How to Use ‘Live View’ AR Walking Directions in Google Maps on iPhone

How to Use AR Walking Directions in Google Maps on iPhone

Whether it’s day or night, near or far, intracity or intercity, a familiar or untraveled terrain, Google Maps can help through point A to B effortlessly. However, it does stumble at times due to improper network, GPS connection issues, and also due to users’ distorted direction sense.

As an initiative to further improve Google Maps experience, Google has added an AR walking directions feature to Google Maps app. Dubbed as Live View – the feature uses your phone’s camera to recognize your surroundings and displays virtual markers and arrows, directing you towards your destination.

Until now, the beta version of Live view was only available in Google’s Pixel phones; Google now extends the beta version to Android and iOS devices. Still, in a very primary phase/stage, Google has rolled out the update for selected places and users only.

So, it may be days or weeks until you get the AR View update on your iPhone; however, you can learn how to use AR Walking Directions in Google Maps on iPhone, right now.

Before we proceed with the update, note a few things:

  • For now, Google Live View only works with walking directions
  • The Live View will only work with places where Google Street View is available
  • It works with your camera, so you will have to give Google Maps access to your camera
  • The camera needs to recognize your surroundings, so the feature will not work in low-light environments for now
  • Holding your phone in front of you while walking may lead to accidents, use the feature responsibly

How to Use Google Map Live View Feature on iPhone

Note: Before you begin, ensure that you have the latest version of Google Maps.

Step #1. Open Google app on your iPhone

Step #2.
Type in your destination into the search bar, select the correct option.

Step #3.
Tap on the Directions to be directed to the map.

Step #4.
Tap on the Walking option, if the feature is available on your iPhone, you will spot a Start AR tab next to the Start tab.

Step #5.
Tap on Start AR tab, lift your phone, and pan your camera in a sweeping motion to scan the surroundings; this may take a few seconds.

Step #6.
Once done, the map will drop down at the bottom of the window, and you will see the camera view of the street. The view will also have arrows, virtual marker, and audio notifications leading you towards your direction.

That’s all folks!

Do remember to pay attention to your surroundings while you are walking. Google will also remind you of the same and ask you to put your phone down. Once you put the phone down, maps automatically switch to the normal mode, and as soon as you raise the iPhone again, it will change back to the live view immediately.

Video: How to Use AR View on Google Maps on iPhone

YouTube video

Signing off…

Though I entrust Google Maps as a worthy travel companion and use it often, there are moments when I struggle to figure out the correct exit or turn point. At such junctures, I hoped for an upgrade to handle such an issue.

It seems the prayers/demands of Google Maps’ users have been answered by Google via augmented reality. If you are unclear about the concept, imagine Pokemon Go, the game layered Pokemon images and virtual icon over the real world.

Similarly, Google Maps layers images over the real world to help you find the right directions. In fact, at times when you don’t know the exact building upon reaching your destination, the Live View can simply point out the building to you.

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How very interesting! I can’t wait to explore the feature further. How about you? What are your thoughts about this new addition? Share your views and reviews with us in comment box.

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