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PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and Pro 4 – Perfect defense for iPhone 15

PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 are ideal companions for your new iPhone 15 model. Designed using premium aramid fiber, these cases offer uncompromised safety and a minimalistic style to your iPhone 15.


  • Made with top-quality aramid fiber
  • Thin and lightweight build
  • MagSafe compatibility for on-the-go charging


  • Removing iPhone from MagEZ Case 4 requires extra care

MagEZ Case 4: $59.99

MagEZ Case Pro 4: $69.99

Buy now: MagEZ Case 4 | MagEZ Case Pro 4

It’s raining Apple products! The Cupertino giant recently expanded its product pool by launching the brand-new iPhone 15 series. If you are set to buy a new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus/Pro/Pro Max, you must seriously consider its safety because one teeny-tiny scratch can break your heart into thousands of pieces.   

Meet PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 – two marvels from the top global accessory brand. Made with top-quality aramid fiber, these cases promise to keep your iPhone new for however long you use it. I got my hands on the two cases and decided to review them on your behalf. Stay with this article of PITAKA iPhone 15 series cases review to know the verdict. Let’s start: 

Note: I have reviewed PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 Pro and MagEZ Case Pro 4 for iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Specifications of PITAKA MagEZ cases for iPhone 15 series

MagEZ Case 4 MagEZ Case Pro 4
Compatibility iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro MaxiPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro Max
MagSafe YesYes

Unboxing – Simplicity meets durability 

If I could, I would write poems for PITAKA’s stellar packaging. I have always loved the brand for their detailed efforts in packaging their products. Luckily, with PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4, I was thankful to the brand for making my unboxing experience special.   

PITAKA iPhone 15 series cases packaging

Both the PITAKA iPhone 15 cases came inside a solid rectangular cardboard box in white. The next packaging layer included a white, rigid paper box with 100% biodegradable packaging. Once I removed the lid, I got my hands on my precious possessions – PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro 4.

Inside the boxes, I found two paper sheets with information. One sheet explained the steps to use the PITAKA NFC chips, while the other was a removal instruction. In addition, there was a small sheet with three stickers designed to improve the fit of the cases.

Simple, clean, and sturdy – this is how I would define PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 packaging. Following this, let’s move to the other essential perks of the cases.  

Design and build quality

PITAKA knows that you choose the brand for the unprecedented quality it offers to its customers. So, they strive to bless you with the best combination of style and safety in their mobile covers. Read this article to know how PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro 4 meet my expectations.  

MagEZ Case 4 – Say no to damages

MagEZ Case 4

Made using aramid fiber 600D, this amazing case protects your iPhone 15 from all adversities without adding extra bulk to your hands. Of course, an addition of 17g won’t feel like a burden to carry around. In addition, the scratch-resistant material does not lose its color after years of use. All this goodness comes from the aramid fiber, which is 5x stronger and lighter than steel.   

The MagSafe SlimBoard technology gives PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 one of the thinnest builds you can find on a mobile cover. Its 0.95mm thickness feels like you are holding a caseless iPhone 15. In addition, the chamfered edges and interlaced patterns running along the sides bless you with an improved grip and unmatched comfort every time you hold it.   

MagEZ Case 4 cutouts

Unfortunately, you don’t get accessibility buttons on MagEZ Case 4. However, to compensate for this loss, the case has precise cutouts on the sides to offer easy access to volume, power, and Action button. In addition, you get appropriate spaces for the charging port at the bottom. Pulling the all-new USB-C pin in and out will never be a hassle with this charger.  

MagEZ Case Pro 4 Easy access with accessibility buttons

MagEZ Case Pro 4

From MIL-STD-810H standard protection to stunning design – MagEZ Case Pro 4 offers perfection.

Regarding build, MagEZ Case Pro 4 is carved out of aerospace-grade aramid fiber 1500D integrated with TPU. Where the TPU envelops the case from all dimensions like a second skin, shockproof aramid fiber protects the back and sides of your iPhone 15. Thus offering a broad-spectrum protection to you wrapped in a lightweight, sleek body. FYI, the cover is 1.65mm in thickness and 35g in weight.  

Promising added protection, the MagEZ Case Pro 4 has an elevated lip around the iPhone 15 camera outlay. This metal enclosure protects the lenses from scratches likely to appear when you lay your iPhone flat on hard surfaces. Further, the 1.2mm ultra-thin front lip keeps your smartphone locked inside the cover firmly.   

MagEZ Case Pro 4 accessibility buttons

Another perk of this stellar iPhone 15 case is the in-built accessibility buttons placed on the sides. Made of top-quality metal, these buttons feel sturdy to touch yet are easy to click. You also get cutouts for wired chargers at the bottom.

Note: PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 come with NFC chips to check the products’ genuineness via NFC-enabled iPhone. Through this, you can access games, wallpapers, and music from PITAKA. 

MagSafe compatibility – Fast-charging for busy days

PITAKA iPhone 15 cases MagSafe

Fortunately, PITAKA has upgraded its covers and cases collection with integrated wireless and MagSafe charging support. The MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 are no different. 

Both PITAKA iPhone 15 cases come embedded with N52SH magnets – recognized as one of the most powerful permanent magnets per industry standards. The precise alignment of the magnets blesses you with fast charging in less time. Moreover, the magnets firmly keep the smartphone attached to your charger without slips or drops.

The strong magnetic traction ensures your smartphone snaps to any MagSafe charger as soon as you bring the two in proximity. No need to carry the messy cables around in your laptop bag, phew!

For someone like me, who travels a lot and hates working at a cluttered desk, PITAKA’s MagSafe cases have always been my savior.

Should you buy PITAKA iPhone 15 cases?

Whether clumsy or not, you must use good-quality covers for your iPhones. Indeed, it is not a smart move to risk something as important as your smartphone that metamorphically holds your entire world- personal and professional – together. If you relate to this, PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 deserve to be in your cart.  

The good 

PITAKA cases

Housing a rugged build, these multifunctional cases wrap your iPhone 15 in uncompromised safety interwoven with a classy design. The superior-quality armor fiber and added rims keep your smartphone enclosed snugly, leaving no room for messy slips. Further, the elevated camera bezels save your iPhone lenses from scratches. After all, getting crystal clear selfies is not a matter of joke.

And the best part is that you get the best of safety without bearing the load of a bulky body in your hands or pockets.   

The top-notch MagSafe technology is the icing on the cake. It keeps your iPhone 15 charged and working at all those times when you have dozens of things to manage single-handedly. With all this said, I can say that MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 are one of the best iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro cases.

The not-so-good 

After singing the accolades, it’s time to see some downsides. One of the major shortcomings I found was in MagEZ Case 4. One was the lack of the front rim, which makes removal of your iPhone 15 from the cover a bit difficult due to an unsteady grip. Secondly, the cutouts leave your iPhone buttons prone to stains, scratches, and bruises.  


Frankly speaking, the decision to invest in a product ultimately boils down to your tastes and preferences. If you are prone to dropping your iPhone 15 more often than not, PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 and MagEZ Case Pro 4 can be your companions.   

Both cases are the epitome of design and performance. Apart from being strong in build, these PITAKA cases are lightweight, stylish, and grippy. In addition, wireless charging support gives you instant charging anytime and anywhere.   

You won’t find any major differences between the two cases. You can analyze your requirements and pick the one that perfectly fits them. I hope this Pitaka iPhone 15 case review will play a positive role in this. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.   

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