Newzik Sheet Music Reader

Newzik Sheet Music Reader for iPhone and iPad App

One of the things that musicians have to routinely carry out is managing scores. When almost everything is transformed into digital form, it pays to embrace the mobility of both getting the task done more conveniently and multiplying productivity.

If you are a musician who no longer wants to lug around books and binders and wish to bring about the desired convenience into the way you manage your scores, Newzik—a versatile sheet music reader for iPhone and iPad can be a huge asset for you. So, what makes this app such a real deal for musicians?

Newzik—The Excellent Sheet Music Reader App for iPhone and iPad

Whether you want to take complete control of your digital scores, customize them to your heart’s liking or collaborate with your teammates, this sheet music reader can stand up to the mark fairly well. Though I’m not a musician, a couple of my friends are professional musicians. Therefore I know what are the pivotal things for a musician or someone who is running orchestras. Having used Newzik for the past few days, I’m going to share my experience about it. Has it ticked off all the crucial boxes? Read on to find out:

Read And Manage Your Digital Scores

The most significant highlight of Newzik is the ability to let you read and manage your scores to your best liking. As a musician, you’d love to have this feature.

The elegant sheet music reader for iOS is compatible with most standard formats including PDF, MusicXML, audio and more. I have found it a great MusicXML reader.

Read And Manage Digital Scores in Newzik iPhone App

Besides, you can instantly import your scores into your iOS device and organize them into setlists. Even better, you can also customize your scores to suit your needs better.

Desired Flexibility

Writing and editing lyrics as well as chord songs is a breeze with this app. You can create multiple files pieces and combine them to display on the same screen. There is also an option to crop the pages to remove the margins and ideally optimize the display.

It also allows you to add different parts to a single piece. Based on your need, you can set your display preferences like chart or score. You can annotate your scores using pencils, highlighters, and musical notation stamps. Managing MusicXML scores is pretty straightforward. Smart features like transposition, smart zoom, tracks selection and MIDI generation offer you the much-needed control.

Flexibility of Newzik iPhone App

The app also allows you to synchronize your scores with audio or video files. Moreover, you can also create impressive karaoke versions or interactive materials. The integrated metronome is excellent for setting perfect temp for your music.

With the intuitive user-interface, the app feels pretty familiar. And even if you are not a tech-savvy, you won’t have to spend much time to master it.

Integrated A Powerful In-App IMSLP Search Tool

There is also an IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) search tool to let you access as many classical scores as you want—free of cost. When you have got your scores in your library, you can annotate them using pencils, highlighters, and musical notation stamps.

Newzik iPhone App IMSLP Search Tool

You can save your entire digital library in the cloud and access it from any of your devices.

Two Tailor-Made Features

Collaboration and teamwork are extremely crucial as they play a massive role in helping musicians deliver sensational performance. And this app has ensured you are able to work along with your teammates in perfect sync.

The music app features two tailor-made features to boost collaboration and teamwork for music bands and orchestras. With the help of collaborative setlists feature, you can comfortably share a setlist with your band or orchestra.

Newzik iPhone App Tailor-Made Features

For instance, each member can easily create his own parts, add pieces and make annotations. They can also follow other member’s moves. There is an enormously useful Band Mode that connects your iOS devices together to synchronize page turn and piece change on every device.

Support of Multiple Languages

Another notable feature of Newzik is that it supports multiple languages like English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. I expect the app to add the support for more languages through future updates.

So, just in case you are not comfortable with English, you have the option to manage your digital scores in your preferred language. And I guess most musicians would love to have this functionality.

Price and Availability

The music app for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 9 or later. It’s priced at $8.99.


The Verdict:

Newzik is an excellent mix of simplicity and versatility. I have found this app pretty decent regarding functionality.

Truth be told, when I first saw the $9 price tag, I wasn’t quite sure whether it would be able to live up to the billing. However, once I put my hands on it and spent some time; exploring all the features it boasts, I kinda began to like it.

I’d recommend this Sheet Music Reader to the folks who want to make scores management a pleasant and hassle-free affair.

Let me know what you think of this app and whether or not you’d want to try it on your device.

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