iPhone Battery Drain? These Best iPhone and iPad Battery Saver Apps of 2019 Are For You!

Want in-depth information about the battery status or usage of your iPhone? These are the 2019's top battery management apps for iPhone and iPad that can be of immense help. Head over to explore the most trusted battery saving apps for iOS and let us know your favorite pick in the comments below!

Battery issues on the iPhone is a consistent pain in the you-know-where. It’s a common problem which all of us have encountered on our iPhones at some time or the other. On most occasions, the issue is caused by power-hungry features, which can be managed properly to maximize iPhone battery. But if you wish to go a step further and have detailed information about how the battery is performing on your device and its actual health status, these best battery saver apps for iPhone and iPad can be of immense help.

Monitor system level operation on your device and find out the real status of the battery. Once you have caught the culprits red-handed, you know how to deal with them!

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Top Battery Management Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

#1. Battery Life – check runtimes

Battery Life iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Battery Life is what you need to keep a tab on the battery consumption on your iOS device. It shows your device’ total runtimes. For instance, you can check the talk time, Wi-Fi and LTE browsing, video, audio time. The app also displays the in-depth data of your battery so that you remain aware of its condition.

Today widget allows you to track the battery life of your device with ease. The neat user-interface coupled with the support of several languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, etc. makes this app very useful.

Price: Free

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#2. Battery Saver from lin tongtong

Battery Saver lin tongtong iPhone App Screenshot

It’s important to know the health of the battery as only then will you be able to know how well it can perform. With Battery Saver, you can instantly find out the real condition of your device’ battery and prevent it from losing steam.

The app shows the memory status of your device and also lets you monitor the available disk space and filled space. Besides, the app also provides some handy tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone.

Price: Free

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#3. Battery Life Doctor

Battery Life Doctor is a pretty simple app, which has an attractive user-interface. The app offers accurate system information so that you know which activities are draining the battery from your device. You can view the crucial data of your battery and get to know its real health.

You will check the available time estimation. And with battery fully charged reminder, it alerts you when your device is all set to go.

Price: Free

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#4. Battery saver – wifi analyzer

Battery Saver Wifi Analyzer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Only a doctor can let you find out what ails the battery of your iPhone and what should be done to fix it. Pick out Battery Health to have the comprehensive information of your device’ battery and its wear level.

Take a look at the total runtimes of the battery. It also provides hardware tests for your device. For example, you can get to know the functionality of the 3D Touch, GPS, flashlight, volume button and more. What’s more, Battery Health also offers additional information about storage, memory, CPU, GPU, network and more.

Price: $1.99

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#5. Battery HD+

Battery HD Plus Express iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Battery HD+ is an easy-to-use battery monitor for your iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can quickly find out how much juice is left for your Internet browsing, talk time, video watching, music listening, etc.

Thanks to the Today widget, the app lets you comfortably track your device’ battery. Once your device is fully charged, it alerts you that it’s time to remove the iPhone from charging.

Moreover, Battery HD+ has the support of multiple languages like English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish and more.

Price: Free

#6. Battery Saver from Qian Wu

Battery Saver Battery doctor iPhone App Screenshot

This battery saver iOS app features a clean interface that allows you to quickly access the important data. Keep an eye on the daily system status to ensure the battery consumption on your iPhone is as per your expectation.

Take a glance at the entire battery usage list and find out the ways to cut down on the unnecessary battery usage. You can also view the battery level gauge and remaining battery charge in Percentage. Hunt down the redundant usage and save as much as 50% battery life of your iOS device.

Price: Free

#7. Battery Saver – iDevice Battery Life

Battery Saver iDevice Battery Life iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one offers plenty of crucial information to help you nab the culprits and empower your iPhone’s battery life. You can closely monitor the battery usage on your device and get to know which activities are causing the battery drain.

The app also shows the total runtime for each activity like web browsing, video, talk time and more. You can find out the remaining disk space as well. More significantly, the app is available for Apple Watch as well so that you can check the battery status of your iPhone right from your smartwatch.

Price: Free

#8. Battery Care

Battery Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Battery Care” works as a smart guide and assists you in keeping a tab on the battery usage. The app provides some valuable tips that can be pivotal in extending the battery life of your device. Besides, they can also be very helpful in charging your device securely.

The in-depth battery data offers you the right insight about power usage and how to reduce it. Furthermore, Battery Care supports multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Price: $1.99

#9. Full Battery – Saver Boost

Full Battery Saver Boost iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This app can help you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery. You can take advantage of the useful tips to figure out the ways to prevent the power-hungry features from running amuck and cut down the unnecessary battery consumption.

The battery saver app lets you keep track of the remaining time for several things like audio playback, using the Internet and more. Furthermore, it also lets you find out important information like App CPU usage, RAM memory, model, and graphics so that you remain updated about the system status.

Price: Free

#10. iBattery Saver and Info

iBattery Saver and Info iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The iBattery keeps you posted with the accurate battery information of your iOS device. With just a glance, you can access all the essential standby information. Once your device is fully charged up, it reminds you that it’s time to go.

Apart from playing a vital role in extending the battery life of your iPhone, it also shows important info about your device. For instance, you can check out the total memory and even the used and inactive memory. As it doesn’t require any Internet connection, you will be able to use it freely to keep an eye on the power without any interruption.

Price: $1.99

That’s all for now!

Empower Your iPhone Battery to Last Long!

Now, take the full advantage of these apps to perfectly manage the battery life of your iPhone. I’m sure they can be of enormous help in powering up the device to last longer.

If there is any app we have missed to include in this list, do let us know that in the comments below.

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