iPhone Upgrade Program

iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR Upgrade Program

Apple announced three of its smartphones – iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR. Customers worldwide were keen to take a glance at the three coveted pieces.

While genuine customers, who already have predecessors like iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus plan to upgrade their iPhones. We have already dealt with useful information on iPhone Upgrade Eligibility.

iPhone Upgrade Program: Choose Your Monthly Installment Program

But here, we want to convey another information and that is: iPhone Upgrade Program.

With the announcement of iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR, Apple has declared an in-house upgrade program. This program resembles the installment plans offered by mobile carriers, which allow you to buy a new iPhone every year for a monthly installment.

Initially, this program will be available in US Apple retail stores; the upgrade program allows you to select a mobile carrier of your choice as you will get the unlocked phone. The price starts at $37.41 a month. Take a look at the information below.

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

Apple has already started selling these iPhones from its official site.

Now check the upgrade eligibility of your iPhones and go for any of the above variants.

What does Apple offer to its customers?

Unlike mobile carriers in the United States, Apple provides AppleCare coverage to your hardware, expert technical support, and software support. You can purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan, which is a one-stop service from experts to get solutions in a single call.

Who can buy?

Any American citizen above the age of 18; kids are not eligible for this iPhone upgrade program.

Payment method

You can apply for the loan to Citizens Bank as Apple has a tie-up with this bank; one must have a valid US-issued credit card.

Where to sell your old iPhone?

Your old iPhone can get you the best value if you trade-in the device. But where to sell or trade-in your used iPhone? You can check out the possible trade-in prices of different iPhone models and then take the right decision.

Do you have a damaged piece?

The physical condition of your financed iPhone must be operational, and this will be decided by Apple or Apple’s trade-in service provider.

On its iPhone Upgrade Program Terms & Conditions, Apple notes that your iPhone must:

  • Power on and hold a charge
  • Have an intact and functioning display; and
  • Cannot have any breaks or cracks

Payments of your current iPhone pending?

You can join the iPhone Upgrade Program even if you haven’t made 12 payments of your current iPhone. This is possible only if you had made payments for the six months on your current device. You may need to pay the difference between the current balance and total of yearly payment to get a new iPhone.

That’s all!

Summing up…

It is not mandatory to upgrade your iPhone; it is entirely your prerogative to go for a new device; at the end of two years (24 months), you will have paid the full amount of your device, and then you can either sell it off or continue using it.

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