Unemployed? Need a new challenge? Your new job is just a tap away! With the recession, most of us are always looking for good jobs. With job cuts, lay offs and mass redundancies, the market is getting quite competitive. And you’re completely on your own when it comes to finding a job.

Hunting for a job involves finding a job vacancy, applying for it and then facing an interview. The toughest part in an ever-competitive world is finding a vacancy. But without a great CV, it’s hard to convince any employer of your abilities. The CV is the gateway.

Best iPhone Apps to Create Resume

With your iPhone or iPad, you can not only find the right position but also design a fantastic CV too! Here’s a list of apps that help you create amazing CVs within minutes by helping you collate information easily.

#1. CV Builder Pro

CV Builder Pro iPhone App IconBefore you actually get down to finding a job, you must have an impressive resume. Making one from scratch can be quite a tedious task. This app helps you build a stunning CV. CV Builder pro splits your CV into different sections from which you simply fill in your details. You can also preview what your CV will look like. The best part is that you can import data from LinkedIn too.

You can build as many resumes as you choose using the 8 different design formats available. Once you’re done, email it to yourself or to your potential employer from the within the app or copy it to Dropbox and you’re good to go.

Price: $3.99
Download Pocket CV

#2. Monster Jobs

Monster Jobs iPhone App IconThis one needs no introduction! Monster is one of the biggest and best job portals in the world. The Monster Jobs iOS app is a robust and sleek version of the website. You can search for jobs using keywords or a location and save the ones you like. You can also apply for jobs online.

You can save jobs to view at a later date, and see all the positions you’ve already applied for. If you have a Monster account, you can directly log in and access your covering letters and CVs or sign up for the app.

Price: Free
Download Monster

#3. ResuM8

ResuM8 iPhone App IconHere’s another fantastic app that’ll help you build an outstanding CV. ResuM8 helps you put your likes, dislikes, strengths and skills all together on one CV. The app could certainly do with a bit of spit and polish in the design department but it’s perfect for creating a quick-fire CV. You can send your CV as a PDF or RTF file with a covering letter. There’s a paid pro version which has some additional features if you need them.

Price: Free
Download ResuM8

#4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn iPhone App IconLinkedIn is not just a great place to find jobs, but it keeps you well-connected. LinkedIn is the ‘business’ social network that keeps you in touch with the right people.

You can build a virtual CV, make contacts, get recommendations and search for jobs that interest you. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has a ‘feed’ that displays updates and news of people in your circle. You can also see who or which potential employer saw your profile. There are also a lot of LinkedIn groups you can join to keep up with latest news and job openings.

Price: Free
Download LinkedIn

#5. Resume Designer

Resume Designer Pro iPhone App IconThis is a great template tool for creating the perfect CV on the go! It is a rather basic and simple app that lets you create your CV when you need it urgently. There’s a predefined template with sections like Experience, Skills, Objectives and the likes where you just need to quickly fill in your information and details.

You can also create your own custom sections. In addition, you can add an events section to make a list of significant events to be shown in order. Once done, simply email or print the CV from the app itself. The only downside is that there’s no control over the fonts or colours, but this is still a great app for creating a good-looking document super-fast!

Price: $2.99
Download Resume Designer

#6. Resume Mobile

Resume Mobile iPhone App IconResume App helps you build, design and generate a professional-looking PDF resume, completely customizable with whatever information you choose to include, that you can send out directly from your iPhone!

Price: $2.99
Download Resume Mobile

These apps are just a real hip guide to creating an impressive resume. When you have a CV that you can show off, you automatically feel confident about yourself. They say if you have an impressive CV, half the job is done! The other half depends on your personal interview. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a job or have wanted to make a CV recently, this post is definitely going to be quite helpful. While we have listed the most popular apps, there are many others you can browse. Go on then! Blow the world away with your CV and take one step closer to your dream job!