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iGBAccessoriesCharge iPad Pro wirelessly with PITAKA Stand and MagEZ Case

Charge iPad Pro wirelessly with PITAKA Stand and MagEZ Case

The PITAKA Magnetic Stand and Case is a perfect combo for those looking to include an iPad Pro in their desk setup and charge it wirelessly.


  • Charges iPad wirelessly
  • Stand is sturdy
  • Magnet is pretty strong


  • Wire quality could have been improved

Editor’s rating:

Buy now: Pitaka MagEZ Pro case | Pitaka MagEZ Stand

The iPad Pro is a multifaceted device featuring the convenience of a big touchscreen and the portability of an iPhone, along with the power and capabilities of a Mac. Moreover, with Apple introducing the M series chip to iPad Pro, many are even starting to consider it as a replacement for Mac. However, the iPad Pro still lacks wireless charging by default, and that’s where PitaFlow comes into the picture.

PitaFlow is a collection of MagEZ Case Pro and MagEZ Stand. This combination is guaranteed to change how you use your iPad Pro! I have always been a fan of Pitaka products, and I am more than happy to introduce you to this premium offering of theirs.

In this detailed review of the PitaFlow for iPad Pro, I cover everything you need to know to make a purchase decision. I won’t bring any kind of bias to the review and will honestly share everything I feel about the product.

Pitaka is set to change the way you use your iPad Pro

Thanks to how powerful the iPad Pro is becoming, some users are considering it over the Apple Silicon-powered MacBooks. Even Apple knows this, so they are promoting using the Magic Keyboard and Smart keyboard.

Regardless, Apple still hasn’t made way for many features the iPad Pro deserves. The iPad’s features include Magsafe support similar to the iPhone and Wireless charging. Thankfully, Pitaka has brought these features to iPad, which even Apple might not have considered.

With the Pitaka MagEZ Pro case, you’ll get support for magnetic charging and the MagEZ stand. You can easily mount your iPad as an external screen and get a mini version of the Mac itself! Once I got the box, I started to unbox it, and here are let my thoughts flow.

Pitaka MagEZ Pro case

First, let’s start with the Pitaka MagEZ Pro case, as you need to put on the case first to charge your iPad wirelessly using PITAKA Magnetic Stand and PitaFlow charger.

Unboxing experience

Pitaka MagEZ Pro case Unboxing experience

I always like to unbox Apple products because of how satisfying the experience is, and I also expect that level of experience from almost any product I unbox now. Thankfully, Pitaka ensures you get a completely premium experience when you hold the box of the PitaFlow case and stand.

The packaging box is solid, providing sufficient protection for your case during transportation. I also liked the magnetic protection it provided, which kinda also acts like an easter egg.

It’s impressive to see a Pitaka genuinely commit itself to provide an amazing unboxing experience rather than just delivering the product in substandard packaging. The overall packaging is minimal, and you’ll first be greeted with the Pitaka MagEZ Pro case.

Below that is another box consisting of a PitaFlow charger and documentation. For those confused, there is also a QR code on the inner part of the flap. Unfortunately, I had difficulty scanning the code since it was black, which merges with the dark charcoal color of the flap.

Once the code is detected, you’ll be redirected to Pitaka’s official YouTube channel, where you can explore all the tutorials on how to use the MagEZ Pro case.

Build quality

Pitaka MagEZ Pro case Build quality

The PITAKA MagEZ Pro Case is made from aramid fiber with fusion waving. Aramid is 5 times more durable than steel on an equal-weight basis. Despite that, the case is thin and light. The MagEZ Pro Case is designed to fit the iPad Pro perfectly, providing standard protection without adding extra bulk to the device.

The case also features raised lips around the rear camera module to safeguard against scratches when placed on a flat surface. Pitaka managed to add magnets and a wireless charging pad to the case while keeping it slim. Hence, you can snap your iPad Pro to the Magic Keyboard easily while also providing seamless charging between iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard.

The case can also attach and charge Apple Pencil unless it is not covered in any case or skin.

Although I like the design and the color options, the case can easily attract fingerprints and get dirty quickly. It’s hard to clean it, and it will be a lot worse if you have an oily finger. This is a common issue with carbon/aramid fiber products.

Being super thin, the case was easily flexible, and it scared me when my friends checked out and messed around with the product.

Charging with PitaFlow charger

Charging with PitaFlow charger

The PitaFlow charger that came with it is quite sturdy and made of high-quality material. All you have to do is plug the wire into an adapter and then snap the PitaFlow magnet to the back. It will start charging without any issues.

However, I could not find the maximum supported speed from the PitaFlow charger on the official website or the Amazon listing. We will update you about the same when we get an official confirmation from the brand. Apart from that, the quality of the charging wire didn’t justify the overall price.

However, I’d give Pitaka the benefit of the doubt since these products are mainly for desk setups, and there is a meager chance of them getting damaged. There is also rubber padding on the charger to ensure your MagEZ case won’t get any scratches.

Charging with PitaFlow charger 2


The MagEZ Pro case is an amazing product to check out, allowing you to charge your iPad wirelessly. However, I wish the case was more durable and hope to see an improvement in the wire quality for the PitaFlow charger.

Price: $99.99

Buy now: Pitaka | Amazon

Pitaka MagEZ Stand 

Now let us look at the MagEZ stand, or what I would like to call “The mini Pro Stand” it reminds me of the infamous Pro Display XDR stand, but the size of an iPad Pro.

Unboxing and installation experience

The unboxing experience was similar to the MagEZ Pro case, although I had to work hard to take it out of the box because it was tightly packed to keep the product safe. It comes with an Allen key and two screws to attach.

The installation process was easier than expected. First, you need to align the stand with the base and insert the screws into the holes. Then tighten them with the Allen key.

Build quality

Pitaka MagEZ Stand Build quality

The stand is built like a tank. The wireless charging dock has rubber padding to keep your iPhone safe. Along with that, there is also a Pitaka branding. At the top, there is a magnetic head with rubber padding and magnets to hold the iPad Pro case.

As for the view from behind, you can find a Pitaka logo, and the rest is clean. For those wondering what’s below the wireless dock, there is ventilation, and it is raised above the surface for better placement on the table with a grip.

Mounting the iPad Pro

Pitaka MagEZ Stand Attaching the iPad

Thanks to the magnets at the top of the stand, you can place your iPad in whatever way you want to, and even after attaching, you can rotate them. However, I would have appreciated it if the head could be moved horizontally, apart from vertical tilting, to give users full flexibility.

Wireless charging

With the wireless charging pad at the base, you can charge your iPhone or any other smartphone that supports Qi charging.

Charge your iPhone with Pitaka MagEZ Stand

As for charging speeds, you can wireless charge any iPhone up to 7.5W and Android smartphones up to 15W. Apart from smartphones, you can also charge your earbuds. However, as one can guess, this wireless charging pad is not MFi certified, so you can’t expect fast charging.

Like the PitaFlow charger, I found the quality of the fire to be not up to the mark; hence, I would prefer a better quality wire over the current one.

How to charge your iPad Pro wirelessly using PitaFlow

Charge Your iPad Wirelessly using PitaFlow

Once you put the MagEZ Pro case and set up the MagEZ stand, charging your iPad Pro wirelessly is pretty simple. All you have to do is place the iPad over the head of the stand, and it will quickly snap on. Once placed perfectly, your iPad will start charging easily.


The Pitaka MagEZ stand is an amazing product. If you can combine any iPad MagEZ with it, you can wirelessly charge the device. The build quality is top-notch, and the facility to wirelessly charge smartphones and other accessories is a bonus.

If only the wire quality was improved, the wireless charging pad could receive MFi support.

Price: $129.00

Buy now: Pitaka | Amazon

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