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Well-organized HR management is the key to deriving desired result. Regardless of the size, every organization has to make investment in terms of money, technology and time to manage human resource to the best possible manner.

It's never easy to find right candidates for your job. It's even tougher to recognize and groom their talent. However, you can bring a new aspect to HR management through your iPhone with some improvised techniques. Your iDevice will not only help you manage resources even on the fly but also make management more convenient for you. Here is the roundup of the best HR management apps for iPhone, you must have a look-in, if you are an HR professional.

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Best HR Management Apps for iPhone

Best HR Management Apps for iPhone

#1. HR Management

HR Management iPhone App IconHR management app provides you an effective tool of people management strategies. This app contains highly appreciable practices, product news and information regarding HR. You can also have access to the latest HR management videos that will give you hands-on exposure as well as expertise of management.

This app lets you have easy access to HR management job postings to USA, UK, Australia and Canada. It requires iOS 7 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad.

Price: Free
Download HR Management

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#2. TotalHRWorks

TotalHRWorks iPhone App IconTotalHRWorks has been designed to help you manage workforce with relative ease. This app features three important aspects of management– HR, Payroll, time and attendance. It has both employee level and manager level functionalities.

Employee level functionality lets you review schedules, submit time of requests, view time of balances, check historical pay statements. The manager level functionality allows you to know who is in or out, approve time off requests, restructure HR tasks through checklists and more.

Price: Free
Download TotalHRWorks

#3. Incisive HRM

Incisive HRM iPhone App IconIncisive HRM allows you to manage and supervise resources efficiently. You can quickly access employee information and be able to track it. It also lets you search leave and attendance.

If you are looking to have an easy-to-use HR management with basic features, Incisive will be a good option for you.

Price: Free
Download Incisive HRM

#4. Employee Manager

Employee Manager iPhone App IconEmployee Manager is equipped to manage employee records in an organized way. This app makes it very easy for you to track the performances of employees and their goals. As a result, you are able to take fast decisions about them.

It allows you to securely backup your data with cloud. You can quickly export incident history through email in a CSV file. Besides, it lets you launch email, phone calls and send text right from the app in order to help you communicate fast. Based on the requirement of your business, you can customize this app accordingly.

Price: $4.99
Download Employee Manager

#5. Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR iPhone App IconCezanne HR helps you improve the way you manage people in a more structured manner. This app allows you to check holiday balance, view absences and even the upcoming absences of your colleagues. Along with that, you can view pending tasks, submit, approve and decline absence requests.

You can easily search contact details and get in touch with people quickly. If managing people has been a tedious task for you so far, you don’t need to look beyond this app.

Price: Free
Download Cezanne HR

#6. TribeHR

TribeHR iPhone App IconTribeHR keeps you connected with your team via the company’s newsfeed. It lets you view and comments to any compliments sent to you. This app makes it very easy for you to access company’s directory instantly.

You can add photos to easily recognize any colleague. It also allows you to request time off, review sub-ordinates' requests, view upcoming events and PTO.

Price: Free
Download TribeHR

#7. Exact HR Self Service

Exact HR Self Service iPhone App IconWith Exact HR Self Service, managing your personal information which you generally don’t share with other staffs becomes much easier. Besides, you can view time off balance, request a day off or make a call when you are sick. This app lets you secure personal info with a pin code.

You can make a company wide time off process or sick leave process. It also lets you access salary slips, annual statements. As it supports many languages, it will be pretty handy in letting you communicate in various languages.

Price: Free
Download Exact HR Self Service

#8. HR and Employee Management Advice

HR and Employee Management Advice iPhone App IconHR and Employee Management Advice specialises in helping you hire best people. Through this app, you can learn about the interview process, hiring the right people with well designed tutorial and videos on each topic. So you can pick right candidate for your company even without hiring HR firm.

It provides you very useful insights as to how you can increase productivity as well as profitability. Moreover, it contains key HR resources that play a vital role in management.

Price: Free
Download HR and Employee Management Advice

#9. Infor Talent Manager

Infor Talent Manager iPhone App IconInfor Talent Manager is about accessing the required data or managing resources quickly. It lets you view your team’s contact info, key dates with just a glance. Besides, you can also check out a team member’s profile to get some important info regarding his work, compensation and about his performance.

You can give quick updates to the team and its goals. This app makes info sharing from your iPhone relatively easy.

Price: Free
Download Infor Talent Manager

#10. Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager iPhone App IconRecruiting right candidate is the key to progress. Recruitment Manager lets you pick the right candidate through some intelligently-structured ways.

This app features three very significant modules that are capable of providing much-needed consultant information. You can search candidates by their speciality or names, schedule interviews or follow-ups through calendar.

Depending on your wish, you can retrieve data from many different data sources like, MySQL database or SAP process.

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Price: Free
Download Recruitment Manager


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