Best Time Zone Converter Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Although the world has become a global village, countries are geographically spread out far and wide. While the sun rises in the east, the west is sleeping dead. For this reason, different locations are divided under different time zones. It can be a perfect time for you to call someone, but the person sitting (or maybe sleeping) on the other hemisphere would not like to receive your calls. Thankfully your iOS devices come in handy in such situations, mainly if you use one of these amazing time zone converter apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. iOS World Clock

iPhone and iPad Cloak App Screenshot

What’s great is that it is simple, easily accessible, and an Apple-made iOS app for converting time zone. All you have to do is open your Clock app, tap on the World Clock tab at the bottom, and add or delete time zones.

You don’t get a handy widget, so you will have to open the Clock app, every time you need to check different time zones. Moreover, it does not allow you to convert future timings. Well, that’s pretty plain Jane in comparison to our other listings.

Price: Free 

2. World Clock Time Widget

World Clock Time Widget iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A smart widget that makes managing different time zones a piece of cake. First and foremost, the world clock comes to Today’s View. This gives you access to the correct time and date of any place, with just a single swipe.

Amazingly, you can arrange the clock according to your needs, whether by a name, time, location, or just randomly. Select whether you prefer a 12h or 24h display. To make things easier, you also get to rename the clock to a custom name. So feel free to call Paris by your friends/colleagues/clients who live there.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $1.99)

3. Time Buddy – Easy Time Zones

Time Buddy Time Converter iOS App Screenshot

The main agenda behind this app is to set up an available meeting time for people living across different time zones. In that perspective, it is a well-designed app. However, if your purpose is only to calculate different time zone, opt for a different one.

Each time zone/location selected is lined up in rows and blocks represent hours. Smart color coding lets you choose a manageable meeting time that lies in everyone’s working or awake hours. Once selected, share the time via email, mark your calendars, or copy times to clipboard.

Price: Free (Upgrade – $2.99)

4. Klok – Time Zone Converter

Klok Time Zone Converter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A simple yet effective time zone converter for iOS devices. Just add the widget to your Today’s View and a glance or convert time without the need of unlocking your device.

The app lets you gain full control over the widget. Decide which time zone you want to access regularly. Select whether you prefer analog or digital watch face.

Price: Free

5. World Clock Pro Mobile

World Clock Pro Mobile Time Converter iOS App Screenshot

As the ‘Pro’ in the app name suggests, this iOS app for converting time zone aimed at professionals. The fun and straightforward interface makes it accessible to all. An analog watch divided into black (night) and white (day), reports the time of your current location.

However, there can be more than a few watch hands in the mix. Each hand represents selected locations and points at the current time in that zone. To convert time, just drag and drop the clock hands on the desired time. You can add an event, schedule meetings, and share them with others in just some clicks.

Remember, there is also a friendly widget in the mix. So go ahead and arrange webinars, organize group calls, and do more great things just from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Price: $2.99

6. GlobeTempus Convert Time Zone

GlobeTempus Convert Time Zone iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you convert time for fun, traveling, or business, everyone is entitled to some visual treat. And this app is exactly that and somethings more. With real-time day & night visualization for the locations selected, it colors your screen in fifty shades of blue.

Moreover, each location features unique city landmarks and landscape animations for easier recognition. But our fascination is not just about the looks. The app has some great features as well, from geo-based location support to calendar synchronization. It even features an offline mode.

Price: Free (Unlock Pro Version – $3.99)

7. Time Intersect – World Time

Time Intersect Time Converter iOS App Screenshot

As the makers put it, Time Intersect is a gesture-driven app that makes time conversion a piece of cake. All you have to do is swipe sideways to check/change the time for all locations.

Especially great for travelers, they can quickly calculate current and future timings of their layovers or destinations. Moreover, you can view the exact location on the map and opt for in-app services like currency converter, among others. It also boasts a smart meeting planner, that recommends a convenient meeting time for all participants.

Price: Free (Time Intersect Pro – $4.99)

8. Circa³ – Time Zone Converter

Circa3 Time Zone Converter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

One of the few time zone converter apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch as well. The interface of Circa reminds me of the activity rings. Instead of the move, stand, and exercise rings, it sports time zone rings of selected locations.

My most favorite feature is that the color blocking continues in widget as well, making time conversion easy and fun. It can also sync with the calendar to quickly see when you are free or busy. Depending upon your schedule and other participants’ time zones, you can select a suitable meeting time. Create invitations and send invites from the app itself.

Price: $3.99

9. Meeting Planner

Meeting Planner Time Converter iOS App Screenshot

As you may have guessed from the name, the app enables professionals dealing with employees/clients from varied locations to set a perfect meeting. What sets this one apart from its contemporary is the time table method that is both easy to use and easy on the eyes as well.

Interestingly, a traffic light concept is used for color coding time. Green indicates a go-ahead for a meeting; yellow is excellent for a personal call, and red means you will be waking someone up. Share the meeting details via an email or export it to add to your calendar.

Price: $2.99

10. CalZones

CalZones Time Comverter iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A calendar app and a time zone converter app rolled into one. The primary timeline stacks time from different selected locations for a quick preview. Just below this timeline, upcoming events are color-coded and lined according to priority and timing. When creating a new event, a time picker comes to your aid and displays the chosen time across all your selected timezones.

In case you prefer the traditional calendar view, that feature is also available. Today Widget also supports two distinct modes; depending upon your preference, select the compact or expanded view. Compatible with your Apple Watch as well, CalZones incorporates several beautiful Apple Watch Complications.

Price: $4.99

So, what time is it at your location!!

Don’t you think this will make an exciting game, comment below with your time and location… let’s see which time zone does our followers hail from. Whether you want to play the game or not, make sure to share your views and reviews about these iOS apps for converting time zone.

Do let us know which one is your favorite. For now, let’s see some more useful iOS apps:

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