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How to sound recognize using iPhone

Originally introduced with iOS 14, Sound Recognition is available in upcoming iOS. This accessibility setting allows your iPhone to continuously listen for specific sounds and notify you when it detects them. It is beneficial for hearing impairments but can also help other uses. So, let’s learn how to use sound recognition using the iPhone.

What does sound recognition do? 

As the name suggests, sound recognition enables your iPhone to detect certain sounds and notify you when it hears them. You can choose to be notified about a range of sounds, including everything from fire and smoke alarms to the dings of household appliances and the sounds of pets and babies.

2 new sounds, namely glass breaking and kettle, have been added to iOS 15. This enables your iPhone to recognize fifteen sounds, compared to iOS 14’s thirteen sounds. By toggling on the essential sound recognitions, you can stay well-informed in any given situation by receiving the notification on your iPhone.

How to turn on iPhone sound recognition

  1. Go to Settings → Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down and tap Sound Recognition.
  3. Toggle on Sound Recognition.

    enable sound recognition in ios 14 on iphone
  4. Select Sounds.
  5. Now, toggle on the options that you want your iPhone to alert you about.

    tap on sound and then turn on different sounds on iphone

How to add sound recognition to iPhone Control Center

  1. Go to Settings → Control Center.
  2. Under More Controls, find and tap the green plus icon next to Sound Recognition.
    This will add it to the list of Included Controls. You can rearrange the items on the list using the hamburger handles on each control’s right.

    rearrange sound-recognition in control center on iphone running ios 14
  3. Once added, you can access it by launching Control Center.

    open control center to view sound recognition

Get instant sound recognition notification on iPhone and iPad

get sound recognition notification on iphone running ios 14

Once you’ve turned on sound recognition, you will receive an instant notification when your iPhone detects the selected sounds. We tested this feature, and it worked pretty well. However, you must remember that it’s not foolproof. So, you should still be cautious about your environment and not rely on this feature in critical situations.

What do you think of sound recognition on iPhone? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below.

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