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Best battery saver apps for iPhone in 2024

Lasting battery life is one of the attributes users look for in iPhones. Your iPhone battery might dwindle with time. But it doesn’t have to happen early in its life cycle. While there are many ways to preserve your iPhone battery life, installing battery-saving apps keeps your battery usage in check.

Want to take further steps to prolong your iPhone battery life? These recommended apps are sure deals.

1. Battery HD+ – Editor’s choice

Battery HD+ app for iPhone and iPad

Battery HD+ presents a beautiful user interface seasoned with essential features to manage your iPhone’s battery health. The app’s dashboard also features a battery-level monitor. A dedicated section in the app features various stepwise tips for maintaining your battery to keep it longer. And there are widgets for seeing battery usage stats and adding devices remotely.

What’s more intriguing is that you can see the current rate you’re using your iPhone. This tells you how much time you have left to use different features on your iPhone. These include Wi-Fi, internet browsing, LED, calls, and 2D and 3D games.

The battery monitor on its dashboard also lets you see how long it’ll take your battery to charge. And you can toggle on the alarm to get notified when your battery gets charged. Additionally, Battery HD+ works well for monitoring your phone’s temperature and charge voltage. Ultimately, the app is free but features ads. These aren’t intruding, though.


  • Monitor battery usage stats
  • Add linked devices to monitor them remotely
  • See how much time you have left to use your current battery level
  • Monitor charge time
  • Get notifications when your battery is fully charged


  • Some features are vague
  • It contains ads

Price: Free


2. Battery Life Doctor Pro – App with battery saving tips

Battery Life Doctor Pro app for iPhone

Although both have similar features, Battery Life Doctor Pro is a significant improvement to Battery Saver. So while this one also features a battery monitoring dashboard, you can also see memory and disk usage in real-time. These provide additional steps for cleaning junk files and extra RAM usage effectively.

You can see your RAM capacity and how much of it your iPhone uses at a point. There’s also a similar stat for disk usage. Battery Life Doctor Pro doesn’t stop at cleaning junks to lighten up battery usage. It also features 15 proven ways to preserve your iPhone battery health.

The app is free, but the ads in this free tier can get frustrating. You can remove these with a one-off subscription.


  • Monitor battery level
  • Get up to 15 battery-saving tips
  • Monitor memory and disk usage on your iPhone
  • Remove junk files and clean iPhone memory to improve battery life


  • The free version contains many ads

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.99)


3. Battery Health – Battery save with charging history

Battery Health Charge Alarm app for iPhone

Battery Health is one of the best apps to improve your iPhone’s charging speed. One of its captivating attributes is its intuitive and comprehensive user interface.

The app packs many features with it, but a notable one is its charging history. This lets you keep a tab of 30 days charging behavior on your iPhone. That’s a super-cool feature, as you can monitor the rate of charge and discharge of your battery over time. Additionally, there’s a charging timer to get a better hang of how fast your iPhone battery charges.

All these previously mentioned features don’t come at a price. But you need a subscription if you want the app to dim your phone or hide your UI while charging. Indeed, this improves charging speed. There’s also an alarm that notifies you once your battery gets fully charged.


  • Ideal for improving charging speed
  • Charging history lets you monitor battery health over time
  • Automatically dim the iPhone and hide its UI to hasten up charging
  • Get notified when the battery is fully charged


  • The free tier contains ads

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $0.99)


4. Battery Life – Monitor battery levels of multiple devices

Battery Life app for iPhone to save battery

Want to manage your battery health across multiple Apple mobile devices? Battery Life gives you a level playground to do so. It’s ideal for monitoring the battery level, usage, and charge pattern on your iPhone and linked devices such as the Apple Watch.

This one provides an Apple Watch app plus the one on the iPhone. So you can link both devices and see how your battery performs on either device.

Notably, it features a widget for viewing your device’s runtime. These include your internet usage, talk time, Audio and video player, and more. The runtime feature gives you insights into what drains your battery. And there’s an alarm to notify you when your battery charges satisfactorily. This helps optimize battery charging and prevents it from taking in more charge voltage than it should.

You can monitor linked devices under its Connected devices section. Here, you can manage all coupled devices, including active, inactive, and unmonitored ones. The app is free. But you might want to opt for a premium plan to remove ads and use advanced features like custom notifications.


  • Manage multiple linked mobile devices at a time
  • Monitor device run time and get battery management tips
  • See how your phone uses different units with runtime


  • The free version contains ads

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.99)


5. Cloud Batteries – Cloud-based battery saver

Cloud Battery app for iPhone and iPad

As it sounds, Cloud Batteries uses cloud technology to sync all your Apple devices in one place—as long as they support iCloud. Hence, you can keep them all in one place and monitor their battery health remotely over the cloud.

The app supports iOS, macOS, and watchOS. And, of course, there are dedicated applications for each device type. You can also link Bluetooth low-energy devices like Apple Pencil via any device to add it to what you monitor. Since it’s cloud-based, you can closely watch other devices when you install the specific app for any device.

Cloud Batteries has a notification feature that alerts you when you need to unplug your iPhone from the charger. Additionally, you can set the app to notify you when your battery reaches a certain percentage. Using the app is easy. Moreover, adding a device is as simple as tapping the + icon at the top-left. Hence, you can now monitor devices’ battery levels directly from the dashboard. You can also sort devices using various criteria, such as battery level and device name, or you can use custom sorting.


  • Manage multiple devices via your iPhone
  • Sort devices as you like
  • Cloud technology lets it rapidly sync devices in real-time
  • A dedicated app is available across all Apple devices


  • The usage stats aren’t comprehensive

Price: Free (In-App Purchases starts at $4.99)


6. Ampere Battery Charging Check – Best app to assess charging speed

Ampere Battery Charging Check app for iPhone

Ampere Battery Charging Check allows you to monitor your battery charging speed and see how much battery each app on your iPhone consumes, among other things. The fact that you can view how fast your battery charges means you can also test different chargers and chords on your iPhone to see which charges faster.

Additionally, the app features a usage section to see the usage time left for each native feature on your iPhone. These include usage time for calls, internet usage, audio, video playbacks, and the cumulative time left.

One shortcoming of the app is its cluttered user interface, which affects usage only mildly. Otherwise, the app is ideal for its purpose.


  • See what time you have left to use your iPhone
  • Check your battery percentage
  • Monitor battery charging speed
  • Compare the charging speed of different chargers


  • The UI is a bit cluttered

Price: Free (In-App Purchases starts at $0.99)


That’s it. The battery is an essential part of your iPhone, and it can affect your phone usage negatively if it underperforms. Many factors can affect your battery life. Most of the recommended apps offer best practices to help you keep these in check. Got any comments or questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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