. Simply guess the object from the photo to win the witty game.

Price: Free
Download Close Up Pics Quiz

If these were not enough, check out more apps on iDropNews.com.

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So, which app you are going to install on your iPhone on this thanksgiving day? Share with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. By the way, happy thanksgiving day in advance :)

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