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Regardless of the size, every organization has to invest money, technology, and time to manage human resources in the best possible manner. Thanks to some fantastic HR Management Apps for your iOS devices, the job can manage more efficiently. A well-organized HR management is a key to deriving the desired result. It’s never easy to find the right candidates for your job. Though it’s tougher to recognize and groom their talent, these tools can come in handy if you are an HR professional.

1. Workday

Workday HR Management iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you work in a medium or large organization, Workday can uncomplicate your regular administrative tasks. Single cloud software that can manage and streamline finance, HR, and planning.

Efficiently conduct multiple tasks such as leave authorization, payroll, or expense sheet management, from your mobile device itself. You can also avail of a worker’s lifecycle, from recruitment to career growth. Manage a talent pool that can help you size up current employees and recruit new ones as well.

Price: Free

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist HR Management iOS App Screenshot

As per The Verge, Wunderlist is “the best to-do list app,” and we support the sentiment. Most apps on our list are dedicated to administrative task management. This one is to aid you in managing all personal and professional tasks. Not just make a to-do list, but you can add subtasks, notes, files, and comments to them as well.

You can also set due dates and reminders to ensure timely completion of your tasks. Keep all data synced across devices. Share this list with your colleagues and assign them their jobs. Moreover, the app also lets you save web pages and articles for referencing later.

Price: Free

3. Paycor Mobile

Paycor Mobile HR Management iPhone App Screenshot

More than half of an HR executive’s life is dedicated to approvals and tracking employee’s activities. Paycor helps cut that time down to a minimum. Instead of monitoring cc’d emails or files, you can check an employer’s profile to gain information. The app lends a host of powers from approving time-off requests to editing punches for employees.

On a similar note, the life of an employee is also sorted. They can track their leaves, punch timings, benefits, upcoming schedules, without the need to badger an HR person for the same. Paycor also supports push notifications, touch, and face ID passwords.

Price: Free

4. Trello

Trello HR Management iOS App Screenshot

While not a specific HR management tool, it is one tool that can be quite handy for any HR executive. After all, micro-management is a significant part of their job profile. Think of it like a visual pinboard, where you can pin to-do lists, tasks, comments, ideas, attachments, etc.

You can create multiple boards and share them across the platform with relevant team members. Every participant will now be part of the loop and notified about the changes. Moreover, the app also works offline, as well!! The work is saved and updated online when a connection is made.

Price: Free (One Month of Trello Gold – $4.99)

5. UltiPro

UltiPro iPhone and iPad HR Management App Screenshot

As the name suggests, the app is the ultimate and professional human capital management solution. We agree to a degree, as UltiPro brings different sections of HR under one big, user-friendly umbrella. With real-time data synchronization, the managerial team can make informed and quick decisions, even when they are away from their desks.

Available only to authorized customers of UltiPro, the app is helpful for all employees. Workers can quickly access their pay information, request time off, and communicate with colleagues. A simple and visual interface simplifies daily HR management easy.

Price: Free

6. Deputy: Shift Schedule Maker

Deputy Shift Schedule Maker HR Management iOS App Screenshot

It is developed to enable a mobile-first approach for both the employer and the employee. You can easily handle schedules, timesheets, tasks, communication, performances, and more. For starters, create a balanced, cost-effective roster in just minutes.

Then send this plan to your team via SMS, email, or push notifications. The team can communicate their take on it, and you can quickly approve shift swap or drops from your mobile device. All-in-all, you can keep seamlessly track all your employee’s schedules and payments; and that too remotely, even from your Apple Watch.

Price: Free

7. Namely

Namely HR Management iPhone App Screenshot

Ranked no. 1 HR software for 2019 by Newsweek, Namely is an end-to-end cloud-based solution. All human resource data can be managed from Namely’s centralized platform. Particularly great for employees as they can access their paystubs, benefits, tax documents, etc.

It also doubles as an inter-office communication system as coworkers can instantly call, text, or email each other. As for an HR official, features such as employee performance levels, analytics, and timesheets are available. Most importantly, you can also set restrictions to keep sensitive HR information locked.

Price: Free

8. BambooHR

BambooHR iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A suitable app for small and medium-sized businesses who want to leave spreadsheets behind. The app smartly automates tedious HR functions to simplify and streamline your work. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation or building culture.

Bamboo collects and organizes all employee data throughout their job-cycle. You can have access to this so-called company directory wherever you go. Moreover, other employees can see a colleague’s information and call, email, or message them with just a tap.

Price: Free

9. SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors HR Management iOS App Screenshot

A leading cloud-based HCM Suite, SAP SuccessFactors brings flexible, complete, and seamless HR solutions on the table. The company stresses putting people at heart. And thus incorporates the latest technologies that connect people to purpose and drive results across your business.

Keeping management at its core, the app lets you keep track of all employees and contingent labor data. If hailing for different countries, it also notes country-specific requirements and benefits. Embedded analytics helps you view and maintain your company’s organizational structures with real-time insights.

Price: Free

10. Zenefits

Zenefits HR Management iPhone App Screenshot

Amongst the best HR solution for small scale businesses. Monitored from a centralized dashboard, the Zenefits app keeps HR managers updated about all relevant information. From tracking shift timings to holidays, all the data can be accessed directly from your smartphone.

The managers can streamline onboarding, manage employee directories, performance reviews, and so much more. Additionally, the apps let employees sign up for benefits online; once done, an automated payroll system ensures the correct amount of deductions are made.

Price: Free

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