5 Key features of the OrderTracker app you should know!

5 Best features of the OrderTracker app

Do you know what true happiness is? And why is it the butterfly feeling you get when placing orders for your favorites, waiting for their arrival, and finally unboxing them? Everything is giddy until you see your products misplaced in transit or, worse, LOST.

We are here to introduce you to the Ordertracker app that will help you accurately track your packages from when they are out in transit until you receive them. Whether it’s through DHL, USPS, or Yanwen tracking services, you can get the information directly on your iPhone. 

Curious to know more about the Order Tracker app? Then stick with us through this article, where we highlight some key features that will prove why you must download the app!

5 Reasons to pick OrderTracker app for iPhone  

The OrderTracker app comes in handy when your orders involve costly possessions or are coming from across borders. For a better understanding, let’s explore the multiple advantages the app blesses us with. 

1. Free Live Tracking

Live Tracking is one of the best features offered by the OrderTracker app. With your tracking number, you can trace the current location of your package at any time and from anywhere. And the icing on the cake is that you get live package tracking without spending a penny. It is only sometimes that you get a live package tracking app for free. So, take advantage of the opportunity and quickly download this best Order Tracking platform on iPhone. 

2. Multiple package trackin

Order processing is a chain process that involves multiple intermediaries working together to ensure safe and timely delivery. For instance, in the case of international deliveries, packages are usually handled on average by three different carriers. Do you know that renowned tracking platforms, like FedEx and DHL, only offer you information until the package is in their warehouse?   

However, OrderTracker works differently from its competitors. The platform lets you track your parcel from the start till it reaches your doorstep. It shows the delivery route adopted by the intermediaries as well. This helps you know the real reason behind delays in package delivery, if any. 

3. AI-based delivery date predictions 

The app relies on the use of AI to predict the delivery dates of your packages. The interface of this global tracking app analyzes the delivery dates of the past 1000 packages having a similar current location, the carrier involved, and nearby destination delivery location to give you accurate delivery date predictions. Smart, right? 

4. Transcribed Information 

Let’s all agree that package delivery portals pay little to no attention to providing clear information to users. All we get are bits and pieces of information in our hands.  

Unlikely this, the OrderTracker offers a transcribed description of your package details. Clear and legible sentences help you kick confusion out of the window. In addition, the app ensures that every single event of the package delivery is available for you in an easy-to-understand timeline.  

5. Multiple package tracking 

Some package tracking apps fail to give satisfactory results for a single delivery. Contrarily to this, the OrderTracker app allows you to track and pursue the delivery route of 10 individual packages simultaneously. 

No matter whether your packages are flying down from two opposite destinations on the global map, the app will give you a trace of their path easily. 

Bonus: Customizable Design & Upsell Facilities 

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on delivery agents and tracking services. Reports suggest that nearly 96% of e-shoppers keep due track of their packages. Apart from customer satisfaction, a responsive tracking page helps to surge customers’ return rates. It also helps e-commerce website owners to upsell customers and expand their earnings.   

Furthermore, do you know that a whopping 65%+ customer support queries on a website are related to order tracking? A tracking page can bring down this figure to 0. Eventually, saving some big bucks for the website creator. This makes the app one of the best order-tracking software in e-commerce.   

Wrapping up 

Each step into the globalized society over decades has blurred the geographical lines for us. Today, we can order anything from any corner of the globe without second thoughts. And with international courier tracking apps like OrderTracker, you can always be assured about your parcel’s safety.   

The app lets you track multiple packages from when they leave their original place to arrive at your doorstep. It’s simple and efficient. With a free live tracking feature, you always watch every step your parcel passes through. Trust me; you won’t lose your package ever. 

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