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How to locate and track packages on iPhone using Ordertracker

There is more to tracking orders than delivering a package on time. Order tracking services can give consumers a closer look into where their packages are at any given time, regardless of where they happen to be. This can improve customer satisfaction and help brands improve consumer loyalty. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to track packages on your iPhone or Android using Ordertracker and its key features.

What is Ordertracker?

Ordertracker is an easy-to-use parcel-tracking tool that allows users to locate and track packages with accuracy using their tracking number. It can be used on Android and iOS devices with equal ease. You can also track the order on Ordertracker’s website.

The tool provides package tracking progress for China Post tracking services, FedEx, UPS, and over 1200 courier companies. Packages can even be tracked when carriers are switched mid-transit. Also, an innovative AI system calculates and predicts the delivery day of the parcels.

How to use Ordertracker to track packages on iPhone or Android

  1. Download the Ordertracker app on your iPhone. (If you’re using an Android phone, you can download it from the Play Store)
  2. Launch the app → tap the plus (+) icon.
  3. Enter your Tracking number → hit Track.
    Optionally, you can assign a name for each package.
  4. Track your packages in real-time.

Alternatively, you can also use Ordertracker on any browser. All you need to do is follow a couple of steps to locate your local and international orders.

  1. Navigate to the Ordertracker website.
  2. Enter the tracking number into the tracking box.
  3. Click enter to receive an update on the tracking report.

Users can input large batches of tracking numbers or input them individually. The application will save the tracking numbers in the app and keep users up-to-date on the status of each delivery.

You will be notified of shipping delays and changes in routes and even get updates about when the package is handed over to a partner shipping company all in one place. If you wish to explore other apps, here’s a list of the best package tracking apps for iPhone.

Key features of Ordertracker app

The Ordertracker website and tracking tool is a one-stop shop for consumers and brands alike. Consumers can search for batch orders or individual orders from anywhere worldwide. Brands and retailers can integrate Ordertracker into online shops such as Shopify, Esty, or Alibaba with ease. Here are some of the other standout features, you can checkout our detailed article on reasons to pick OrderTracker App for your iPhone

  • Supports 1200 shipping companies
  • Bulk package tracking
  • 200 countries supported
  • Automatic Shipping company detection
  • Automated emails with delivery updates
  • Online and phone apps
  • And more!

Ordertracker has a lot to offer!

For consumers who are tired of losing track of their packages over several retailers, Ordertracker offers the option of keeping everything in one place. No longer is there a need to jump from one website to the next or find someone to translate a website into a different language. Updates are powered by AI, and customer tracking is highly detailed.

For consumers, tracking packages online through Ordertracker is also free and will help reduce the hassle that comes with traditional online shopping.

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