How to Enable Low Data Mode in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad

With some useful set of features in iOS 13 like dark mode, improved photos app, better privacy and a lot more got my attention right away! But the best of all was the low data mode introduced in iOS 13 that can eventually save your cellular and Wi-Fi data if you have a limited plan. And to save data was a long process back in iOS 12

When you turn on low data mode in iOS 13, the background app refresh stops and it also blocks the communication of those apps. It holds down all the app requests and syncing tasks when the low data mode is on. The photos app too won’t be able to take a backup of your photos. You can only get your apps back to normal when it’s connected to a network that doesn’t have low data mode turned on. Overall, this can also improve the battery life of your iPhone.

How to Turn ON iOS 13 Low Data Mode on iPhone and iPad

So if you are running out on data with the limited data plan on your iPhone, you must activate low data mode on iPhone in iOS 13. There are two ways through which you can do this. One is for cellular and another is for Wi-Fi networks! 

Quick Access:

How to Enable Low Data Mode for Cellular Data

To turn on the low data mode in iOS 13 on your iPhone, follow the below-given steps right away

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Mobile Data/Cellular.

Tap on Mobile Data in iOS 13 Settings

Step #2. Now tap on Mobile/Cellular Data Options.

Tap on Mobile Data Options in iOS 13 Mobile Data Settings

Step #3. Next, Toggle ON Low Data Mode switch to green.

Turn ON Low Data Mode in iOS 13 on iPhone

That’s how simple it is to enable the low data mode on your iPhone. It’s always recommended to check the cellular data usage so that you know where the maximum data is being used. 

How to Enable Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi Networks

If your device is often connected to multiple Wi-Fi networks, ensure that you follow the same procedure for all the networks to activate low data mode on your iPhone. Here’s how you can!

Step #1. Launch Settings App and tap on Wi-Fi option.

Tap on WiFi in iOS 13 Settings

Step #2. Now under the My Networks section, tap on “i button which is right beside the Wi-Fi name on the right of your screen.

Tap on i icon next to Connected Wifi in iOS 13 Wifi Settings

Step #3. Toggle ON Low Data Mode option from the screen that appears. 

Turn ON Low Data Mode for WiFi in iOS 13This will now stop using excess data from your Wi-Fi network ensuring that if there are more than 3-4 members connected on the same network, the speed doesn’t get down. That’s another advantage as well besides saving data. 

Summing Up…

Few apps come with an option of low data usage mode, just like Instagram. But not many support this and that’s where low data mode in iOS 13 comes handy. Did you try this latest feature of iOS 13 yet? If not, give it a try and let us know your results in the comment section below. 

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