How to Fix iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error

iPhone screen displays iPhone is Disabled. Connect to iTunes after entering the wrong password multiple times. When you face this situation, you wonder why my iPhone is disabled and what to do to unlock it! Well, I have your back. Follow this step by step guide to bring back your iPhone to life.

So, for How Long is Your iPhone Disabled?

The very first thing you should do before going on to find a solution to fix the iPhone is disabled error is to check the waiting period. It’s because it can save you from going through a lengthy workaround.

Take a look at the error messages that appear after the number of wrong passcode entries.

  • 6 incorrect passcode attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute
  • 7 incorrect passcode attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 5 minutes
  • 8 incorrect passcode attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 15 minutes
  • 9 incorrect passcode attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes
  • 10 incorrect passcode attempts: iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes

Just in case, someone else like your little kid has disabled the iPhone, simply wait for the waiting time to pass. Once it is over, you can unlock your device as usual. In the meantime, you can do nothing but make emergency calls. Check out the button labeled Emergency at the bottom of the screen.

But if you have forgotten your passcode, take advantage of the waiting period to remember it. Just in case, it doesn’t come to your mind, you can always ask your loved one or close friend (who knows the passcode of your device) to help you out.

Keep in mind, with each failed attempt, your iPhone is disabled for a longer period. So, be very sure about the passcode that you enter.

Beware of this Security Feature When your iPhone is Disabled

iOS comes with a security feature called “Erase Data” (Settings → Touch/Face ID & Passcode → Erase Data) that automatically wipes all the existing data of the iPhone after 10 failed attempts. This is to ensure your sensitive information doesn’t fall prey to the wrong hands.

Open Settings Then Select Face ID and Passcode and Choose Erase Data on iPhone

If you have enabled this feature, be very specific about each passcode entry. Else, you’ll end up erasing all the data. And if you hadn’t backed up your device, you may lose all of your important information.

If you have reached this far, you have most probably exhausted all of your chances. If it’s the case, you should see “iPhone is Disabled: Connect to iTunes” error message.

In this scenario, you have primarily two options:

  • Restore the iPhone using Recovery Mode
  • Use to recover the iPhone

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ve explained both the solutions so that you can go with the preferred option depending on your convenience.

So, What to Do If iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error Occurs

Please note that as the process is quite the same, you can follow the same solutions mentioned below to fix your disabled iPad.

It’s worth reiterating that it will eliminate all the existing data on your iPhone. So, make sure you have the backup of your iPhone so that you can restore the device from the backup later.

How to Recover Disabled iPhone Using iTunes

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to Mac or Windows PC. Then launch Finder or iTunes.

Step #2. Now, we are going to put the iPhone into Recovery Mode.

iPhone 8, 8, Plus, X or newer

  • Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up/Down buttons. Then, slide to power off
  • Now, hold down the side button until the recovery screen appears.Hard Reboot iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th gen)

  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button. Then, drag the power off slider to turn off your iPhone
  • Next, hold down the volume down button until the recovery mode screen shows up.Reboot iPhone 7-7 Plus

iPhone 6s or earlier

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the power off slider shows up. After that, drag the slider to turn off your iPhone
  • Now, press and hold the home button until the recovery-mode screen appears.How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Step #3. Now, select your In the Finder, your iPhone will show up in the Locations section. In iTunes, you should see your iPhone in the upper left corner of the window.

Click on iPhone Icon in iTunes

Step #4. Next, click on Restore iPhone. iTunes/Finder will now download the appropriate iOS/iPadOS version for your device.

Restore iPhone and iPad using iTunes

Once the software download is complete, you can follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device. Along the way, you will get the option to restore your iPhone from iCloud/iTunes/Finder backup. Choose the preferred option and you are ready to go!

In terms of reliability both iTunes and Finder work pretty well in fixing a disabled iPhone issue. Just in case, they didn’t solve the problem (highly unlikely), is always there to rescue you.

But it works only if you’ve enabled Find My iPhone and the locked iPhone has a data connection.

How to Fix iPhone is Disabled Without iTunes

Step #1. Go to and then sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step #2. Now, Tap on Find iPhone.

Enter Apple ID and Password in iCloud and Tap on Find iPhone

Step #3. Next, Tap on All Devices at the center of the screen and then select your iPhone/iPad.

Step #4. Finally, click on Erase iPhone/iPad and then confirm.

Tap on All Devices and Then Tap Erase iPhone and Tap on Confirm on iPhone

Now, you can set up your device as usual. During the setup process, you will get the option to restore the device from the backup.

Tips to Avoid Disabled iPhone from Incorrect Passcode in Future

They say, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, if you wish to prevent your device from falling prey to this problem, these simple yet effective tips could prove to be a savior.

Note Down the Passcode

While it may not sound a perfect tip to many, it’s always better to write down a passcode in a note, especially when you are dealing with strong or for that matter alphanumeric ones. It’s done to ensure you can always go back and check the written code at a time where your mind can’t remember it. So, save this one to rescue you at the need of the hour.

Use Face ID/Touch ID

Oh, what better way to save yourself from entering passcode time and time again than using Face ID. Just take a glance at your iPhone and there you go! Not to underestimate the Touch ID as it’s equally efficient as a fingerprint scanner.

So, make the most of these biometric authenticators to deal with passcode comfortably. But keep in mind, you will still have to enter the passcode to unlock your iPhone in certain situations like after restarting the device.

Guided Access

If you have no choice but to give the device to a kid, take advantage of Guided Access. For the uninitiated, Guided Access allows you to limit your device to a single app and even control which features are available. Thus, the kid will remain locked inside a specific app, and therefore won’t be able to tinker with other apps and even jump onto the trail of entering the wrong passcode and eventually disabling the device.

And What About Using Simple or No Passcode At All?

In an era where hacking has become the order of the day and you are always under the constant watch of the prying eyes, the more safeguard you have, the less it feels. And in this dreading scenario, seeking a life beyond passcodes is like inviting thieves to rob you off in the broad daylight.

As someone who always puts security and privacy at the top of the priority list, I would never recommend you set easy or guessable passcode like 1234 as it puts your sensitive information at high risk. Don’t let your forgetfulness dictate terms and even jeopardize the security of your personal information.

Wrapping Up…

Hopefully, you have successfully unlocked the iPhone. Now that you have paid the heavy price, make sure not to forget the passcode ever again.

Just in case you had inadvertently disabled the iPhone in a pocket or a little kid turned out to be the villain, take extra measures to avoid falling prey again.

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