How to fix Instagram not playing videos automatically on iPhone

How to fix Instagram not playing videos automatically on iPhone

We all love watching reels on Instagram in our leisure time. But what if these videos are not auto-played? It obviously gets frustrating. So, let’s explore 10 ways to fix Instagram not playing videos automatically on iPhone.

1. Fix the internet connection

Instagram video streaming needs a reliable, unhampered internet connection so the feed can load continually. Try switching between cellular and Wi-Fi data connections to fix the issue. Also, verify the Low Data Mode is not enabled. It may also happen your Wi-Fi is faulty. So, try to do other online activities to check it. 

If it doesn’t load, turn the Wi-Fi off on your iPhone, switch the router off for a few minutes and turn it on again. Besides, if you use cellular data, go to Settings → Cellular → check if the Instagram toggle is on.

Instagram toggle on Cellular Data

2. Check if Instagram’s servers are down

You cannot play videos, view photos, or send direct messages in the Instagram app while the servers are down. Check the social accounts of Instagram for any outage news. You can wait for Instagram to take care of the problem on their end.

3. Force quit and relaunch app

It may happen that you have opened several apps, and they all are running in the background. So, most of your data is consumed by the background app refresh feature, and Instagram doesn’t get adequate bandwidth. Also, too many apps together may overlap and create some gitch.

Therefore, swipe up and hold from the Home Screen to open the App Switcher. Then remove the apps along with Instagram. It will force the app to stop background activities. After a few seconds, re-open the app and check if the problem is resolved.

Force quit on iPhone

4. Update Instagram

Instagram regularly updates its app for performance improvements. So, keep your Instagram app up to date. Open the App Store → search Instagram to check if any update is available. If yes, install the latest version.

5. Offload and reinstall the app

The issue may happen from corrupted Instagram data files. Therefore, clearing the Instagram cache will be ideal. To do so, you need to offload the app and then reinstall it. It will clear the local data storage, but your app’s data and documents will remain intact. 

  1. Go to Settings General iPhone Storage.
  2. Now scroll down and choose Instagram.

    Tap on General, iPhone Storage, Instagram 
  3. After that, choose Offload App to delete the app → tap Offload App again to confirm.
  4. Now, tap the Reinstall App option that appears.

    Offload and reinstall the app on iPhone

Wait for the download to complete, and you’re good to go.

6. Grant Instagram app permission

Instagram requires authorization to operate smoothly and without crashes. So, you must allow app permission for this. When you first install the app, the app asks for them. Therefore, verify if all permissions are on.    

  1. Open Settings → Instagram.
  2. Each toggle should be ON.

    Grant Instagram app permission on iPhone

7. Turn off Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode restricts background tasks like downloading new content. So, it may interfere with Instagram video playback. Therefore, turn it off to fix Instagram not playing videos automatically.

  1. Open Settings → tap Battery
  2. Now toggle off the Low Power Mode switch.

    Disable Low Power Mode on iPhone

8. Restart your iPhone

I think restarting iPhone is the most obvious fix. It resolves any little glitches. Refer to our guide to learn how to restart an iPhone. Then open Instagram to check whether the Instagram video problem is solved.

Drag the slider to Turn Off iPhone 11

9. Reset the Network Settings

Rather than doing a factory reset, you may only Reset Network Settings to resolve network troubles. A network refreshment may help you to get rid of Instagram problems. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Now choose Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

    Reset network settings on an iPhone
  3. Enter your passcode now and select Reset Network Settings.

10. Contact Instagram

If none of the methods worked for you, you could take help from Instagram. 

  1. Go to Instagram → your Profile → SettingsHelp
  2. Now choose Report a Problem.

    Choose Report a Problem in Instagram 
  3. If you have enabled Shake phone to report a problem, choose Report problem without shaking
  4. From the next page, select Include and continue
  5. Now you will find a text editing section, so write your problem briefly. You may attach screenshots. 
  6. Finally, tap Send.

    Take help from Instagram 

You’ll get a Thanks popup with the message “Your comments improve Instagram”.

So, that’s all for today, folks!

Instagram not playing videos automatically on iPhone issues may ruin your app experience. I hope my tips helped you to troubleshoot the problem. Do you know any other method? Let me know in the comments below.

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