How to Use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime on iPhone X in iOS 12

Use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime video in iOS 12 on your iPhone X to liven up the calling experience. Refer this hands-on guide to discover how it works and let us know your thoughts about their addition to the FaceTime app.

Animoji and Memoji are the two most sought-after ingredients for fun-filled iMessaging. And I think most of you would agree to this saying. But do you know that you can also use “Animoji” and the newly added sensation called “Memoji” in your FaceTime video on iPhone X running iOS 12?

If you like bringing fun into your video calling, you would want to make the most of these new age emojis. Using the advanced TrueDepth camera, they capture your facial movements in real-time. Thereby, allowing you to get into the skin of robot, cat, and even your personal Memoji in a wonderful way. Read on…

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How to Use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone X

You can use them both in your group and one-on-one video call. Before getting started, ensure that you have already created a Memoji on your iPhone X. Haven’t done it as yet? No problem, head over to this quick guide to making a fantastic one. As there are a good many options for customization, you would enjoy creating a custom avatar.

Step #1. Launch FaceTime app on your iPhone and start a call.

Make a FaceTime Call on iPhone X

Step #2. Now, tap on rectangular inlay at the bottom left corner of the screen → Next, tap on Animoji icon.

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Access Animoji and Memoji on iPhone X During FaceTime Call in iOS 12

Step #3. Up next, you have access to all of your created Memojis and the ever hilarious Animojis. Select the avatar you want to use. Now, your face will be replaced with the the Animoji/Memoji. Check out how perfectly it tracks the movements of your face.

Use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime Call on iPhone X


Tip: To further spice up the conversation, you can choose to add stickers to the emoji face overlay. To do so, head to the stickers you would like to use. Then drag and drop a cool one on the face overlay.

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Use Stickers in Memoji in FaceTime Call on iPhone X

That’s pretty much it! Now, go ahead with the call as usually.

Wrapping up

As far as adding tons of joy to the conversation is concerned, I find this feature right on the money. I wish Animojis were available across the iOS devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use them on your iPad as well?

FaceTime has got probably the biggest ever update in several years in the form of the group calling feature (up to 32 people). Faced with a strong competition from third-party video calling apps like  Skype, Viber, and even Messenger, it has got the much needed shot in the arm to remain a top-notch option. What’s the one feature you would still like to see in FaceTime?

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