How to Use iOS 14 App Library on iPhone

After you install iOS 14 and swipe right to left on the rightmost Home Screen, you see a new area. It is called the App Library. It has apps organized in different categories. This can help you change the way you have been using the Home Screen. Let me show you how it works!

What is the App Library on iPhone?

App Library is a single screen that has all apps of your iPhone in smart folders. You can scroll it vertically to see more apps. You can view all apps in a list style if you happen to tap on the search bar in App Library or swipe down. Pretty cool!

When you tap on an actual size app icon, it opens. If you tap on small icons inside the category, it expands and shows all apps of that category.

How App Library Works

App Library works automatically by sorting the apps in categories such as social, productivity, utilities, etc. As of now, there is no way to rename these categories or move apps from one group to another. You can, however, move them to the Home Screen page.

App Library has a category in the top left that displays suggested apps based on usage such as time, location, etc. App Clips and recently downloaded apps are added in the Recently Added folder.

How to Hide iPhone Home Screen Pages in iOS 14

The introduction of the App Library means that you can have fewer Home Screen pages instead of several. It gives you the option to edit pages and hide them to achieve a clean look. Let me now show you how to hide pages from the iOS 14 Home Screen.

  1. Press in an empty area of the Home Screen. Or keep pressing an app icon until you see the minus button in the top left of all apps
  2. Tap on the Pages tab at the bottom.tap on empty space and tap pages tab on iphone
  3. Uncheck the pages you do not want to keep. You need to keep at least one page
  4. Tap on Done. Tap Done again.uncheck pages and tap on done to hide iphone home screen pages

Just the Home Screen pages have been removed or hidden. The actual app and everything still stay on your device. You can swipe right to left on the rightmost Home Screen to bring up App Library. There you have the apps. You may also pull down from the Home Screen and type to find an app.

Choose Where to Add New Downloaded Apps in iOS 14

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Home Screen.
  3. Select where you want the new app downloads to show – App Library only or Add to Home Screen.tap on home screen and choose option where to add new downloaded apps on iphone

Toggle Off or On Notification Badges in App Library

You can choose to show or hide Notification badges in the App Library.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Home Screen.
  3. Enable or disable the toggle for Show in App Library.turn off notification badges in app library on iphone

Some Interesting Possibilities Due to App Library

  • You can get rid of all Home Screens except one. This even removes the tiny dots which are above the dock, giving you a super clean look.remove pages tab icon from iphone home screen
  • Get rid of all Home Screen pages except one (steps above). Now, press on an app icon and tap Remove App → Remove from Home Screen (or Add to Library). Or, minus icon and Add to Library to remove from Home Screen. Repeat this process for all visible apps.remove apps icon from home screen on iphone
  • You can remove all apps from the dock too. However, the dock color shade stays even if there are zero apps on it.delete apps icon from home screen and dock on iphone
  • You can have Home Screen with just widgets.iphone home screen with widgets
  • From the super clean Home Screen swipe left to right to get to Today View. Swipe right to left to get to App Library

That’s all!

This is how to use App Library and have a beautiful, clutter-free Home Screen. Currently, it is just the first version. This feature will get polished by the time it is available for all users (most likely September). Some new options may be added, and some existing ones may be removed or tweaked.

how to use iphone app library

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how to use iphone app library
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